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Finally back with a breakdown of the look that I created using the Desi X Katy Collection. Follow the steps below to recreate this look:

  1. Apply a clay colored transition shade all over the eye using a fluffy blending brush (mine is from the NYX birthday palette)
  2. Using a smaller blending brush, apply the lime green from the Morphe 12P palette into the crease
  3. Taking the light blue and a pointed blending brush, apply the shade into the crease to deepen the color.
  4. Apply the navy blue from that palette to the lid, making sure to blend the green and blue shades with a blending brush.
  5. Apply Harpoon from the Desi X Katy collection to the lid
  6. To finish the look, apply the dark blue and lime green from the Morphe 12P palette to the lower lash line.

To watch my full review on this collection click this link:

Life Hack?

I’ve been meaning to say this (again) but I keep forgetting.

To anyone who has darker armpits, elbows, and knees, etc, use conditioner to shave.

Using conditioner to shave means softer hair when it regrows, and no it does not make it thicker either, infact I have less hair now than I used to. You smell good, you skin is all soft, all that discolouring will go away, I stand by this. It’s fast, efficient, cheaper than using a shaving cream as you require very little, it’s painless too. Oh and you never get those blocked hair pore things on your skin, so just get a razor, conditioner, and you’re good to go. 

Consider this my only ever beauty tip contribution, because I’m actually a swamp demon. 

If I could advise young desi girls [who eventually want a partner in crime], I would advise them to date. But date after you know yourself, build yourself and your self esteem. When you are fully confident, independent and wholly self reliant, emotionally and psychologically. That is an absolute must. So that you can define your boundaries and stand by them. Usually this does not happen by the end of highschool, not even by the end of university in the world women face. 

I mean if you buy into the approach of not talking to guys at all for majority of your young adulthood because [insert whatever religious or cultural reason], you are basically set up and suckered into the rishta system, which is brutal if you aren’t traditional. I almost feel this is a deliberate kind of psychology because there are many brown girls whose parents are not down at all if the girl chooses a man for herself, who is perfectly acceptable by brown standards, simply because it was of their own choosing. I think it’s a method in which to keep women restrained and in check through traditional marriage to traditional men. This was especially prevalent in our parents time. Now ofc its that you don’t talk to men your whole life, and then you are to marry one. 

You don’t have to do anything you believe is haram, but get to know people. Make meaningful connections for your future.