DesFi - Considering the past to design for the future

Introducing 2nd year Interaction Design undergraduate students to my favorite topic - Design Fictions (see sample slides from todays lecture above). It sparked a thoughtful and quite hilarous discussion as we shared stories of our own histories with digital interfaces (specifically social networks)… and thoughts of possible future scenarios.

This was my last lecture in this series for this course. This year I experimented with various techniques to engage the students in a large lecture theatre to participate more vocally and critically… some things worked and others were a tad awkward… but it’s the best fun Ive had in such a formal and vast learning environment for years. A special thanks to this years cohort of Interaction and Visual Design students. I have thoroughly enjoyed your company, ideas and energy.

My Design Fictions Tumblr:

After ‘Design Fiction’ was brought to my attention in first class of KIP412, I couldn’t help but take deep interest and awareness in what would be the ‘latest’ interpretation of interactive interface design in the world of film. Multiple one sided ellipse discs that act as screens, generated by a small spinning disc that hovers on a surface, and are completely haptic- (yes the idea haptic holograms have been done already, and perhaps very similar to these), but their interface design is quite fresh. This interface design enables speed and freedom, space efficiency and portability to the user, it is very appealing!