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When we saw that beautiful BROWNGIRL Anjana Raj had released genius desi diasporic style blog BANGLE BANGER, we were eager to find out more. 

Here she is talking about her background, perspective and aesthetic in an exclusive interview film for TWO-BROWNGIRLS made by Papadam Productions. 

Keep an eye on Anjana on Instagram and Tumblr to see where BANGLE BANGER will take her next!

- A&Sx


It was a comfy baggy jumper and messy hair sort of day. I really love this look, it’s the kind of casual yet pulled together sort of thing I rarely ever seem to do! 

Jumper: F21 {Similar available at ASOS, also at Lands’ End} // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes: ASOS {Available here} // Pin: I really wouldn’t know anymore! 

Glowy sunkissed selfie- unabashedly taken on public transport- for Reclaim the Bindi week. Bindis are part of my everyday style now and I love that. I live in India and we wear a lot of Indian clothes like salwar kameez on a daily basis, but in my socioeconomic groups of urban, upper-class kids, wearing bindis and Indian jewellery regularly might qualify as ‘too traditional’- over and above the cool, accepted amount of Indianness.

Of course, I don’t mean to generalise that all people in the aforementioned groups feel this way. But it is a well-known and documented trend, what with our proclivity for Western style and fashion. Indian style, textiles, and designs are so gorgeous and so varied! I’m definitely experimenting more and more with the ‘too traditional’ aspects, like heavier jewellery and ornaments.

(next stop on the wishlist: saris. Saris to gigs, saris to grab a beer with a friend, saris to go to the library, saris to sneak down to the theka across the road!)


It’s been 6 months since this project started. It came as an idea late at night with a conversation among friends. The immense support that this  has received even further proves the lack for a supportive safe space for marginalized communities to thrive because it’s no longer just about survival. 

I hope more than anything this serves as the catalyst for POC to pursue whatever is that we want to pursue because we deserve that and to carve out a space that is so rightfully ours. 

Basically, this is a drawn out thank you, so thank you very much. XOXOXO

College--Desi Style

So I wake up for my 8:00am math class and i’m all like:

After I get out I have bhangra practice:

Then my friends text me saying they want to hang out:

We go get food at the gross cafeteria:

Then I have another class, so i have to leave them:

I find out I have a pop-quiz/didn’t read for homework/have a test coming up:

I have my last class and see my friends again, plus my crush:

Joke around with my friends:

My crush laughs at my jokes and hugs me:

But my friends are all like:

Then we part ways again to do homework and go to sleep:

That is college. Desi style.