me: my kink is cassandra cain, stephanie brown, and jason todd being treated like equals in the comics, you know like not being erased or forgotten? or demonized for stuff they did as kids? maybe they can appear on general media like the other batboys-

dc: your kink is stupid and unrealistic, just stick to bondage like everybody else, you buffoon


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slim etony. sli metony. slimet ony. slime to ny. slime to new york. give new york what it deseves

im moving to brooklyn and starting a folk rock/detroit house band


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I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THE COLLEGE MONEY! YOU DESEVE IT! GOOD LUCK YOU'RE SO AMAZING AND WONDERFUL I HOPE YOU DO FINE! (Sorry for screaming in your inbox. I'm really happy for you!!!!!)


Fellow Bran x Meera Shippers...

I’ve got a question. Where would you rather them settle after the war with the White Walkers- Winterfell or Greywaterwatch?

I love both. Them in Winterfell would be awesome. Bran could take his place as the Lord of Winterfell and stop the inpending drama with Sansa and Jon. Not to mention return home where he belongs. Meera would be greatly accepted, because the Reeds are extreamly loyal bannerman for the Starks.

But I also love the idea of them living in Meeras home. Greywaterwatch in the Neck. She desevers to be home. Plus Bran would also be accepted as her husband there too. Not to mention, he is unlikely to be judged there. And we actually get to SEE the Cranogs and Cranogmen.

If they do become canon(and I can confidently say I think they will) I will be happy so long as they return to one of their homes. What do you all think?