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Concept: an RPG magic system that inverts the traditional paradigm such that huge, flashy, overwhelming effects are easy, and small, subtle, tightly controlled effects are hard.

Cutting a troll in half with a laser? An apprentice’s trick. Illuminating a dark room? Now that’ s difficult.

Completely overwriting a person’s perceptions and trapping them in a false reality of your own devising while rendering their true body comatose? Easy. Turning yourself invisible? Hard as balls.

In the past I’ve talked about how rules in tabletop roleplaying games - even very simple and straightforward rules - can and inevitably do encode all sorts of Big Assumptions about how the game ought to be played, but it can also be fun to examine the little assumptions. I don’t mean the weird edge cases or the places where the rules break down (though that can also be quite entertaining); I mean the situations where the rules just assume a particular thing will always be true - or conversely, refuse to address certain things because it’s assumed that they’ll never be relevant in play.

One of my personal favourites: in The One Ring, unarmed combat and fighting with a dagger explicitly use the same skill and the same weapon stats, because it’s assumed that, no matter what the circumstances, a player character will never not have a dagger somewhere on their person.

How about you?

That brief moment when the New52 version of Jonathan Crane actually looked like a scarecrow, including the giant floppy hat.

Batman: The Dark Knight #12 || Scanned at 300dpi

George Nelson’s How to Kill People: A Problem of Design raises questions about design intent in this week’s Design and Violence blog post. 

[George Nelson (American, 1908-1986). Medieval illustration used in the CBS/Camera Three short film How to Kill People: A Problem of Design. 1960. Image courtesy of the George Nelson Foundation/Vitra Design Museum Archives]


For my Illustration final this semester I decided to do character design for my new favorite book, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by the phenomenal David Wong. (I took Wu’s design way out of how he’s described for some varietal purposes for the project.)

Seriously, read this fuckin’ book, it’s the best thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and it’s a fun sci-fi adventure with a dope ass protagonist and hilarious writing and compelling characters that’s amazing from start to finish. I cannot rave ENOUGH ABOUT THIS BOOK JFC PLS READ IT DO IT FOR ME!!

In 1987, Donald Moffett created He Kills Me in response to Ronald Reagan’s inaction and smugness about the HIV/AIDS crisis that was leaving people for death. The image itself remains unmistakable today - for its visual contrast and its ability to say so much while using so little. I think about this tonight because Donald Trump is set to take the stage at the RNC tonight. 

“He kills me” is the only appropriate descriptor for what his presidency can bring. Surely for queer people, if he has Mike Pence as his VP, and for the millions of immigrants and people of color that call this country home. We have to remember this now, and come November. There’s nothing good a Trump presidency can bring.


Hello pals and strangers!

As you may know from my sister’s post we’re sorta struggling with money and will do so for at least the next year until she graduates. I’m enrolling into college this year and if our family could pull my sister for a few years through it it surely can’t do it for both of us, not at the same time anyway.

So to help our family out i’m opening commissions!

✧ Paypal USD only;
✧ Extra character +50%;

✧ I will start to draw only after receiving the payment;
✧ Please wait for my approval before sending money;
Please be patient.
✧ Pleasepleaseplease be clear with what you want me to draw. I can’t read minds.

✧ Original characters and fanart;
✧ Humans;
✧ Anthro creatures;
✧ MLP stuff; (Examples: 1; 2; )
✧ Pokemon; (Examples: 1; 2; 3;)
✧ Soft shipping (hugs, kisses
on the cheek/hand, hand-holding
and other similar stuff);

✧ Cars, mechas and characters with overwhelming
amount of details in their design in general;
(I dont mind robots with simple designs tho)
✧ Violence/gore/blood(Though a lil bit of blood is fine with me);
✧ Porn;
✧ Genderbend;

Prices may differ depending on design’s complexity and other factors, so ask away!

I have an art tag! You can check out all my recently drawn art here.

Please send me an email here ✨ ✨   if you’re interested.

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< Simple! Vector Character Art Commission OPEN!! >

Payment is available in USD Paypal only!

Headshot Avatar : $7 per
One character’s face will be in a square.
Simple Simple : $15 (+$9 per adding another character, up to 2 more)
Cuteness-concentrated, made of simple and clean, rather flat shapes. Not really decorative or detailed.
Detailed Simple : $30 per character
Will draw rather detailed costumes and accessories in a stylish simplified vector art. With more decorative shapes and color using.
Extra color scheme : +4$ per
Your pic will come with palette swapped versions. 

I will draw…
- OC
- Fanart
- Cartoony people designs
- Some blood or violence
- Nude&sexy costumes
- Simple effects
- Very simple background designs

I won’t draw… (if you are not sure, you can just ask me freely!)
- Far-from-humanoid designs
- Hardcore NSFW, fetish
- Hardcore gore
- Robots
- Too complicated patterns or details (this is a very simple style as you can see)
- Anything that would make me feel uncomfortable or I don’t have confidence to do. I have the right to refuse!

