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Imagine Kevin Day.

But laughing the biggest laugh he’s ever laughed after witnessing something the foxes do, and being startled at it because he never thought he’d ever feel free enough to let himself.

she’s always had heiresses charge at her in the same patterns, shark-stalking, lanternfish-lures, dolphin-quick or mantis shrimp-style
she learned all the defenses and attacks of the sea creatures eons before their eggs even hatched, before they even breathed pure sea
as if these guppies would stand a chance against a creature with real fangs

she’s learned from her friends, this one
that move wasn’t sharklike, more green than tyrian, and the condesce hisses as claws score over her chitin for the first time in a thousand years
her attack is blocked with a purely blue defense, and followed with the brown-favored kick of a cavalreaper trainee
it sets her teeth on edge, so perfect and wrong, the way those movements all seem to blend into one another, and she finds herself falling further back into the defensive–

what was it that mutant said?

I see a circle.


for those of you asking for an expanded version of this, and with her they came is what you’re after. anyone who wants more of feferi’s training (and adores eridan) will enjoy @auxanges‘s in the heart, a kind of fighting

past that, I can tell you it’s all part of the tidalverse, otherwise known as at the end of the stars.

Note that many minorities (most commonly Jewish people) are frequently accused of having disproportionate societal influence or of all being simultaneously otherwise privileged and thus of being themselves oppressors or at least of not actually being oppressed. They may even be accused of simply being the real oppressor class. The only non-majority group this is actually true of is the rich, as a primary group. Claims of other groups exerting minority control or being unusually wealthy or being overrepresented positively etc. are pretty much unilaterally false, and easily debunked in most cases. If someone says something like “Actually, [X group with little funding or organization] secretly controls [major organization or governing body]/bullied or lobbied them into granting them recognition and privileges they don’t deserve,” they are being a very serious bigot.


I’m super psyched by this mark and want to thank you all before it’s too late. It’s hard to imagine I only started in January last year, with serious postings from June on.

You all deserve my personal gratitude, here’s a list of some I rmember supporting this addiction from early on. I started to notice the same people liked (and sometimes reblogged) my stuff, no matter how silly it was. For some reason some of you can not be tagged (I really don’t understand this website, after 3 years) also I did the list order kind of randomly looking at my current and very old notes.


























































I love you guys with all my heart and consider you my friends I’ve never met. If you’re not on here dont worry like I do now lol

it’s so hilarious to me that people somehow equate wanting a redemption arc for a character with an explicit endorsement of that character’s actions. it’s such twisted logic. of course i know this character is wrong!! of course they’ve done evil things!! that is literally why i want them to be redeemed!!









lemme tell you what y'all do…..if someone gets “called out” for something dumb….y'all don’t investigate to really see what the fuck going on…y'all just hop on di wave and hurry up and unfollow or block di person who being “called out ” and reblog di “call out” post like you really kno what the fuck going on cos you fucking SCARED n you just wanna do what everyone else doing 😴

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Can I get some headcannons for Matt the radar technician?

I. Cannot. BELIEVE. This.

Matt the Radar Technician:
  • Saw Kylo Ren shirtless.
  • Doesn’t know what a calcinator is.
  • Is not a natural blonde.

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Opinions on Ophelia?

she’s bae and deserves better


okay since this is our 420th post, let’s be serious here. 

Ophelia is so underrated because people either hate her or love her, and people usually hate her for all the wrong reasons. 

She is so much more complex than just a lovesick girl pining for Hamlet. Her relationship with her father is unhealthy and manipulative at its best, and while her brother is nicer to her, he also can’t seem to treat her like person and not property. 

She’s been dominated by men for–as far as we know–all her life, without any sort of maternal figure. We could argue that Gertrude was her maternal figure, but the only motherly act (if we can even call it that) was that she wanted Ophelia to be her daughter-in-law.

So we could say that poor Ophelia’s never really had a chance to be her own person or have control of herself until she had feelings for Hamlet, and even those were governed by her dad and brother, who used it to their own advantage without a second thought. Even worse, Hamlet the Danish Fuckboy™ decided to fuck with her feelings further by being a rude ass mofo.

Honestly, to say that Ophelia lived a pretty shitty life is an understatement. She deserved so much better. SO. MUCH. BETTER. 

you know it’s so great that sam has all these fans now, he’s so funny and wonderful, i remember a few years ago when it was literally only me who posted about him + i made @samrriegel to help bring in fans, i remember when he didn’t even have 4,000 twitter followers and i used to talk with him about how it was only a matter of time before people realised how great he was. what i’m trying to say is that i’m grateful that he’s finally getting recognised because of critical role and that i’m glad i’ve been here since the very beginning.

I’ll be straight up about something. I take a lot of unjustly deserved pride in my sense of humor, but I probably would make serious posts if I felt like the world was a serious place. I wouldn’t want to poison a healthy discourse or ruin something beautiful. But the world is mad. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries on Twitter. Everything seems to be a glorious clusterfuck and it would be a wasted opportunity not to swim with the current.
—  @cass-uistry

Don’t ever give up.

