Russian Artist Crafts Elaborate Baroque Paper Wigs

Asuya Kozvin is a Russian paper artist, who makes elaborate paper wigs in her latest art project. She explores a classical theme and brings it to life through the creative medium of paper. Her artwork does not strive to be a realistic impression of the historical accessory, but a fun way for people to renew their fascination for the styles of that era.

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The Honeycomb Wall Lamp is composed of 32 hexagonal tubes brazed by hand. The lamp is available either in nickel-plated brass or polished brass.

This iconic lamp was designed in 1953 for the high entrance hall of the Declercq’s house built by André Jacqmain and Jules Wabbes. To ensure it could be seen from both below and above, Jules Wabbes designed a lamp made of soldered hexagonal tube sections,  so that the light source (bulb) is filtered from both sides by the metallic structure.

The Honeycomb Wall Lamp is a classic of our lamp range and is an exclusivity of GEDE.

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Photography © Jan Verlinden