Mitsubishi L200 Desert Warrior Concept, 2017. A one-off  built in conjunction with Top Gear magazine for the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show, held at the NEC, Birmingham from April 25 - 27. Codenamed ‘Project Swarm’, The L200 is built in the style of a ‘Pre-Runner’ off-road vehicle – specially modified production vehicles that are beefed-up to ‘pre-run’ stages of off-road desert racers

Steve McQueen used to love his Rickman Metisse desert racer. He once said, “This rig is the best-handling bike I’ve ever owned.” That inspired João Barranca’s of @redondamotors to build his own Metisse-inspired rig, but with a more up-to-date donor: a Husaberg FE 501 dirt bike.
We reckon it looks killer, and McQueen would have loved it too. Hit the link in our bio for hi-res images and the story behind the build.
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  • Desert Racer
    One of more primitive variants of Lucario adapted to desert life and weather. Also known as the Kalb-Amirun by the nomads who breed them extensively as hunting partners, they’re the fastest out of all Lucario breeds, easily taught and exceedingly loyal. They don’t make good combatants due to their fragility, however they may be adapted to battling life given a moveset that requires less physicality on their end. Highly popular in contests due to their grace. No thumbs, only dewclaws. 
    Recommended for beginners, child-safe.

  • Winterstark
    The second primitive variant of Lucario, they are considered to be closest in terms of look and temperament to the original, now extinct subtype that existed in the frozen north of Sinnoh. They’ve adapted to an almost all-year winter, with thick double coats that shed twice a year. Unlike most Lucarios, they don’t live in packs outside of small family units and as such, have evolved to become brutally efficient at battles which rage on during constant territorial disputes. What they have in power however, they lack in speed. Temperamental and vicious, they aren’t easily taught and can turn against their handlers if threatened. However, the challenge is part of the appeal for the old Vikings of north who raised them and given time and proper handling, their loyalty is unmatched. No thumbs, only dewclaws. 
    Not recommended for beginners, not to be left alone with children. 

  • Domestic
    The most common variant seen in cities and urban landscapes these days, the Domestic variant as the name suggests is a wholly man-made subspecies focusing more on adaptability and friendliness than any battling capability. As such, they do not make good combat partners whatsoever, but are lauded as perfect living partners given their loyalty, non-threatening demeanor and ease of training. Possesses opposable thumbs and lacks fist spikes which have been reduced to steel stumps from selective breeding. As such, this variant is much gentler and more open to shows of affection than the rest. Often seen as companion and service dogs and the guardian of children.  

  • Mikado
    Another man-made variant, the Mikado (named due to the ‘pauldrons’ and mantle its shoulder fur resembles, its intelligence and its regal bearing), the Mikado was bred to combine favorable characteristics from the Desert Racer and Winterstark variants to create a strong working dog that excels in both power and trainability. One of the most popular subtypes, it excels in battling and is most often seen used as guard and police dogs. Despite their intelligence however, they are not recommended for new trainers, being willful and stubborn if under the tutelage what is assumed a lesser being. Trainers will need to take on the position of an alpha leader to gain the most out of this variant though many will tell you the hard work is worthit. Modifications include opposable thumbs, extra claws on its feet for battling purposes and claws that jut out from its knuckles to deal far more devastating blows (Which also lends to its nickname as the Knuckleduster Dog)

Pairings: Jerza and slight Jellal x Meredy (BROTP)

Warning: Character deaths up ahead don’t read if you don’t like that stuff

Summary: We’ve been over this I can’t summarize (sorry)


Jellal repeated, looking questioningly at the girl. Meredy nodded, 

“Yup.” she said, a smile playing on her lips. 

Jellal mulled over her words, 

“You’re sure?” he asked.

Meredy groaned. 

“Jellal I’m sure. Whatever that strange Magic power is, it’s coming from Magnolia.”

 Jellal nodded, gravely. Feeling a hand land on his shoulder, he turned, coming face to face with a smirking Angel. 

