Gifts for Geeks

Here are a few examples for some great things I’ve found online!

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6) –> a textbook that breaks down the wide variety of microbes covered in a microbiology class ( 

Uterus Plush Figure - Womb Service –> this is a plushie from the company I Heart Guts and they’re fabulous gifts for science nerds. They have a wide selection of organs, so it’s definitely cute to gift someone your “heart” for a special occasion (

LORJE Novely Bone Desigh Ballpiont Pens For Doctor Nurse Friends or Student etc (20pc) –> these are nerdy pens that have very thin, smooth black ink. Definitely an attention grabber, and I’ve handed them out to my fellow students (

Cavallini Papers 4 by 5.5-Inch Notebooks, Mini, Curiosities, Set of 3 –> these can go in bullet journals/leather bound but they have dotted, lined, and blank notebooks for all your writing needs (

Pathology for the Health Professions, 4e (Pathology for Health Related Professions) –> another textbook, but beautifully outlined and colored and is no way a bore to read (

Introduction to Health Services, 7th Edition –> great textbook for getting into healthcare ethics. This book has caused me to rethink how I approach a lot of issues, especially with moral theory (

GIANTmicrobes Plush Common Cold Microbes –> another plushie company, except this one is by Giant Microbes and has more microorganisms than macro organs. It’s a fun way to “give” someone a disease, or it can serve as a follow-up gift after an illness (


Little update ! Omg it,s have been age since I’ve drawn anything so uhm… here’s the preview of the future charms I’m planning to make ! I’m kinda proud of them… I’m still hesitating between Frisk and Undyne for the third design I want to do.

Gosh I’m so excited !

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