You can give me directions or I will do as I feel! You can order me about…
- color (use less colors as possible, use warm colors, pastel color only, go eyestrain, greenish colors, monochrome… or you can give me your own color palette!)
- proportion/style (cutie chibi character, with big boobs and long legs, curvy lines, straight lines, similar to the style of a certain piece of mine…)
- pose/situation (frowning, running, eating a cake…)
- stuff (a book, an weapon, next to a lamppost… anything not too big or complicated. Might charge more if you want something more than simple.)

I will try to send you samples when I am working on it. You can choose to make it private! I will send you a high resolution image at the end.
You can post your commission artwork anywhere, but please credit me there.

If you are interested, contact me through tumblr message first! Feel free to ask me!

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The Evolution of Radiance

Summary: When did Will decide to free Hannibal from prison? He wasn’t sure himself, until Francis Dolarhyde helped him make the decision.

Chiyoh adjusted the blinds in the safe house as the brightness still bothered Hannibal’s eyes. He grunted softly in protest as she loomed over Hannibal’s bed, and wiped at his forehead with a cool, wet towel.

Lying in the other bed in the room, Will Graham craned his neck to peer at Hannibal’s figure. Bandaged and bruised, how small Hannibal appeared. How fragile, as he hardly stirred, recovering from the wounds both Dolarhyde and Will had inflicted on him.

The sound of the rain outside beat against the windows that surrounded the tiny house. It both soothed and agitated Will. But he was accustomed to his constant contradictory state, as he had lived most of his life that way. Struggling, fighting against himself. Until now. Now he finally accepted who he was. He stared at Hannibal, as Chiyoh, in turn, studied him with caution.

“If you leave this bed – if you approach Hannibal – I will break your legs.”

Will remained silent and gave her a curt nod.

“I will not hesitate,” she said as she walked to the door and slowly closed it partially behind her.

Will listened to Hannibal’s shallow, slow breaths. They became a metronome that kept him in time with his memories. Memories that haunted him, memories he’d rather forget – save for a few…


The thought never occurred to him. Not really. Even as he sat in the quiet solace (as false as it was) of the cabin he shared with Molly, and re-read Hannibal’s letter for the fiftieth time did it ever enter his mind. He never considered helping Hannibal escape.

Will Graham watched the letter burn after he threw it into the fireplace, and with it any remaining deeply hidden thoughts or emotions he had felt about the man. At least that’s what he told himself.

And so, Will clutched his person suit tightly about himself, swallowed thickly, and continued along his days, his nights, in this old new life with Molly. He continued and didn’t think about Hannibal Lecter.

When Molly said he should go with Jack, he should help and make a difference, she had no idea how much would change. Even as Will assured her he would be different, she still had no clue. How could she?

How could she see that the man she married was a fiction– a version of Will Graham he’d made up to fit into Molly’s life, Molly’s expectations. Oh, how he so wanted to fit. The Will Graham he’d made up caught fish for his wife to fry and laughed as it stunk up the entire cabin; the Will Graham he invented wore hand-knitted sweaters with dropped stitches; the Will Graham he gave birth to taught Walter how to solve algebraic equations; he would sit with his wife’s feet in his lap as he worked on the New York Times crossword puzzle.

How he wanted to be that Will Graham, instead of this one, who at the moment struggled with the Tooth Fairy, in a cheap motel room, for breath and dominance; the Will Graham who wasn’t sure yet if he’d help Hannibal escape.

Just before his mind went blank, as Francis Dolarhyde smothered his face with a chloroformed washcloth, Will’s thoughts reached out like tendrils – like desperate hands searching for one final life preserver – and what he found was one quick memory. A snippet of a conversation between he and Hannibal. Grasping and remembering…

“Tell me, did your heart race when you murdered her?”

“No, it didn’t.”

“A low heart rate is a true indicator of one’s capacity for violence. Your design is evolving.”

And as his eyes began to close, in this losing battle, he noticed that his heartbeat remained steady and low as he fell deep into the unknown.

The road that led him to that moment seemed to have been coming almost his entire life. How different would he had been had his mother stuck around? If his father had been more reliable? If he hadn’t been cursed with his so-called gift. (Was it a gift really, if you could tell that your second grade teacher pitied and feared you? You stared just a little too much, a little too hard for her taste.)

Seeing Hannibal again after all those years was a bit of a shock – but not because he was afraid – well, in truth he was – but because he knew Hannibal understood him still. Even with the distance and the time.

“Are we no longer on a first name basis?”

No, I would like that very much. Once more. Just once, forever.

“I’m more comfortable the less personal we are.”

It was a lie, however. Will already began to feel whole again, real – and god knows he hated himself for it. Molly and Walter deserved better.

This dullness he felt, had felt for the last three years, was eating away at him like rust on fine steel, like maggots on old meat. The mere sound of Hannibal’s voice began to pull Will out of the dullness. Good god, the soul crushing dullness.

He woke with a startle as Francis doused him with water; a quick baptism.

“Breathe deeply. Do you think you can sit up? Try to sit up.”

Will obliged, grateful he could still move. He sat patiently and listened as Francis explained himself, his grand mission. Will nodded, heartbeat steady and low.