Even if you want to, it’s okay to want to, it’s okay to break down and collapse in a sobbing pile on the floor, just don’t give up. You can simply exist for a while, as long as you’re living, then it’s a victory. You are victorious, every single day that you decide to go on, so don’t you ever give up. 

Kiss and Tell

(late night confessions, alcohol, and other hazards)

They’re on their third beer and he’s definitely not drunk. He has some Scottish pride left, thank you, so he won’t blame this on the cheap beers Hunter likes to buy, no, he’s just…very tired. And when he interrupts their manly, broodingly silent drink-sharing with his poorly thought out confession, really, it’s just the sleep deprivation talking.

“So Simmons and I kissed.”

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Guys can you just not share Troye’s almost nudes around please? He’s asked on Twitter and it’s a complete invasion of his privacy and it’s disrespectful to share them even more with the world! Troye loves the fans so fucking much and he does everything for us and I wouldn’t want him to hold back because of this incident. Look, y'all are going to do what you want in the end, but please think of Troye and how embarrassed and upset and violated he must feel right now? I know you would if it was you. So please, have some respect for such a wonderful talented human being and delete these pictures.

This love is ours...

Guys, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you all a little bit about my husband… so forgive me in advance if this gets a little long/sappy. :)

This is Paul… my heavy metal, drum beating, crazy as hell, cat loving husband. I wanted to make this post because he deserves some serious recognition. This man loves and supports me like nothing I have ever known before. He does everything he can to make sure I’m happy and to let me know that no matter what I’m always going to have him supporting me. He’s adamant in making sure I’m not alone, and if there’s ever a time when I feel like my world is caving in, he lets me know that he’s going to be right there to put all the pieces back together.

The first time Paul ever noticed me… (like REALLY noticed me) I was on a stage singing Innocent. I think it’s pretty clear by looking at him where his taste is centered when it comes to music… He’s all Slipknot, Mudvayne, In Flames, Motley Crue. All that kinda music that makes you wanna jump out a window just because you’re feeling hardcore and invincible haha. Now I’m very diverse in my music taste… I really like most everything, but I mean clearly I’m on tumblr with a Taylor Swift blog with my bio stating “Taylor Swift is my alpha and omega.” So that being said… opposites, right? I’m the kind of person who doesn’t hide who they are, but I am very self conscious all the time. I’m a proud Swiftie, and I let that be known… but I always have this fear that people are judging me (whether it’s based off my music taste or something else) and I feel nervous a lot for no reason… but not when I’m with Paul.

I want you guys to know that this metal head will go hard with me in the car to TaySway… that he’s listened to 1989 more times than he can possibly count. He never makes me feel small or ridiculous for loving Taylor as much as I do. He’s excited about seeing her in Charlotte, and he loves Wonderland. When he goes to work and all his manly man friends start picking at him for going to see Taylor he shuts them down, and lets them know that she is the top superstar in the world and tells them that he’s excited. 

When I started trying to get Taylor to notice me he never picked at me for it. He never tells me to stop talking about her. He always cheered me on when I told him people were starting to help me get noticed. When I would get discouraged he would tell me not to give up because he knew I was close, and that he knew if Taylor ever had the chance to know me that she would love me. Now that may seem silly or trivial to some people, but it means so much to me. I know you guys know what it’s like for people to downplay how we all feel about Taylor… it’s annoying, and it hurts our feelings, and people don’t believe us when we try to tell them about all the amazing things she does for us on here, how special she makes us feel. So to have him constantly supporting me and boosting me up was the best feeling. 

So I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know just how amazing he is, and how lucky I am to be with this man. We’re so excited to see taylorswift June 8th! And Taylor… if you happen to catch a glimpse of a man who’s about 6′1 who’s “dancing” really looks more like it should be designated for a Slipknot concert… then you’ve found us… and we would love to have a chance to say hello to you in person. :)

For real tumblr needs to stop being so fucking america-centric because this site only gives a shit about the usa when half of canada is literally on fire, greece still might be kicked out of the euro which would devestate the nation, theres war in the middle east that seems as though it will never end, austrailia and britain are run by satan incarnates, and thousands are still being persecuted for being lgbtqa+

Just because you dont live in a country, doesnt mean its problems dont deserve attention

I have a serious fucking problem with this post but I don’t know if I can quite articulate what it is

hhh why do i keep seeing anti-england (the actual country not the aph version) posts made by americans on tumblr?? like people i follow are literally just reblogging entire posts about how awful we are

and i mean, hey, i’ll be the first to harp on about this god-forsaken nation filled with grumpy twats and shitty politicians and eternal rain

but it’s kinda different when americans do it… it’s like if two mothers are complaining about their respective children’s antics, but then one of the mothers starts complaining about the other mother’s child too, and it’s suddenly like “…um what”

i mean feel free to make fun of us all you want, we deserve it, but some of these are genuinely serious posts about how english people are worse than americans in every conceivable way, and that kinda sucks