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Indigo-dyed Exchange chairs for Stellar Works by Créme Design

To celebrate the launch of his extended award winning Exchange chair series at Stellar Works, Jun Aizaki of Créme Design created this limited series of Indigo-dyed Exchange chairs. The chairs are dyed with naturally produced Indigo in Guizhou with traditional Chinese techniques. To contrast the metal from the blue wood, the regular black steel got exchanged with copper. The Exchange series is a modern interpretation of the traditional Windsor chair design.

H/L Art Exchange 2017

What is it? 

The H/L Art Exchange is an anonymous exchange designed for artists in the fandom. It will only remain anonymous between the artists. 

It involves gifting art and receiving one in return, the same way fic exchanges are conducted. 

Sign Ups 

  • They will work in much the same way as in fic exchanges. Artists will sign up with 3 prompts, and tell us what they offer to draw. All prompts must feature Harry and Louis as a pairing. Don’t be afraid to be a little detailed in your requests and offers. 
  • Being specific in your prompts and offers will help us match you with the perfect artist / prompts. 
  • It’s compulsory that every artist who signs up should have a tumblr account to share their art. 
  •  Artists will have one month to complete their assignment. 
  •  Artists are required to check in during December 28th - January 4th. 


  • Types of art that are allowed in the exchange includes : traditional, digital art, paintings, graphics, photo manips and comics. 
  • You can view the resolution requirements here 


  • If you are familiar with the big bang, you will know that authors are given posting dates. Our posting system will work in the same way. Artists will be given a specific date to post their art on their blogs.This way the anonymity remains between the artists. 


  • Sign Ups : November 10th - December 10th
  • Beta and Pinch hitter Sign Ups : November 10th - End of exchange
  • Prompts Assigned : December 17th
  • Check in : December 28th - January 4th
  • Posting Schedule Sent : January 8th
  • Posting : January 17th

We want the artists in the fandom to have fun too, to gift and be gifted art and to generally just have fun with it. 

  • You can sign up for the exchange HERE 
  • Sign Up as an Artist Beta here . If you don’t know what that is, you can check the faq here
  • Sign Up as a Pinch Hitter HERE 

FAQ // Schedule // Sign Ups // Beta Sign Ups // Pinch Hitter Sign Ups

aaaaaaaaaaand now i know why i woke up to a crushing sinus headache that wants so desperately to become a migraine  

Mausoleum of Shirin Beg Agha, sister of Timur, at the Shah-i Zinda necropolis in Samarqand.  The exterior decoration of this tomb includes inscriptions attributed to Socrates, including: “In truth the people of this world are like birds rejoicing.”

Stockholm interior by Stockholm Contemporary in collaboration with The Exchange Int. gallery: Early Alvar Aalto highback armchair (c.1930s) and a floor lamp by Tapio Wirkkala for Idman (c.1950s). Photography by Stockholm Contemporary. / Instagram

The Fencing Incident (2/2)

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For Trek Fest 2017

Characters and Pairings:  Leonard McCoy x Reader, Hikaru Sulu, Jim Kirk

Prompt: “You are gushing blood, James! You need to go to the hospital [medbay], not just duct tape the wound!” (pt.1) (link)

Summary:  When you bring Jim into the medbay with an injury from a fencing tutorial gone wrong, you finally get to know his handsome doctor friend.

Word count: 1941

Triggers: mild swearing, sorta description of a wound and blood, general doofiness, annoying internal monologues

A/N: This is Part 2 and actually has McCoy in it. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can probably read this on it’s own; however, Part 1 is a lot of fun, so go read the fic anyway. I really don’t understand protoplasers, and neither, would it seem, does the internet; I did my best. I’ve tried to keep the reader gender neutral; if you disagree, I will gladly listen to and absorb feedback.

Part 1, Part 2

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Eero Saarinen´s Womb-chair and ottoman (1946), Alvar Aalto floor lamp model A810 (1959), Barbro Nilsson Snäckorna flatweave carpet for Ab MMF (1943), George Nakashima nightstand (1965), Paavo Tynell brass bowl for Taito Oy (1950s) and Tapio Wirkkala´s Nonstop candle holder (1970s). / Instagram

anonymous asked:

what are some of your other Jason head canons? Like domestic, ethnicity, or maybe even some nsfw ones??

Thanks for your ask, anon, but - oh boy - where do I start? There are so many things I’ve already mentioned at one point or another in one of my stories, and so many more that I have yet to write out… If you want something specific, please don’t be shy to ask.