“Thinking about Erza?”Angel asked, slyly.

Jellal frowned, 

“Angel, this is serious.” he scolded. “My want to see Erza will not interfere with the goal of our guild.” 

Angel bent over into a fit of giggles, her pale cheeks dusting pink. 

Jellal stared questioningly at the rest of his guildmates. The group all seemed to be holding in their own laughter. 

“Was it something I said?” He asked. It was Meredy who answered. 

“So you do want to see Erza?” She asked through a knowing smile.

Jellal turned his face, hiding the slight blush on his cheeks.

“The town seems awfully deserted, don’t ya think?” Racer commented, scanning the empty streets. 

Meredy shrugged, 

“It’s the middle of the night, no one is going to be out.” she told him. 

Pulling her hood over her pink waves, Jellal noticed her shiver. 

“You ok?” He asked coming up behind her. 

“Yeah.” She breathed. 

“I just…have a bad feeling, this magic power….I don’t know, it just feels different.”

Jellal smiled, placing a reassuring hand on the top of her head. 

“I’m sure everything’s fine, we’ll reach Magnolia tomorrow night. Once we get there we’ll contact Erz-Fairy tail and ask them to assist us.” 

Meredy giggled. 

“You really want to see her, huh?” 

Jellal knew his face was probably a deep red, and prayed that the darkness of the night would prevent her from noticing. 

“I-I guess.” He stuttered, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck. 

Meeting Meredy’s twinkling eyes he smiled wholeheartedly. 

“Yeah, I do.”

As the sun began to rise over the town, the guild decided to set camp. It was easier to rest up during the day and travel by night. Finding a small clearing, everyone began scurrying around, knowing what they had to do. Setting up camp had become a routine to all of them, as often as they traveled, they each knew the tasks that they needed to accomplish. 

As Meredy began to build a fire, Cobra would listen in to any nearby voices, looking for any possible threats. Midnight lay at the base of a tree, napping. 

Jellal gazed into the sunrise, the clouds turning a brilliant red. The colour was nowhere near as beautiful as her hair, yet it still filled him with a longing, for his child-hood friend.

“Erza, just Erza.” 

She stated a sad smile on her bony face. Jellal frowned. 

“That sounds lonely.” He stated, walking up behind her. 

Gently taking a handful of her scarlet hair, he smiled, an idea forming in his mind. 

“Your hair is so pretty…I know why don’t we call you Scarlet? Erza Scarlet. That way I won’t forget it.”

 Erza smiled, stroking a lock of her own hair. 

“You can’t just go around naming people.” Simon said, crossing his small arms over his chest.

“I like it.” Erza declared. 



He halted, facing her. She smiled, her beautiful face practically glowing. Jellal motioned for his guild to go on without him. 

“I’ll be there in a minute.” He told them. 

Returning his gaze to the girl he smiled. 

“I’m going to miss you Erza.” 

She nodded as if that were obvious. 

“Me too.”

Jellal felt a warm feeling spread through him, at the thought of her missing him. 

“Come visit me soon.” She told him. 

He laughed. 

“I’m sure I’ll have to come get you out of trouble sooner or later.”

At this Erza frowned. Jellal cocked his head to the side, questioningly. 

“I don’t want you to come back just to help me.” She muttered, averting her gaze.

Softening his stare, Jellal walked up to the girl. Her brown eyes met his, Jellal could’ve sworn they were brimming with tears. 

That couldn’t be true, Erza rarely cried. Deciding to ignore it, Jellal tentatively wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close. 

Erza froze, awkwardly standing there for a moment, but then proceeded to return the hug. Gently pressing his lips to the top of her head, Jellal inhaled her scent. 

Erza used to smell like blood and sweat when they were younger, but recently she had begun to smell sweeter. Like strawberries, or cake. Strawberry cake, he decided, trying to memorize the feeling of her pressed against his chest. He didn’t want to think about the fact that he wouldn’t be able to see her for who knew how long, he just wanted to feel. 

