deserves the best and only the best :(

Jasper: *hates herself, thinks she’s worthless, doesn’t feel like she deserves any better*


And that’s how Siegward was made.

(So: Siegward leaves behind sunlight related items everywhere he goes. He refers to the sun all the time in dialogue. And you can trade in the Siegbräu for the Armor of the Sun. If Siegward is not related to Solaire at all, then I’m going to sell all of my Sunlight Medals to Patches.)

(Siegward is definitely Sieglinde’s baby, though.)

(Edit: Just to clear up any confusions: this here is Sieglinde - notice the Bastard sword.)

I ship these two so hard.

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Only The Very Best

It’s been a most confusing ride
playing a game you couldn’t win
yet today is an unwritten page
you can choose to start again

Wishing vainly for days gone by
saying the bed’s already made
I wonder if it’s actually too late
or could it be you’re just afraid 

Overthinking forever worrying
it’s simple breathe try to smile 
soon the sun will shine again
sorrow is but for a little while

Let me hold your empty pain
may your weary soul find rest
I’ve no advice yet I do love you
and wish you only the very best  

You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to be together with someone. If they don’t make an effort than they aren’t the one.
—  ashly southworth♡

You said in your restaurant “everything is possible”, but I know not  e v e r y t h i n g  is possible. Besides, you’re not as pretty as you once were. 

Kuroko no Basuke Finals End Card
↳Team Rakuzan High

I like to imagine that they became good friends and going out for tea became a semi regular thing [[as regular as it could be considering how busy they are…]]

And the thought of Sergei taking Alisha to the cute new cafe that all the young folk are talking about because he’d think she’d enjoy it [[and not thinking how strange he’d look there]] gives me life.

Thank you!

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To the best vocalist ever, my darling star - Happy Birthday! I hope you will always be happy ♥ #종대야생일축하해

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