But here, we go, some Arkham verse headcanons:

  • His favorite color is red.
  • He is actually a year younger than Tim, but god help you if you point that out to him.
  • Jason of my continuity is white. His parents were Willis and Catherine Todd, both white Americans.
  • His mom got pregnant by accident when she and Willis were just dating. The marriage was her idea (and mostly due to Jason).
  • Willis never stopped resenting Jason for it. Occasionally, Catherine was bitter about it, too, but at least she never got physically violent about it.
  • He cared for his mother for almost a year before she died, and seeing what drugs did to her turned him off ANY and all drugs for life. Jason hates painkillers and he hates needles with a passion.
  • Jason loves non-fiction books, especially technical stuff (he designed most of the militia gear, so he’s obviously got a knack for engineering).
  • Related to that, Jason got along wonderfully with Lucius Fox and the two of them regularly exchanged designs. The disruptor gun used in BAK is based on Jason’s designs.
  • Bruce had him home-schooled/tutored while he was Robin, to help him catch up on all the academic progress he lost. (Jason of my continuity was 8 when he started living on the streets.) The plan was to have him go to normal high school as soon as he had caught up, but Joker got in the way.
  • His worst school subject were languages. All of them. Mostly because language depends a lot on social interaction, and Jason didn’t exactly have the best track record with that at any point in his life.
  • Jason loves to cook. He’s also a bit of clean freak, mostly because he knows what it’s like not being able to afford proper food or proper hygiene.
  • He always keeps at least three sets of knives and lock picks on himself: one to find easily, one to find after a lot of searching, one so well hidden no one can get it.
  • He was arrested and charged three times as a kid, twice for theft, once for prostitution. He always managed to get away before they could ship him off to juvie jail.
  • He used to go for late night / early morning all you can eat sushi whenever he was patrolling with Batgirl and without Bruce.
  • He met up with Dick once a month to train, when he was Robin, but Dick quickly shifted it from pure training sessions to half training / half brotherly bonding and normal social interactions.
  • Jason doesn’t trust people in general and finds dealing with them exhausting. He’s more of an introvert.
  • As mentioned in an earlier ask, the Jason of my continuity was abused as a child. Specifically, he was 12 and he ran into the wrong people during a break-in gone bad. The second winter that followed was the time he was arrested for prostitution.
  • Batman took Jason to the manor without revealing his identity, but it didn’t matter much since Jason figured it out the next morning at breakfast.
  • Jason initially thought that Bruce expected him to pay for the entire rich kid and Robin deal in sexual favors. Creeped the fuck out of Bruce, and it took him months to actually come to trust him.
  • Jason hates thunder because it reminds him of gunshots (he likes guns, he just doesn’t like waking up to the sound like someone’s trying to shoot him in his sleep.)
  • Jason’s favorite perch in Gotham is Mercy Bridge, because it’s got watchful gargoyles on all sides and a nice view of everything - Lady of Gotham, Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor, the three islands of Central Gotham, etc.
  • Jason has a distinct Park Row accent that he slowly got rid off during his time with Bruce, but that keeps on popping up when he’s angry. Lots of dangling participles, gutteral Rs, and double negatives.
  • He swears. A lot.
  • He is perfectly fluent in Spanish since he spent to so much time building his militia in South America.
  • He has at least one safe-house and two caches on each of Gotham’s islands.
  • His helmet has a self-destruct mechanism that is connected to his voice print and triggered by the phrase “I wish Joker was still alive.”
  • He changed the interface of his Robin cowl from blue to red first chance he got and it annoyed the hell out of Bruce.
  • He would frequently run from the manor if triggered, although those escapes became less frequent the longer he stayed there.
  • Jason always dials the thermostat up by two degrees, no matter how warm a room is to begin with.
  • And since it is Halloween: Jason loves Halloween, but since his parents could never afford proper deco, he used to swipe a pumpkin from a random neighbor each year. When he did that during his first year at the manor, Bruce scolded and grounded him. Alfred took him with him to the market for weekly grocery shopping, bought the biggest pumpkin they could find, and then proceeded to show him how to make pumpkin-everything out of the innards.
  • Alfred is Jason’s favorite person ever.
  • Edit: Also, Jason likes to keep all exits to the room within his sightlines when he sleeps, so the first thing he does when moving in somewhere new, is usually to reposition the bed.

Whew. Long list got long. Again, if you want to know something in particular, feel free to ask.

SOOOO, as promised, CHERIK PROMPTSSSS. Wow I know writing is hard but this is pretty exhausting. Though I’ve been more productive in the past 2 days than I’ve been for 4 months so I’ll take it as good sign ;) I really don’t know what I was doing and this is my first official fanfic, ever. I hope it doesn’t come out so bad?

This is for @deadritualz ;)

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