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it’s 2017 and I’m still crying about Gaara   

(screencap redraw from blessed shippuden 497)

Secret Desires (M)

=> Park Jimin. Hushed lips. Unsuspecting eyes.

Warnings: Strong sexual content. Public Sex. This is really filthy okay.

Words: 2, 919.

a/n: Basically you and Jimin have sex in a movie theater. This ruined me.

“Jimin, I’m not sure about this..”

With a wary gaze from the deserted back row of the medium sized theater, you looked upon the other twelve people occupying once empty chairs. The closest to you was a couple sitting three rows in front, directly in the middle and not much older than you and your very persistent boyfriend.

“They can’t see us, as long as you keep your pretty mouth shut for me.”

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The World is so Small

Summary: It was a normal Sunday, except for the lack of food in the fridge. That’s why Stiles and Noah decided to go to the supermarket to get some milk. But the world is very small and coincidence are funny, because the moment Stiles grab the milk, he met someone who was about to change their life for the best. You, his mother double. It’s at that same moment that the beginning of a beautiful love story begins between the sheriff and the beautiful woman, in the middle of the supermarket.

Requested? Yes, by @fandomnationwhore

Word count: 2612

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this request because for the first time there’s no drama. A good ending and happiness that both Stiles and his father deserve. I hope you like it, because I really enjoyed writing it!

Y/F/N = Your Full Name

None of the gifs are mine!

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“Stiles, can you go get the milk?” The sheriff asked his son while consulting the list of items he had to buy, his eyes browsing the sheet under his reading glasses. The two men were in the row of personal products and in order to be more productive had created this simple yet effective tactic of separating and fetching the missing food. It saved time and allowed you to finish more quickly.

“Yup dad, be right back!” His son answered with a smile before leaping towards the milk row. The supermarket was almost empty that day, on a Sunday morning where the sheriff, wanting to make breakfast for Stiles, had noticed that the refrigerator was empty and that the toilet paper had mysteriously disappeared. So the Stilinski had dressed and decided that Sunday would be shopping day.

Stiles was on his way to the row where the milk was. It was near the cash register, in front of the frozen food. He walked down the aisle looking at both sides until his honey-brown eyes landed on what he was looking for. His feet immediately turned to the white box and as his hand landed on it, another hand entered his field of vision to land on the same item. Their skins brushed against each other and Stiles pulled out his hand when he felt a light electric shock run through him and chills ran up his back. He had a feeling of déjà vu, as if he had already experienced this moment. As if at that moment, his life was going to change. He didn’t know how to describe the sensation.

“Sorry,” he mumbled back and lifted his head toward the person. When he saw her, in front of him, identical, her brown hair, her eyes of the same color as his, the same smile, Stiles felt his world turn upside down. His breathing remained locked in his throat and his hands began to shake in spite of himself. His eyes couldn’t leave her. His memories of her were far, but he was persuaded of it, she was there.

But at the same time it was impossible. Stiles knew his mother had died years ago, he was only 8 years old at the time. She died of fronto-temporal dementia.

But then who was this woman in front of him who was her perfect double? Who was this woman who looked at him with anxiety, who stretched out her hand to him and asked if everything was okay? She looked like her so much, she had the same voice and the same smell. The shock of seeing her again, or seeing her look-alike no matter who she was, made Stiles feel weird. He felt a panic attack coming. He stepped back into the row, feeling the floor pitch and his ears buzzing. He still couldn’t breathe.

“ Is everything fine? Hey, is everything okay? ”

Her voice, so similar he wanted to cry, it had to be a dream. His mother was there in front of him and all he could do was panic. He had to calm down, talk to her, not let her go.

But all that Stiles wanted to do there, in the middle of the deserted row, was to huddle in her arms and cry. His need for comfort and maternal presence had to be very strong, because Claudia’s double crossed the distance between them and took him in her arms. She also felt a bond with this boy, an immense need to protect him at all costs. She didn’t know why, she didn’t even know him! But she had to protect him. Comfort this boy. So she decided to take him in her arms and gently rub his back in an attempt to calm him down, as if she had done that all her life. And it was how Sheriff Stilinski found his son.

