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““You know, and for me, I don’t know that writer’s block is the same for everyone, but for me what I eventually realized was, what the block was really about was about fear, and it was about doubt. And it was about sort of a loss of faith of myself in myself as a writer. And, you know, the thing that actually really helped me was, and I know a lot of people love this book: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.” –Rahul Mehta

Writers block is real folks. It is not a fallacy. In the latest episode with author Rahul Mehta we discussed how he was able to push through this block as he wrote his new novel, No Other World. 

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This 23-year-old student of Mardan University in Pakistan was brutally beaten and murdered by his fellow college-mates who accused him of blasphemy. I’m still shaken by the video of him being dragged across the university while being constantly kicked and thrashed until his clothes became bloody and he lost consciousness.

RIP, Mashal.

And RIP, people who are delusional enough to believe they have the right to take another man’s life in the name of religion.