“Promise me.” She said, her voice muffled against his shirt. 

“Cross my heart and hope to die…”

Jellal bolted up panting. Sweat causing the fabric of his clothes to cling to his skin. 

“Jellal.” Meredy hissed, crawling into the tent to sit next to him. 

“It’s time to pack up.” Noticing the panicky tension he was giving off she asked. 

“You, okay?” 

Jellal nodded. 

“Let’s get going.”

The walk was long, and as the day drew on Angel’s jokes got worse. 

“So what do you call a parade of rabbits going backwards?”

The group groaned. 

“A receding hairline!” Another collective groan from the group. 

Rubbing his temples, Jellal cried out. 

“There it is!”

The rest followed his stare, they had reached the top of the hill and below them stood the town of Magnolia.

“It’s getting stronger…” Meredy said. 

Jellal nodded, he had felt it too, the strange magic power was definitely coming from Magnolia. 

“Hey Cobra you hear anything significant?” Angel asked, stretching out her legs from the long hike.

Cobra frowned. 

“Yeah, I hear ‘em.” 

“Who?” Racer asked. 

“Not sure,” he replied, shrugging. 

“But they’re screaming.”

The streets were dark as Jellal set off by himself towards the guild, Fairy Tail. They had decided to split in order to cover more ground, and to look less suspicious. 

Jellal had offered to head to the guild, no one had objected, knowing that any argument would be in vain. 

A cold sense of dread had begun to fill him, ever since they had reached sight of Magnolia, a feeling that urged Jellal to run towards the guild hall in a near panic state. 

Seeing the guild Jellal halted. The usual cheery chatter that could be heard from the building was lacking. There was pure and utter silence. 

Taking off in a sprint towards the building Jellal nearly rammed his body into the doors.

Looking inside he inhaled sharply. 

The guild hall was filled with bodies, running up to the closest one, Jellal turned it’s face up. he recognized it as Levy, the kind blue-haired mage. 

Her face was bloodied, her glassy eyes staring off into nothing. 

“Levy…?” He whispered choking back his tears. 

He set her down gently, closing her eyes with his fingers. Jellal stood up on his shaky legs, forcing them to carry him forwards. As he passed from body to body. 

Lucy, Gajeel, Gray, Juvia, Cana…Wendy. He looked down at the small girl, her body twisted in an uncomfortable position. He carefully tried to place her in a position that looked more peaceful, but failed. 

A sob vibrating through his chest Jellal desperately searched the dead for Erza. 

Where was she? 

Dragging his feet to the entrance Jellal sent out a desperate cry, in hopes that Cobra would be able to pick it up. 

Who had done this?

No sooner had the thought formed in his mind did Jellal notice a movement in the shadows up ahead. 

Jerking his head up, he ran as quiet as a cat towards the source. At the end of the deserted road stood a figure holding something in their arms. The figure turned around, facing Jellal, and time froze. 

It was Zeref, Jellal wasn’t sure how he knew, he simply felt it. Not only that but the thing Zeref held wasn’t a thing it was a her. A girl with beautiful scarlet red hair, limp as a doll. 

He fell to his knees. The world seemed to have stopped spinning. The words ‘no’ and ‘impossible’ swirled around his head. It felt as if his chest were being ripped into, he opened his mouth as if to scream but nothing came out.  

Erza, his Erza, lying dead in the arms of his enemy. 

Jellal had never felt so helpless in his life. Zeref seemed to have noticed Jellal crying on his knees, and shot him a smile. The gesture tore through jellal, cutting him deeply, the pain had him clutching at his heart. His entire existence screamed in agony, hot tears slipping from his eyes. This wasn’t happening, it wasn’t. Those were the only words his brain could utter as he slipped into the dark.

“I saw….Yes we’re bringing him now….alright see ya.” 

