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Yeesss!! People, we are in season 7. I think by now the audience fully understands the bond that Daryl and Carol have. TPTB did NOT have to show their bond AGAIN just to show they care about one another. Valuable screen-time could have been given to Maggie. Remember her, Gimple? Don't get me started on that, lol. But for some reason, Gimple wanted to add another layer to the caryl story. And we all know what that reason will be. Well, at least most of us do, lol.

Exactly this. If tptb didn’t want so many people shipping Caryl, if they wanted us to give up and see that their bond was nothing more than familial and they’d never grow beyond their platonic relationship - then those Caryl scenes in episode 10 simply would not have existed. Or, they would have looked a lot different. 

To portray a strictly familial bond, all the writers would have needed to do was have Daryl happen upon Carol while he was out. They absolutely would not have needed to go to the extra lengths that they went to, like: having Daryl bring Carol up to Morgan and gush about how she would have saved all their asses and led them to war (showing that she’s on his mind and that he is missing her); creating the whole conflict between Daryl and Richard (it would have been way easier to just not include that whole showdown because it delivered absolutely nothing to the big plot); having Morgan confront Daryl in a way that has been used since forever as a romantic trope - showing a character’s feelings for another character, then having an “outside” character point it out.

Tpbt could have still provided a Caryl scene or two in episode 10 if they just wanted to troll or tell us that the connection is platonic and staying that way. But if that was their goal, there’s no way they would have included all this other stuff that was used for the sole purpose of conveying Daryl’s feelings for Carol, over and over again. 

They also wouldn’t have made those scenes as emotional as they were. If they wanted us to believe that Daryl saw Carol as a family member, then they wouldn’t have shown that he took her leaving very personally, and it broke his heart. They would have shown Daryl to be upset, not so extremely hurt as he was, because what they did show was Daryl being the guy who is heartbroken over the love of his life leaving him. When a character is that hurt over another character leaving, it’s not meant to be seen as “oh he’s upset over his mom/sister/real estate agent leaving him”. You don’t do that

There were so many things packed into that episode that are undeniably romantic tropes:

  • talking about her out of the blue to other people.
  • beating up and threatening someone who wants to harm her.
  • heartbroken that she left.
  • he’s the one exception - the only person she lets in.
  • firelight dinner and emotional talk.
  • telling a huge lie to protect her and her feelings. (also the trope where one character can’t bear to see the other in pain or crying.)
  • walking away and then turning back and hugging her.
  • clinging to each other - in which smelling each other, nuzzling, and Daryl kissing her shoulder a little through her shirt were all involved.)
  • almost calling him back.
  • being called out on your feelings by the very person you were previously talking to when you brought her up out of the blue. 

Everyone knows that these are romantic tropes. That’s just common knowledge, especially for writers. These tropes have been used for years to convey a bond that has romantic potential and underlying romantic feelings - to convey that they are on the road to canon, or taking their relationship to that next level. 

So there’s no way Gimple would have gone through all this trouble, dedicated all that screen time to emphasizing and highlighting the fact that Daryl loves Carol and will put her before everything else, and used all those romantic tropes to do that - just because he wanted to troll. 

Because now it is canon in Daryl’s character that Carol is the most important thing to him in the world, and it was portrayed not in the way that you portray one’s platonic/familial feelings for another character - but in the way that is traditionally used to show romantic, loving, deeper-than-friendship feelings. 

And you don’t do that if you don’t have plans to develop the relationship into something romantic. 

Riverdale Gay Ships 2/ ?? || Archiereggie road trip  AU

{  After Jason Blossom murder was solved and Grundy was put in jail Riverdale went back to its all boring self,  full of shallow  grades and loveless kisses, so Archie did what everyone was thinking but were too hesitant to do, he ran,  he  called his boyfriend and asked him to run away with him on a road trip, and who was Reggie Mantel to say no to that cute smile. }

Chris Schistad deserves more screentime. And if you don’t agree because you think he’s an annoying fuckboy just think of Vilde, how we would still hate her if we didn’t know about her nice side, her problems…
At first we all hated her but then we started to learn more and more about her and now we love her or at least appreciate her enough to want her happiness. We all wanted her to deal with her eating disorder. We all wanted her to find love.
But if she had had less screentime, we would only know about her annoying side.
Same goes with Chris. He’s underrated.
It’s not about how hot he is. It’s about his personality and what it’s hiding. We know nothing about him and it’s a pity.


“Nadine Ross runs Shoreline, a small but effective paramilitary organization based in South Africa. Trained in all manner of martial arts and a crack shot, she is a formidable opponent. Her no-nonsense attitude has earned her the fierce loyalty of her men. You would do well to stay out of arm’s reach when she’s nearby.”

Black Lion Theory (S2 spoilers)

So imma try and keep this short. (I failed)

So, Shiro’s gone. we need a black paladin. The main contenders for it are:
Shiro returns
some new character
and Lance.

Keith, while being named by Shiro as his successor on two separate occasions, would not be a good leader. He’s impulsive, reckless and doesn’t think things through. This is what makes him perfect as the Red Paladin, and what makes his character. Plus, he’s had too much bonding with Red this season for her to let him pilot Black.

Shiro returning would be very cheap. I know it’s a kid’s show, but having something this huge happen and it’s just swept under the rug, that’d be a huge let down, not that it’s out of the realm of possibility.

Allura is needed on the castle to use the Teludav and provide support for the Lions and Voltron. She is too important in her current role for her to become the paladin of any lion, especially Black. She already has the weight of the universe and the legacy of her entire race on her shoulders. It would destroy her to burden her further.

A new character is feasible if done well, but there’s not much I can see about it.

Now, Lance. Lance has displayed subtle leadership skills over the course of both seasons, notably in the very first episode on the academy, when he emerged from a coma for the good of his team, in ‘return to the Balmera’, when he acts as a leader in the small group of himself and Keith, coming up with plans, preventing Keith from doing stupid things, and generally taking command. Finally (though I may have missed a couple) in “Crystal Venom” he acts as the voice of reason to Keith and Coran, and brings everyone together to figure out what’s going on. As well as this, he is shown as the glue of Voltron, having brought everyone together in the first episode.
It’s also worth bringing up at this point that he is incredibly insecure in being the Blue Paladin, feeling as if “he doesnt have a thing”. It’s also stated on the website that the Blue Lion is the “friendliest and most accepting of new pilots”

So what does this mean? if Lance becomes the Black Paladin, not only will he need a wardrobe change, but we’ll need a new Blue Paladin. Well, here’s the thing. It’s been shown that (somehow) you only need one person to pilot the ship. Which established’s characters costume is already primarily blue? Who said their lifelong dream was to become a paladin? Who is incredibly friendly, funny, is quite like Lance really, and truly deserves more screentime?? WHO HAS AN INCREDIBLE MOUSTACHE AND IS ALREADY AN INCREDIBLE PILOT???


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You notice how when it came to the straight couple, there was so much more passion shown in the kiss. Like the big romantic gesture Maggie pulled didn't deserve a lot more screentime and a lot more making out. What did Mon El do to earn that passion and probably getting laid? Oh just constantly doubting Kara's abilities and cunningness, and let his insecurity lead him to potentially killing someone. So much potential is just being flushed down the toilet

for real maggie sawyer rented out a motherfucking ballroom and threw a prom for alex danvers she deserved a kiss that lasted longer than 1 second and involved alex grabbing her shoulders

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friend 1: where is she?
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