Desert Dragon //closed for Vash

The sand was scorching hot, boiled by the three suns above. Somewhere… between the rock formations far on the horizon a figure slept. It was the size of a house, curled up on the hot rock, absorbing the heat. 

If it wasn’t for the blue colouration of scales and feathers, one could mistake it for the sandworm. The giant, serpent body emitted from time to time a soft sound of gentle snoring. The long, split at the tip tongue shot out from time to time, tasting the air, but either than that the creature simply napped in the suns. 

Until it detected something… someone… was coming. The yellow eye opened, not moving an inch from its resting place nor raising it’s head.

It would be pointless anyway, snakes had a horrible eyesight. It was the tongue that tasted the air couple more time. Just one intruder, armed, lots of metal. 

The feathered snake licked it’s eyes before closing them. It waited.


Because I can; DDN L grade in the top picture (the hat and pants wouldn’t go on at the same time so i had to photoshop that pic together, sorry for it getting cut off T_T) and DDN Uniques on the bottom.

While on this note, I’ll only include pics for gear we don’t have yet so if any of the new headgear comes into the files I’ll put that in.