Jellal opened his eyes, Meredy’s face stood above him. He felt his body being lifted up, then start to sway as if they were moving forward. He groaned incoherently, earning Meredy’s attention. 

“Jellal?” she asked her eyes wide, filled with concern. 

“What happened?”

Pondering her question, the memories slammed into him like a tidal wave. He screamed, a scream of pure anguish and horror. Meredy’s eyes filled with tears. 


She extended her hand out towards him but it was too late, the darkness had already claimed him.

A knock on the door. Jellal stood up to go open it. It was Meredy, the girl stood in the doorway, eyes bloodshot, face tearstained. 

“Can I come in?” She asked softly, as if not to frighten him.

He paused, but then slowly nodded, stepping aside so that she could slip in. His entire guild kept looking at him as if he were made of glass, about to shatter at any given moment. 

Meredy’s eyes grew wide as she took in the state of his room. It was covered inch deep with all sorts of red objects. Fruits, ribbons, paint, flowers, fabrics, buttons, rocks, you name it. They were thrown around the room cluttered in piles and all over the bed. Meredy looked up at Jellal her eyes filled with the ever-present tears. 

“Nothing matches her colour…” He whispered, his voice cracking. 

“I can’t find the right shade…I-I can’t…” 

His voice was cut off by a violent sob, as he fell to the floor. Placing his head in his hands, Jellal began to cry. 

Meredy could here his heart breaking in his sobs. Her own eyes let fall tears, and she too crumpled to the floor next to him. Wrapping her arms around his shaking frame, Meredy tried her best to shield her friend from the pain.


Midnight cried, his eyes wide in horror. 

Jellal spat on the floor as he strolled up to face Zeref. 

“Jellal what are you doing?” He heard Meredy screech hysterically. 

“Zeref,” he said, ignoring the battles happening all around him.

The few Spriggans left were trying to keep Crime Sorciere from reaching their leader. 

“I’ve been looking for you.” 

He said, his voice dripping with hate. 

“Jellal, please!” He heard Meredy cry somewhere to his left. Jellal glared at Zeref, his anger bubbling up to the surface he ran towards the Dark mage. Yelling a fierce battle cry Jellal summoned all his power. This was it, he was gonna defeat Zeref, once and for all. As he got within arms reach of Zeref, the Dark-mage stepped aside dodging the attack with ease. The rage Jellal felt was overwhelming, he felt his cheeks begin to wet and knew he was crying. His emotions were taking over something that should never happen during a fight but Jellal couldn’t care less. 

He charged Zeref once more summoning even more magic power. Zeref dodged again, earning an outraged yell from Jellal. 

Planting his feet in the ground Jellal began to chant the words to one of his more powerful spells, Sema. Dark clouds swarmed around them, Zeref smiled, his white teeth nearly glowing in the dark. Pulling out his hands Zeref blasted a wave of energy at Jellal. The grass around the boy’s feet wilted, the air turned dry. Falling to his knees, Jellal coughed up blood. 

Zeref laughed, mocking the wizard. Jellal felt the will to fight leave his body. He thought of Erza’s ever smiling face, the way her eyes light up when she saw a slice of cake, the look of determination she got when fought. Smiling  he lifted his eye’s up to Zeref he whispered softly; 

“Erza, I’m sorry…I wasn’t able to fulfill my p-promise…” 

Then addressing Zeref with a sad smile, he raised his voice. 

“I have sinned, now let me die.” Zeref nodded gleefully, his smile turning devilish.

As his soul left his body Jellal heard the cries of his comrades, urging him to stay.

Ezra opened her eyes. She lay in a small tavern, Bisca at her side. 

“What happened?” She asked voice hoarse.

Bisca burst into tears.

Ezra felt a sharp pain in her chest and winced. A deep male voice sang in her head. 

“Cross my heart and hope to die…”


Happy angst week! Hope that made you feel some feels. It was a bit rushed (and i had no idea what I was doing) I apologize for killing everyone…

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