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Mod Applications are open again!

I’m looking for South Asian wlw to help me run the blog. Seeing how I am a Hindu Eelam Tamil, I’m going to be prioritizing people who are… not that.

Since this blog was started as a rebuttal to a desi blog that was transmisogynistic, I would really like to include trans women above anyone else.

Shoot me a message or submission telling me a bit about myself and I’ll respond! I will be asking some questions about a few viewpoints to make sure I don’t accidentally add someone who could disrupt the blog.

Thanks for applying!

- Mod Pooja

As a desi, as much as I want representation in the film industry, I don’t want it this way. I want more roles made for Indian people and for Indian actors to be cast in those roles.

I don’t want Indian actors being cast in roles which are made for different ethnicities just because our skin tone matches theirs’s. We’re not fixing the problem by taking away other people’s representations.

i literally can’t imagine not having ocs 

like i think about mine constantly in different scenarios and universes and listen to music i apply to them and make them mixes and draw them and think about them together and oh lord

i fucking DREAM about them

i live and breathe ocs


For my break between school quarters, I wanted to handle some basic stuff. The main one was improving the way your partner follows you in game, trying to keep them sticking by more closely. It’s not perfect, but it helps keeping things feeling more natural.

In the other gifs you can see I added in side transitions (which track place you in specific locations), changing the gravity on hook grabbing to be slower, and started the health system.You can also see platforms are in.

It’s a lot of boring stuff, but pretty important. I’m hoping I can get as much of it out of the way before April as I can.


Bollywood Period Dramas [Pt 1/?]

Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani

Ishq – joh toofani dariya se bagavat kar jaaye woh ishq – bhare darbar mein joh duniya se ladh jaaye woh ishq – joh mehboob ko dekhe toh khuda ko bhool jaaye woh ishq.

Love that battles stormy waters – love that fights the entire world – love that forgets God when it sees its beloved – that is love.