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louisamariella  asked:

Do you have sweet wedding headcanons for Kalifa and her shy girlfriend? thank youuu ♥

I better be invited to your wedding, Lou. 

Kalifa’s Wedding With Her Girlfriend Headcanons:

  • Since she knows her girlfriend is shy, Kalifa talks with her in private about what she would like their wedding to be like and then Kalifa takes charge when it comes to expressing both of their preferences to whoever is planning the wedding (assuming Kalifa isn’t planning it herself).
  • Kalifa isn’t big on wearing plain white, so she has her dress be a pastel purple, while her girlfriend can pick her favorite color for her own dress. Kalifa is partial to baby blue, but she doesn’t try to sway her girlfriend’s decision.
  • Kalifa is particularly picky about their bouquets and takes it upon herself to make sure they’re perfect. She designs and arranges each with flowers symbolizing love, loyalty, happiness, etc. 
  • While both ladies are getting ready, Kalifa knows her girlfriend will nervous without the other by her side. To help keep nerves at bay, Kalifa splits the guys up as well, asking Kaku, Jabra, and Blueno to stay with her girlfriend. Kumadori, Fukuro, and Lucci stay with her to help her out.
  • And if any of her CP9 friends thought they’d be getting out of the wedding, they’re sadly mistaken. All of the guys participate. Kaku gladly acts as her best man and Fukuro decides to do a speech for the couple (no worries, Lucci is keeping him under control). Even Hattori gets to be the ring bearer for the ladies.
  • You better believe that Kalifa is going to carry her newly titled wife out of the ceremony. 

Underwater Ballet, Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist and product designer Anne ten Donkelaar arranges and photographs flowers underwater, thus capturing a “silent image of a spirited dance.” 

In this series, titled Underwater Ballet, the artist’s floral “ballerinas” dance and seemingly float around in still waters. They dreamily pose and sway, thoroughly hypnotizing us all. This stunning picture is just a glimpse of ten Donkelaar’s magical reality.

19 sep 17

little peek at one of my study spaces at home :-) a very simple space! been catching up with more personal creative work, in good time too x



Mother's Day/spring psa

perks to buying from a local flower shop/greenhouse:
-better variety
-plants are healthier
-sometimes cheaper
-employees have a higher chance of knowing about plants in general
-flower shops and greenhouses are SUPER hard for small business owners to keep open for a lot of plant industry specific details that I won’t get into here
-I can 200% guarantee you that the plants at a flower shop/greenhouse have been carefully anticipated and contemplated over for months in advance
-flower shops and greenhouses also have pretty non-living statuary and stuff that’s very Aesthetic
-flower shops and greenhouses in general are very aesthetic
-fun fact: retail greenhouses make like literally half of their year’s profit on and in the weeks before and after Mother’s Day
-if you’re going to buy like trees/shrubs, many greenhouses hold their overflow perennial stock over winter themselves, sometimes for many years. so if you’re looking to purchase a giant tree instead of a sapling, boy do I have the place for you
-many flower shops buy distributor recommended arrangement and mixed pot designs that they then plant themselves. this is super interesting and I wanna make a separate post on it but tl;dr some of them are VEEERRRYY impressive. think like. the plant version of the lego store displays??? they’re super beautiful and you should go admire them
-many flower shops and greenhouses have impressive displays regardless
-they are very aesthetic
-it’s worth it
-go to a dedicated flower shop or greenhouse today 🌸

20 aug 17 

had a lovely retreat over the weekend, time in worship and fellowship with friends :-) 

there is little more I want than to inspire and encourage people in their walks with Christ, for the importance of light & life - in every sense of the word - is something I am only starting to grasp, and all the more must learn about x 

get one here. have a labour day sale coming (for those in the US!)  so keep a lookout :-) wishing you all a good week, my inbox is always open if you need prayer/simply a listening ear.