“Hack All The Things”

I’m a huge ‘Watchdogs" fan! Yes even the first one. Yes it was a little bit boring, but it was a solid foundation. “Watchdogs 2” was definitely a step in the right direction and I loved it! I’m totally game for another round witness fantastic characters, or else maybe Ubisoft can fufill the dream game I pitch here of both sets of characters coming together for one story! Do it! Do it!

I hope you guys like this design.


HOLA MY FRIENDS!!! I’ve been working on this new concept art for this new illustrated story of mine that is about ( Costa Rica) my country’s culture, traditional art , leyends and ancestors and a little bit of my imagination! (It’ll be made originally in spanish tho,) Find more of this story in the tag!

“ Wha if I told you all the stories your abuelita told you when you were little about old and terrifying creatures, like “El Cadejos”,”La Cegua” or even the terrifying “Llorona”, are real?”

“Would you believe me?”

“Trials of the Darksaber”

“Star Wars: Rebels” is my jam! It provides a creative person with amazing imagery and inspiration. This episode specifically was a great source. This is my little tribute to last weeks amazing episode! I hope you guys like this design. I personally really like this one and I’m pretty proud of it.

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hey does anybody remember when i was obsessed with The Best Au Ever because i st ill am

“The Son of Krypton”

The second in my series based on the Trinity from “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Henry Cavill is one of my favourite versions of Superman by far. I love this portrayal of a dark, conflicted and child of two worlds Kal-El.


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