deserves it!

Why am I so taken by the Jonerys hand grab?

I mean, generally speaking, holding hands is barely something to get this excited over right? (or as my friend so eloquently put it, “It’s freaking Game of Thrones and you’re excited about people holding hands???”). To which, my answer is:

I’m not just excited about them holding hands (although I’m crazily obsessed with it, and have watched that scene a couple million times already). It’s the fact that Jon ‘You-know-nothing’ Snow, clueless Jon, naive Jon who despite being told this:

Still didn’t make the first move. Who’s always had that ‘I’m adorable but I don’t know it’ aura around him. Who’s always been so reserved and so..just so unsure about himself nearly always. 

The thing which made me go crazy about the Jonerys hand holding was Jon making the move y’all!! 

Jon!!!, our Jon!!, reaching out!!, grabbing her hand!!!, not letting go!!! 

I can watch this forever and still not get tired, because this shows Jon Snow reaching out for something that matters to him, Jon Snow holding on and not letting go because he wanted this. He wanted someone for the first time in forever and he went for it and he didn’t want to let go!

And this, this, is why the Jonerys handhold will always be the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen on GoT, because we have a vulnerable hesitant Dany, and a ‘dammit all, I’m going for this’ Jon, and that was the most beautiful scene I had seen in a really long time!

Let’s just take a moment to look at Dean Ambrose’s WWE accomplishments, yes?

• Longest reigning US Champion
• Money in The Bank Winner
• WWE World Heavyweight Champion
• 2-Time Intercontinental Champion
• Current Raw Tag Team Champion
• Wrestled the most matches of 204 in 2016
• 5-Time Slammy Award Winner
• Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

All. In. Five. Years.

Amazing, that man Dean Ambrose is.


Delphine Cormier Appreciation Week!!

Day Seven » Free Choice: Bi!Delphine

My theory is that Sloane and Hurley were dryads from the instant they used the Gaia Sash to turn into a tree, but Sloane was like “hey I’m super wanted for crime” and Hurley was like “honestly ditto, really blew my police cover in that last battle wagon race,” and then they decided just to spoon in the public square for a while until the fuzz forgot about them

lol so jake paul trashes his neighborhood for stupid youtube stunts, says racist things, and has abused his ex….. sad how people like this are famous. i don’t pay attention to youtubers so i actually didn’t know what “team 10″ was until i googled it and wow… people actually live with jake paul and become friends with him in order to be in team 10? anyone who is friends with jake paul is literally stupid because hes straight up horrible. and anyone who is obsessed with jake paul must be an immature 12-year-old child who follows a bunch of “hot youtubers” on instagram


shadowhunters meme: 10 relationships/dynamics {2/10}
super lightwood siblings

you stood by me through my trial, and now I’m standing by you, big brother.
izzy, you’re the smartest one here. you’re one of our toughest fighters.

Half cat, half bat. PS her name is Rupie because Clod always wanted to be named Rupert (he would answer to it and we jokily thought it suited him) so he lives on in her name.