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Infinity kinetic sculpture by David C Roy
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Layers of Painted Glass Form Three-Dimensional Trees 

Artist Ardan Ozmenoglu redefines everyday objects in her visually complex sculptures. In the tree sculptures above, the Turkish artist breaks the object down into rows of hand-painted glass. 

A single sheet of glass appears to be completely abstract, however, by combining the fragmented parts into repetitive rows, she gives new life to the tree which changes appearance based on the position of the viewer.


                                                Great Halls of Art

1. Salle Mollien, Louvre Paris France

2. Field Marshall Room, Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Russia

3. Galleria Central, Prado Museum, Madrid Spain

4. Great Hall, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City USA

5. Sala Di Tribuna, Florence Italy

6. Grand Entrance Hall, Kunsthistorisches Musem, Vienna Austria

7. Barry Room, National Gallery Of Art, London England

8. Sala Grande, Capitoline Museum Rome Italy