desertdesserts  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if I could ask you when Ross actually gives the real apology to Demelza and they start to get back together? What triggers off the real grovelling and what does he say to her? Is there something he says to her that finally makes her less angry at him? And does she ever tell him about the McNeil encounter? Do you think any of that might be shown next week? Thank you, any help is much appreciated!! :)

So Ross works for a while in the books trying to wear Demelza down so that they’re in a position to have an honest discussion, she keeps putting it off because she is still angry and hurt but eventually, on Christmas eve of that year it all comes to a head. I think the easiest way to explain a lot of your questions would be just to quote that section of the book and warning its kind of long… 

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