desi a

Tumblr gets to see it first for once lmao

I’d be lying if I said I this wasn’t even slightly inspired by Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King 😝 This came to mind after I went to the Hindu temple and the gurdwara in the same day, wearing a bright purple lipstick that matched my suit. ALL THE AUNTIES AT BOTH PLACES WERE STARING AND ONE EVEN TOLD ME THE COLOR IS TOO BRIGHT FOR MY FACE LMAO FUCK YOU TOO AUNTY THAT PURPLE MAKES ME LOOK BOMB AF STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL But yo anyway which color would you want there to be in this imaginary lipstick line and what would the name be?? 😛 (for more Desi inspired art check out my art IG NishuTheArtist !!!)