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It’s National Parks Week, here’s a view from just outside Bryce Canyon, Utah


#sixsquared in the USA captured by Raz Krog.

[Mercedes-AMG GT S | Combined fuel consumption 9.6-9.4 l/100km | Combined CO₂ emissions 224-219 g/km]

Desert Courier

Fields of Eleria sports a gear system for heroes, and not just armor and weapons but also trinkets and items which you can use to leverage victory from your opponents. When you’re out in the field you can keep your heroes sieging the enemy towers and have your courier ferry gear from your core base out to them.

Be careful though! While your courier can bring necessary equipments and items to your troops it also has a smaller health pool, making it a valuable target to take down. And if it goes, so do all the cards it was carrying.


Explorer and adventurer takes you on a dream trip traversing Morocco’s Atlas Mountains by van and by bicycle, with shots from land and above on the trails and roads


In august 2016, we went to Argentina to explore two parts of the country: the north part, Salta’s region and its incredible desertic landscapes, and the south part, El Calafate, its glaciers, and beautiful mountains.
Entirely filmed on sony A7SI, little tripod, 3 lenses (24-70, 14mm, 70-300), and goprohero3+black for a few shots (hyperlapses car shot on roads).
Music from premiumBeat

The editing on this one is pretty neat too.

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Skydiver Jumping with No Parachute.