Noah found that Stiles was taking too much time to come back so he took what was missing in the row where he was to quickly walk to the milk row. As soon as he saw his son on the ground in the arms of a stranger, he knew he had a panic attack. He hadn’t had one for a long time and he must have seen something really important to be in that state. The sheriff dropped his grocery cart and ran to him shouting his name.

“Stiles!” Noah said while rushing to them. Stiles raised his head to his father, tears in his face and wheezing.

"Are you his father?” The woman said. Noah froze with his son now in his arms. That voice he would have recognized anywhere. It had been years since he had the chance and the happiness to hear it, so he remained frozen, his eyes wide open. His eyes met the woman’s and he saw the same surprise in her pupils.

“Claudia …?”

The woman looked at him without understanding. No, it wasn’t his deceased wife, but now he understood the reason for his son’s panic attack.

“We know each other?” She asked. She had this presentiment, her heart had begun to beat as soon as she had seen the boy’s father. She didn’t know what she was feeling. But she knew one thing, she didn’t want to leave them. At the bottom of her heart she knew that her place was with them, that she had a role to play in their lives.

"N-no …” Noah answered by not leaving her eyes. Stiles’ breathing finally calmed down and he felt guilty of giving in to panic in front of a witness. Especially in front of the look-alike of his mother. He wiped his tears and motioned to his father that he was able to walk. Noah helped his son standing up without leaving the woman’s eyes.

“I’m better,” Stiles whispered, wiping his nose.

“You mustn’t be ashamed, Stiles,” the woman said in a very soft voice, gently caressing his arm.

“You … know my name? ”

“Your father shouted it when he saw you …” She answered with a sincere smile that made the two men lose their breath. “My name is Y / N,” she added, stretching out her hand.

The sheriff took several seconds to assimilate the information and responded by automatism.

“Noah,” he stammered, shaking Y / N’s hand.

Despite the slight discomfort, the three people decided to continue shopping together. Y / N often asked Stiles if everything was okay, to which he replied in the affirmative with a little nostalgic joy. As they separated, Y / N turned to them.

“I know it’s going to sound strange, but …” She took a paper out of her satchel and noted something on it before handing it to Noah. “I feel like we have to see each other again,” she finished with a smile.

She had given them her phone number.

A week passed, in which Noah and Stiles spoke a lot of Y / N with all sorts of assumptions and finally came to a conclusion.

She was the reincarnation of Claudia.

Noah hesitated a long time before calling the number. He knew it wasn’t his wife, but he felt a strong connection with her. The day he decided to call her, he was on patrol. In the police car, he roamed the streets to catch drivers. Besides, someone had just burned a red light. Noah sighed, wishing that his day would soon finish so that he could go home and call her.

However, when he returned home, it was to remark that Stiles had been faster than him. In the sitting-room, sitting comfortably in conversation with her son, Y / N was already there. Seeing him coming in, she stood up feeling her heart beat strongly in her chest and smiled at him.

“Good evening?” She tried. “Stiles called me, and uhm…”

“I invited her to eat,” Stiles finished in her place, winking at his father who sighed before going to change to put on more proper clothes.

The diner went very well. Even too well, it was like a remake to the good old days of family diners. Everyone had a smile on their faces, everyone laughed. Everyone felt an old happiness resurface, even Y / N who hadn’t felt so well in a long time. They said goodbye and soon they saw each other again.

It became even a habit. Sunday shopping became Sunday dinner with Y / N. She and Noah became closer and closer, under the joyous glance of Stiles, who finally had the pleasure of seeing his father happy and he hoped that it would be like that forever.

One normal school day, Stiles woke up with a headache. He didn’t know where it came from, but he wasn’t feeling well. His body had uncontrollable shakings and his throat burned. But he still wanted to go to class, because he had to take an important exam. So he went to school where even Scott asked him if he was okay while touching his forehead.

“You’re in pain,” his best friend said to him and immediately after answering he had the super shape, Stiles fell to the ground.

The school immediately contacted his father to pick him up at school, but his deputy answered in his place by saying that the sheriff had left a few hours ago but had left a number in case of an emergency. The school contacted immediately afterwards.

