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“Desafinado” - by Joao Gilberto (with Getz) 


홍콩까지 오는 데, 거의 밤을 새고 맞이한 아침.
비행기 창 밖으로 보이던, 해 뜨는 이른 아침의 그 풍경.

닿지 않을 수평선 즈음일까, 붉게 퍼진 빛.
그리고 동글동글 몽글몽글 그 붉은 빛을 떠 받들고 있던 구름. 


돌아오는 내내 나와 함께 하던 그 기분, 이 아침, 딱 이 노래. 


2011. 03.05. at HK airport. 



After 10days of spontaneous trip to Italia, I’m on my way back home.
After this lovely time on my own, I.. kinda found myself and lost myself at the same time. This is weird but good for me I think.
It’s always good to be slightly out of tune, isn’t it?




angryonabus replied to your post: in other news in case you hadnt noticed i am…

SCOTT AND STILES SCOTT AND STILES ADORABLE BESTIES FOR LIFE!!!!!! or in other words, give me all of your thoughts and feelings on this subject; I wish to subscribe to this newsletter.

girl i have feelings about this coming out my ears BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR further things below

also i have in my drafts more tw/hdm stiles/scott/allison for you <333 i will post something soon <333

desfinado replied your post desfinado replied to your post: in other news in case you hadnt noticed i am

oh wow this sounds INCREDIBLE, especially re: scott flourishing in alphatude and those two being so happy together, YES. you would rock it so well!! <3


idk from other talks i’ve had i’ve come to feel like a lot of derek’s failwolfing as an alpha comes from his being a werewolf from birth and having been raised among werewolves and therefore being utterly unable to comprehend where scott and his betas are coming from, especially that for people who were born and raised human, the kind of violence that derek uses to communicate on the daily is. um. terrifying. even when they know ~intellectually that their bodies are now near-indestructible. (also like i don’t care if my body will heal from just about anything, I STILL DON’T WANT YOU TO BREAK MY ARM, DEREK, i don’t learn well when i’m being terrorized)

she said, blowing the smoke from the hellfire of her soul out of her nose

er. so what i am saying basically is that i love scott’s gentleness and his desire not to hurt people and his wish to avoid killing people (even when they are VERY VERY BAD people) at all costs. i don’t think his kindness and protectiveness and capacity for love are weaknesses, and so much of fandom seems to think they are, and that derek’s ~tough love~ coupled with stiles’ ostensible ~know-how~ is what will make a pack strong

but i would much rather scott as a bb alpha with stiles as his second, trying to figure out what the hell is going on and fucking up lots and giving boyd and erica sanctuary and feeding them and their families (stiles is great at savory stuff but burns everything he has ever tried to bake – there are still scorch marks on the mccalls’ kitchen wall; scott thinks ~regular cooking~ is boring but asks for dessert cookbooks for his birthday)

and idk keeping themselves and their pack-family safe??? i don’t think gratuitous violence actually has to be part of being a werewolf. my current theory is that most of the murderous tendencies on and around the full moon have more to do with fear and anger and helplessness against the pull of the moon than with any werewolf ~instincts~, which is why finding an anchor, something that makes you feel calm and/or happy and/or in control, works. i don’t love the ~it reminds us that we’re human~ explanation, because i don’t actually like that kind of division between wolf and human being.


thank you for your patience lol



Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)
  • Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • The No. 1 Jazz Vocals Album

Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune) - Ella Fitzgerald

Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and english lyrics by Jon Hendricks and Jesse Cavanaugh (TRO), Desafinado (Off Key) was recorded by Ella Fitzgerald in 1981, and featured on her album Ella Abraça Jobim. Her recording peaked at #38 in the US. Desafinado eventually became a Bossa Nova standard, being recorded by many artists, such as Frank Sinatra, but more notably Stan Getz with Charlie Byrd who’s recording peaked at #4 in the US, and #11 in the UK

Love is like a never ending melody
Poets have compared it to a symphony
A symphony conducted by the lighting of the moon
But our song of love is slightly out of tune

Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch
Now the orchestration doesn’t seem so rich
Seems to me you’ve changed the tune we used to sing
Like the bossa nova, love should swing

We used to harmonise, two souls in perfect time
Now the song is different and the words don’t even rhyme
‘Cause you forgot the melody our hearts would always croon
So what good’s a heart that’s slightly out of tune?

Tune your heart to mine the way it used to be
Join with me in harmony and sing a song of loving
We’re bound to get in tune again before too long
There’ll be no desafinado
When your heart belongs to me completely
Then you won’t be slightly out of tune, you’ll sing along with me

There’ll be no desafinado
When your heart belongs to me completely
Then you won’t be slightly out of tune, you’ll sing along with me
Sing along with me
Sing along with me