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What is Steampunk and Why Do It?

I can not tell you how many times I get asked these two questions. On average i’d say 10-15 times a week. This is compounded on the random comments about how “I love your hat!” “OMG STEAMPUNKER!” __________________________________________________________ So what is steampunk? Steampunk is a sub-genre of history in which the industrial age did not take place. The steam age is allowed to flourish and the technology which would be driven by it is completely developed. steam powered engines, electricity ect. The dress remained very Victorian, however though many take Victorian dress as that which is seen in most of western Europe, we do have wide ranges of styles in the America and the eastern countries. So dress does very drastically. Steampunk covers literature, film, mods, style, fashion, and slowly it is showing up more and more in average everyday life. ________________________________________________________ Why is a steampunk life so appealing? Many reasons actually. The ability to take pieces of nothing and create wonderful amazing steam pieces, the ability to sell your creations to an ever expanding market, and lets face it, it looks soooo cool, to name a few. However one of the largest is the interaction between steampunkers. The Victorian age was a time of mutual respect among men. a time of gentlemen and ladies, when people had an idea of what was most beneficial in social interactions. And as such interaction between steampunkers is very layed back, informal, and yet dipped in respect. on average many are very helpful, and willing to lend a hand, selfless, and proper. this is not to say they don’t have a mouth like a sailor, after all many steampunkers have taken the air piracy route. but who said you can steal and kill and still be respectful? XP _________________________________________________________ Steampunk though being a sub-genre its self also has its own variations and spin offs. some of these would include diesel punk. a darker dirtier period, where as in the name everything is driven by diesel power, the world is just a bit darker, and the people reflected in the stories are pretty much the same. Clockpunk, or Mechanical punk. Were everything is driven by more man made self propelled engine. a child’s wind up toy would be an example. _________________________________________________________ that is a quick little spill on steampunk. Of course there is sooooo much more to know, I think i’ll make posts here and there about some of the stuff. Or you could always come and listen to one of my lecture pannels on the subject. XP