As soon as she took the call, Y / N left everything behind her to rush to the school to fetch Stiles who, according to the nurse, had caught cold and needed a lot of rest. Y / N entered the school, looked for a moment before finding the infirmary, where Stiles was sleeping in bed. She sighed.

“I’m Y / N, I’ll take him home,” she said to the nurse who nodded. With the help of Stiles’ friend who had introduced himself as Scott and kept looking at her oddly, Y / N managed to put Stiles in her car and went up in her turn. As she was buckling Stiles’ seat belt, the latter muttered in his sleep and placed his hand on Y / N’s while slowly opening his eyes and smiling.

“Thank you mom …” He whispered before falling asleep again.

Stiles didn’t know, but these simple words had succeeded in making her very happy and she hoped that one day she would be called that officially. Y / N smiles while starting the car.

The months went by that way. Noah and Y / N became very close and the day the sheriff announced to his son that he was officially forming a couple with Y / N was the most beautiful day of his life. And the one when she moved with them was even better. But the best day was when Noah Stilinski asked in marriage the woman he had fallen in love with at the supermarket.

Stiles was very excited. Everything was going so well in his life, he wanted to cry. When he talked about it to the pack, all his friends could only be happy for him. And when his father asked him to be the best man, he couldn’t hold back the tears of joys that ran down his cheeks and took his father in his arms.

“All that just because we had no more milk on a Sunday morning …” Stiles muttered between two sobs.

His father laughed gently as he stroked his back. “Our lives have become better, thanks to Y / N. I love her so much. ”

“I love her too,” Stiles smiled in his tears, huddling his face against his father’s shirt, which bore his reassuring smell.

The marriage took place a few weeks later. It was really beautiful. Stiles invited all his friends and their families and the sheriff asked his colleagues to attend the wedding. So everyone was gathered in the little church to watch the beautiful moment that each of them lived. Stiles was at the front, near his father and the priest and held the rings in his hands, tapping nervously. He didn’t have a big job, but for him it was extremely stressful. He made sure every 10 seconds that the rings were beautiful and still in the case. His father finally sighed, turning to him to tell him to relax when the music began. It wasn’t the traditional wedding music, no, it was a song that Y / N had chosen herself.

Canon in D, by Pachelbel, played violin. The melody was beautiful, slow and touching. Then the doors of the church opened and the bride made her entrance to the rhythm of the melody. All the guests then rose.

Y / N was simply gorgeous in her white dress. A breathtaking beauty that made everyone breathless, true light, an angel. Stiles forgot his nervousness and stood straight until she reached the front of the church and all the guests sat down so that the priest could begin to speak.

“If we have gathered in this place, it’s to unite this man and this woman by the sacred bonds of marriage. Marriage presupposes that the spouses commit themselves to each other without being forced by any one, promise themselves fidelity for all their lives and accept the responsibility of spouses and parents. Is that how you hear it? ”

“ Yes. ”

The priest then turned to Stiles, who quickly wiped a tear that rolled down his cheek.

“Do you agree to be the witness of this union? ”

“Yes, I accept it. ”

“If anyone wants to oppose this union, let him say it now or stay silent forever. ”

The whole assembly remained silent, except the sobs of a person weeping with tears in the room. Stiles looked up and scrutinized all the guests and finally looked up at Malia, who was crying in the arms of a Lydia who didn’t know what to do.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered in her tears.

“Hm. Noah Stilinski, do you want to take Y / F / N as your wife, love her, cherish her, in wealth as in poverty, in happiness as in adversity and until death separates you ?”

Stiles handed one of the rings to his father, smiling, eyes full of water. Noah took the ring and rested his gaze on the magnificent woman who made his heart beat.

“I want it. ”

And he put the ring on her finger.

“Y / F / N, will you take Noah Stilinski as your spouse, love him, cherish him, in wealth as in poverty, in happiness as in adversity and until death separates you? ”

Stiles gave the second alliance to Y / N.

“ I want it. ”

And she passed the ring on his finger.

“I declare you united in the eyes of all by the sacred bonds of marriage. You can kiss the bride. ”

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Noah lost no time, grabbed his new wife and laid his mouth against hers with the thunder of applause from the assembly, which rose from their seats.

