Photoshoot Saturday–practicing my desi goddess looks. Used to be self conscious about my thick brows and my wider nose and my brown skin but now I’m so in love with how bold it makes me look. Also, broke out the bindi and the earrings because who says I gotta wait for special occasions?? Got em as a gift from my mom and love wearing them to feel closer to my fam, especially the strong beautiful women!


And it’s 2015 already. I think last year was one of the rare ones I can personally look back on and feel happy about. Happiness is a state that makes me lazy and complacent but it’s rather amazing. And I could wish for nothing better than more of it this year. So the happiest 2015 to everyone who’s reading this! 

My partner and I saw out the old year by going on our first dinner date in 4 years, and then falling asleep to the Hobbit. Which is probably the most exciting new years eve has ever been for either of us. I was a bit sparkly, maybe a lot sparkly but I wanted to wear my pretty new barrette from my mum in law, and I based the rest of the look around it. The dress is an old Modcloth one which I haven’t worn in a couple of years, and the collar is last summer’s by Johnny Loves Rosie. I was so exhausted by the time we came back, I didn’t even attempt any proper outfit photos! But I love how these turned out anyway, don’t you? 

The Indian film industry would rather hire a white woman from a different country, put her in Indian clothes, give her a fake tan and pass her off as an Indian before they dare hire a darker skinned Indian woman for a lead role. What the hell.


mamangam: school of dance
a dream project founded by actress/dancer rima kallingal, who hopes to provide each student an opportunity to explore, understand, and cultivate his/her own style and character in dance.
promo video conceived and directed by rima kallingal


“He would sit with me and cry. He actually cried and sometimes talking about how much he loved her, and how terrible it was that they were divorced. And he loved her until his dying day.”

- Marcella Rabwin

“I think Lucy and Desi were so intertwined emotionally… their life, their professional life, and their private life, it was hard for either of them to give up the other completely. And I doubt if they did. When she was talking about Desi when he was no longer coming to the house, she cried, and would say ‘That was the love of my life’.

 - Carole Cook