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brown girl dreams: independence and autonomy 😩👌🏾💦💦 being able to travel the world ALONE 💦💦 living alone WITHOUT being married 😩👌🏾💦💦sexual autonomy 😭✨✨escaping cultural and family expectations 😭❤️️❤️️ having the freedom to choose our own career ….not being guilt tripped for wanting to deviate from the norm 😩👌🏾💦💦

Dolts//Peter Parker + Tony Stark

Summary: After seeing your significant other bruised and battered, you’d think that someone would tend to them lovingly. Apparently not. - Part 4 to desi!reader x Peter

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner (mentioned)

Warnings: Mentions of blood, bruising, a whole fuck load of angst

A/N: IT’S THE RETURN OF KKHH WOOOOOO!!! Okay but seriously I have been so stressed and uninspired to write long things lately and I’m just so disorganized and honestly I had this written like half a year ago but forgot to finish it so here it is :^) bonus points if you figure out the lil foreshadowing I put in for part 6

[’Yaar, tum mujhse kya karrayun’ = ‘Ugh, what are you doing to me’ in Hindi/Urdu]

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Lucille Ball biopic with Cate Blanchett taking shape.

I missed Lucille Ball’s 106th birthday this weekend because I was drinking & thotting, but Happy Belated!

Also:  I hope drag queens realize they owe their overlined lips to Miss Lucy.

Anyway, while I was looking for a picture, I came across this Deadline item about a biopic with Cate Blanchett attached to star as Lucy herself.

EXCLUSIVEAmazon Studios has acquired Lucy and Desi, the Aaron Sorkin-scripted drama from Escape Artists that has Cate Blanchett attached to star as TV’s pioneering star Lucille Ball. The feature project has been percolating a couple years. Escape Artists Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch will produce.

I’m told that there already is movement toward finding a big star to play Ball’s former husband Desi Arnaz, with names like Javier Bardem in the mix, as well as for Fred and Ethel — originally played by William Frawley and Vivian Vance — who rounded out the quartet behind one of TV’s classic early sitcoms.

(cont. Deadline

I’m here for it!  I think Cate is one of the few actress who really has the range to pull off Lucy’s humor, her up & down relationship with Desi, and her groundbreaking position as the first woman to lead a major production studio.  And just so y'all can get a sense of how legendary Lucille Ball really is (outside of her timeless sitcom which *still* holds up today better than most comedies from even 15 years ago) here are a few bulletpoints about Lucy the businesswoman:

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I am so grateful for your fan art, especially of Harry. It seems like 99% of the other HP fan artists are just copying each other and drawing Harry as desi with a man bun and a beard and a scar that covers his entire face. And you just keep on sticking to your own vision. THANK YOU for not being a suck up sheep like the others. You're the best fan artist in HP at the moment and your vision of Harry is beautiful and perfect. He actually looks like Harry, not some weird fanon invention.

I am so grateful for this little kitten. It seems like 99% of the other kittens are just black and fluffy and with long tails. And you seem to like your kitten - orange, with short fur and thick tail. Thank you for not being a suck up sheep like others and sticking to your favourite ginger kitten because I like ginger kittens too. The ginger kitten is the only real kitten, the rest are just fake breeds…

Mate, I’m glad you like my Harry but please, don’t say other artists are bad because they like and create something different. I’m sticking to that old (rather canon) image of Harry in my head, yes, I like it very much, but for the love of God, don’t slate creators for their imagination! It doesn’t hurt anyone that they see Harry as desi (I drew Harry as desi a few times myself fyi) with a big scar. You’re totally free to like or dislike whatever you want too, just don’t think your opinions are the only existing ones.
Ginger kitten isn’t superior, and there are definitely more kittens than just black and ginger ones. If you like my Harry, that’s awesome, if you don’t like different depictions of him, that’s fine, just don’t be an arse about it :) We all find inspiration in other people’s works, we don’t live in a vacuum. Some ideas get more attention, are liked better and get more popular, some not. When people can’t find what they like they start to create the content they’re looking for by themselves. And that’s great! Let’s be excited about stuff we like, no need to be bitter about things other people are happy about :)