“You think you understand, don’t you?” Francis asked.

“I understand that blood and breath are only elements undergoing change to fuel your radiance. Hannibal said those words to me.”

(First name basis, once again.)

“I want to meet Lecter. How do I manage that?”

And it was then, right then when Will Graham decided. If anyone was going to meet Hannibal, it would be him. Only him. His plan to free Hannibal was born, easily and without doubt.

His final change, his true radiance – a leap from the lackluster, from the maddening politeness – would finally be welcome. Will would accept this as his fate.

He’d always known, anyhow.


The rain had slowed to a drizzle as it caressed the windows of the safe house, and Will could see that Hannibal had fallen into a deeper sleep. Will sighed contentedly knowing that fate had smiled upon him once again. How very fortunate they had been to have survived. Together. And whether it was at the gates of Hell or the halls of Valhalla, it would be Will and Hannibal together. Eternally.

Will Graham accepted that his design had evolved yet again, and his radiance?

Well… it was blinding.

The American right-wing is a political faction that lacks so much fundamental self-awareness. These are people who get off on writing about killing nazis, yet they have no understanding of how small of a stone’s throw their ideology is from fascism, especially recently with the rise of Trump and the “Blue Lives Matter” reactionary backlash to BLM. When you base your political ideas around xenophobic nationalism, rampant misogyny and racism, a strengthened police state, and a pseudo-populism that actually vests more power into the hands of elites and bigots….well, you’re looking at a veritable example of proto-fascism, the seeds of a fascist revival that will wave the American flag (probably with the blue line) without the faintest hint of self-awareness.

The series of events that have taken place over the past few days will set us down a road, I predict, of increased political polarization. The left-wing may get larger, to be sure, but the right-wing will get fiercer and more dangerous. Centrist liberalism and the hollow neoliberalism of electoral politics will be exposed for what they are: a ruse designed to conceal systemic violence against the oppressed with pretty slogans and empty promises for hope and change. The stunted form of democracy that we now practice in the voting booth will be recognized as a defanged substitute for genuine political power and participation. People will begin to realize that there is essentially no real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats – our vote for one or the other is merely a call for the ruling elite to explain their already-established decisions with a particular form of rhetoric, be it patriotic nationalism or pseudo-progressivism.

All of this will strengthen the organization of both the left and the right; the former finally rid of the burdensome and concessionary nature of liberalism, free to use its power to push for ACTUAL democracy (i.e. economic democracy/socialism/anarchism/parecon/horizontal society/stable state eco economy/zeitgeist movement/whatever else), and the latter unmasked, revealed as the violent, tyrannical beast that was concealed just below the surface throughout the past century of capitalism.

The reason I mention all of those disparate left-leaning movements, however leftist they each individually are, is because any chance at a truly democratic post-capitalist society is going to depend on disparate groups coming together with a cohesive narrative, ideology, and set of tactics. Oppose the strands that seek reformism as the end goal, and be super wary of idea defanging, but overall this will be a necessary fight and it will require a unified left. Much of the right-wing recognizes their unifying purpose as one of maintaining the established order (or reasserting a more extreme form of the established order), from “small government” libertarians to neoconservatives, from corporatists to fascists – they all understand that, when their dominant position is threatened, they must come together and get violent, either through structural violence or overt violence. The left, as much as possible without conceding its anti-capitalist purpose, should also seek to unify branches under a common banner of disrupting the status quo and replacing it with a more democratic alternative.

Reforming the system is not a solution – we need a system that actually works for people by default, not just when it’s convenient for or innocuous to the property-owning class. Establishment liberal politicians will not take us there – they are the snakes in the grass that will pretend to be on the side of justice, feigning concern until their vested interests in the capitalist order become threatened. Only grassroots movements and direct action can overcome this beast – a unified coalition of left-wing ideas and movements that recognize and elevate their core commonality as one of opposing capitalism and white-supremacist patriarchal imperialism.


Okay gang, here’s the deal. I told myself I wouldn’t elaborate too much on my situation on my art blog, but I’m desperate. 

For the past six years, my family and I have been stuck in a house infested with toxic mold. I won’t elaborate on the symptoms because they’re horrifying, but rest assured that it is legitimately killing us. My family is falling apart physically and emotionally. We can’t survive this for much longer.

But you can help! We only need another thousand dollars or so to get into an apartment we chose—an apartment that’s safe for us and our pets—so I’ll be opening up commissions.


Busts only.



I will draw as many of these as you like. You want a page full? I’ll draw you a page full.


  • I will not draw rape, incest, pedophilia, NSFW, super complicated designs, or hardcore violence. (A little bit of blood or nudity is A-OK with me.)
  • I am in a lot of pain at all times. Please be patient with me.
  • If I’m drawing an original concept for you, I’ll need references, otherwise I will just wing it.
  • I will send you a preview of the picture to make sure you’re satisfied, but I require payment before I can send you the final result. Once it’s yours, you can do whatever you want with it.

Please contact me at My paypal is (leftover from my old art blog.) I have five slots open, and will put the rest on a waiting list. Updates will be posted on my blog.