desert twister


So the artist Noah Bradley decided to have a little fun with the new art for Desert Twister, available in the Commander 2014 product. As you can see he hid a shark within the twister….or sharknado if you will. 

What do you guys think of artist hiding these little easter eggs? I personally love it, feel free to post about any other hidden easter eggs in other magic art in the notes. 

casiocore  asked:

What do you think of Susan van Camp? Many people consider her to be one of the worst card artists, but I like her cheesy and kitschy style. My favourites are Gift of the Woods, Hymn to Tourach, Veldrane of Sengir and Elvish (Ancient Runes as a honourable mention).

Finally, I decent question in my inbox.

Desert Twister || Susan Van Camp

Susan Van Camp’s name comes up a lot when people discuss Magic art from “the days of old”. And more often than not, they’ll bring up examples like the ones you mentioned. However, I think most casual critics have a tendency to focus on the not-so-successful pieces, or ones that (when viewed with our modern-day Magic eyes) seem to feel out of place. Most people haven’t taken the time to really look at Susan’s entire body of Magic work.

Sea Sprite || Susan Van Camp

Regardless of style or composition, I’m of the opinion that art should always be criticized within its proper context. Magic as a whole had barely come out of infancy when Susan began doing art for the game (around 1994). Her style had already been established outside of Magic, whereas the game’s artistic direction had not. Even so, we still see pieces within her body of work that are distinctly “Magic”.

Swamp || Susan Van Camp

Personally, I think every artist who has done work for Magic has brought something unique. That’s why I love the art in this game. There’s always something new to discover.