“I love you …” He whispered against her mouth, placing his forehead against hers.

“I love you …” She answered by closing her eyes, savoring the beautiful moment.

“Don’t forget me!” A voice said and Noah grabbed his son by the jacket to approach him to make a family hug.

"Oh darn. Sorry to cut the mood, but I forgot to say it this morning,” Stiles began by clasping his hands over his mouth.

“What?” The newlyweds said in union.

"We have no more milk!”

On the eighth day of Christmas

spacey gave to @queenlionsnake: 745 words of Rexsoka (continuation of this)

60. “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

Ahsoka fought hard for the 501st to be allowed dwell time on Coruscant while Commander Rex recovered from the last battle. It certainly gave others who had been injured time to heal as well, but none of them were as instrumental to her leadership as Rex. Anakin had agreed with her—via holo because he was currently jetting about the galaxy on supposed higher orders, which were most likely his own—and the council begrudgingly acquiesced.

But the war didn’t slow down in the meantime and Ahsoka couldn’t decline when orders finally fell on them to assist the occupation of Mandalore. Up-and-coming soldiers like Appo and Jesse shared the burden of Commander as the fleet prepared to depart.

The day before deployment, Ahsoka uploaded the supply inventory to her datapad in her flagship cabin when her door slid open for Rex to enter, helmet tucked under one arm.

“You’re harder to track down than General Skywalker, sir,” he said. Ahsoka dropped the pad on her cluttered desk, eyes wide and breath caught. She approached him haltingly, as if he was too good to be true. But pressing her hands to his armor assured her he was real.

Her breath came out in a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t know you were back to duty already!”

Rex’s hand wavered in midair and Ahsoka’s eye markings flattened.

“You were cleared for operations again, weren’t you?”

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desert song or desolation row?

desert song because it is one of my most fav mcr songs but desolation row is great and deserves much appreciation

let’s play a game!!! send me two mcr songs and i’ll tell you which i like better and why!

Fight music

On today’s Doctor Who the Romans and Picts fought the wolves who wanted to eat all the suns. That’s wrong mythology for either of them.

Meanwhile Nardole does Arthur Dent cosplay and insults Scotland. Right in front of Peter Capaldi. But the truth is they only defeated the beast because it was lacking in light.

And Twelve has lived in Roman Empire for a long while. Like that guy whose face he wears. Maybe bump into River sometime.

And Bill was learning about Romans view on sexuality and teaching them what being brave really meant. For second week in row the deserters save the day.


Motown Turns Grow-town: Urban Agriculture in Detroit

By Deeva Green

If there’s one thing Detroit has plenty of, it’s empty lots and empty buildings. Once a city of nearly two million people, Detroit’s population now stands at around 700,000. Large swathes of the city are sparsely populated, their landscapes marked by industrial ruins. Despite the growing appeal of Detroit to the young, creative class, the city remains best known to most as America’s most photogenic ghost town.

But, as I recently discovered on a brief trip to Detroit, it may in fact be Detroit’s emptiness that holds the greatest promise for the city’s future.


It was late on a Friday when I checked into my downtown hotel. The hotel was nearly full thanks to several weddings taking place there that weekend, but the neighboring streets were largely empty of people: a few convenience stores with flashing lights were the only signs of life in the immediate surroundings. I didn’t know what to expect come daytime.

On Saturday morning, I peeled back my curtains to see the Detroit River and, arching over it, the Ambassador Bridge leading to Canada. Looking down at the streets just below below, my eyes alighted on something unexpected: a patch of green. From eighteen stories up, I couldn’t make out much detail, but neatly planted rows told me I’d chanced upon my first urban farm. I later learned that this was Lafayette Greens, a tiny farm of less than half an acre established in the wake of the demolition of a landmark building that had once stood in its place. More an urban design project than a working farm, Lafayette Greens nevertheless seemed an auspicious omen for the day’s agricultural explorations.

Later that morning, I set out in my rental car for Detroit’s North End district with plans to see an urban farm. I drove through residential neighborhoods, some streets still lined with large, impressive houses, but many of them seemed empty: windows broken, porches collapsed, roofs caved in.  Then, incongruously, an enormous piece of street art: one entire side of an eight-story building covered in long streaks of brilliant pink and blue, a drip painting the size of an Olympic size swimming pool. My destination was just around the corner.

