desi kuri

Name: Shahzadi
Age: Ripe enough for marriage (apparently)
Sex: Female according to biological DNA and societal standards of how women should look like. If you’re talking about the other kind, excuse yourself before I do
Enjoys: Long walks on the beach talking about systemic oppression and political action.
Dislikes: Anyone who challenges the right to equity for marginalized communities and probably you, but won’t make any judgements yet cause thas jus rude
Other info: You’ve been warned.

Get at me.

I grew up thinking my curly hair was the worst. I guess that’s what you get after years of brainwashing when all you see are images of fair skin brown girls with long ass straight hair everywhere.

Aunties used to pass their patriarchal, sexist remarks all the time. “Short hair will make you look like a boy,” “you won’t get any rishtas,” “a girls innocence and beauty is in her hair baita.”

The day I chopped off 10 inches was the end to that oppressive hair shit. I’ll do whatever I want,thank you very much.

Rocking my natural curl like no ones business and so should you.