When someone argues that some people don’t deserve the money or other resources they need to survive, what they’re saying is that some people are undeserving of basic human rights.

Which is bullshit. Everyone is deserving of basic human rights.

They tell you it’s not about weight, that you are not defined by your relationship with gravity, that there is so much more to you than that; yet they expect you to jump on the scales every week in order to determine your progress in recovery and decide whether or not you deserve to continue to receive intensive treatment based solely on the digits that appear.

When your motivation and determination to get better is measured, not by your actions or your words, but by something as supposedly uncontrollable as your weight; how, then, is it surprising that we continue to define ourselves by the number on the scales, given the correlation between our perceived self worth and our perceived deservedness in terms of being given a chance to get better. How is it surprising that, given the fundamental importance that is placed on this numerical data to justify our place in treatment the numbers themselves lost all meaning long ago; that when I stand on the scales, the digits that flash on the screen always spell the words “not good enough”?


mer·i·toc·ra·cy [mer-i-tok-ruh-see] noun *

What is a meritocracy?

The idea of a meritocracy is simple: if you work hard, you will be rewarded and work your way up in society. Your success will be determined by your merit – your talent and ability – rather than anything else.

Why the idea of a meritocracy is kinda awesome in theory:

- It’s fundamentally about equality, and in particular, about equality of opportunities.

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A privileged person’s guide to dismantling their own biases, stigma, and othering of people experiencing homelessness

(A work in progress)

Everyone is a human being
Everyone has human rights
Everyone deserves to have access to basic human needs and that includes shelter

There are many reasons people are experiencing homelessness
I do not know these reasons
I cannot tell if someone is homeless just by looking at them

I will do my best not to look down on anyone
I will not ignore or dismiss people because they happen to be homeless
I will treat people experiencing homelessness like I would any other person

I will do my best not to place blame or make value judgments
When I place blame or make value judgments, I will challenge myself
I will challenge my own biases and assumptions
I will challenge myself when I think of people experiencing homelessness as an “Other”
I will ask myself why I think these things
I will ask myself how I can think differently

We are all human
We all deserve a better world
I am a part of this process