Behind a decrepit house—one whole side of the house was missing, as if it had been ripped off in a tornado—I glimpsed the farm, on oasis of green brilliant enough to seem like a mirage set against the drab urban desert that surrounded it. Row after row of vegetables and fruits sprung from rich, dark soil; bright orange marigolds guarded the ends of each row, warding off pests without the need for pesticides.

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative—MUFI—was founded in 2011 by then-University of Michigan students, Tyson Gersh and Darin McLeskey. The farm functions as a non-profit organization that, according to its mission statement, “seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture.” The organization targets issues related to vacant land, unemployment, access to nutritious food and fresh produce. Education is at the heart of MUFI’s values, aiming to re-connect people to the source of the food they consume, meanwhile educating people on concepts like food miles, nutrition and local food production.

Now run by Gersh, and several other full-time volunteers, the farm welcomes part-time volunteers every week to help run the farm, attend to the compost, weed, till the soil, and more. In order to ensure zero waste, produce is picked to order rather than pre-picked and packaged. Customers place their orders with the volunteers, who then harvest the orders straight from the plants. MUFI currently plants kale, chard, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, several types squash and lettuce, a variety of herbs, and much more. When it’s time to checkout, customers pay only what they can afford for the produce. Non-profits like MUFI may not in and of themselves bring the city of Detroit the financial solvency it desperately needs, but they respond to the equally pressing need among many of the city’s residents for accessible, nutritious, locally grown food.


Buzzed on my visit to MUFI, I got back in my car and headed to Artesian Farms in Brightmoor, a mostly industrial neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. The streets were lined with semi-trucks and warehouses.

Jeff Adams, founder of Artesian Farms, used to sell technologies to the automobile industry before he made a perspective-altering mission trip to Brazil. “It was an eye-opening experience for me,” said Jeff. “But on returning, I looked at my wife and said, ‘how could we travel all the way to Brazil to help people when there are people right in our neighborhood who need the help just as much?’”

So, with the aim of creating jobs and providing highly nutritious produce year-round, Adams decided to build a vertical hydroponic farm not far from where he lived in Detroit. First, he bought a blighted building; next, he licensed hydroponic growing technology from Green Spirit Farms, a leader in the field. Last summer, he planted his first crops—a colorful mesclun called “Motown Mix,” a fragrant, large-leaf variety of basil, spinach and Blue Scotch kale—all cultivated using organic practices. Adams currently supplies to several local restaurants, including Republic and the Henry Ford Museum; several other partnerships are in the pipeline. Detroit’s Whole Foods will begin carrying his products in October.

Aesthetically speaking, Artesian Farms holds little of MUFI’s charm, situated as it is in a windowless warehouse, completely cut off from the summer’s sun. But what the farm lacks in looks it makes up for with efficiency and pragmatism. As Adams spoke, the benefits of hydroponic, vertical farming in a climate with a short growing season—particularly during a time when our country’s most productive agricultural zone continues to suffer a devastating drought—became increasingly clear. On less than 1500 square feet, Adams can harvest about 1200 pounds of vegetables every 21 days: that’s 17 times per year, instead of two or three harvests for conventional Michigan farmers. In his carefully controlled indoor setting, Jeff has no need for pesticides (other than the aphid-eating ladybugs he occasionally releases into the growing room) or fertilizers. He uses only natural compounds and Detroit city water in the nutrient solution. And, because the hydroponic technology allows him to reuse most of his water, Adams uses 90% less of it than conventional agriculture in Michigan.

At the end of our meeting, Adams went into the growing room to pick some fresh greens for me to take home, greens that would be more nutritious—he promised me—than any others I’d had. Soil-grown produce, Adams explained, is often stressed by climate variations, full-spectrum light and changing nutrient levels in the soil, which deplete the produce of energy, leaving less nutrients in the plant. Likewise, plants that are reliant on the sun’s light must filter out all but the red and blue light from the spectrum; only red and blue help the plant grow. Since hydroponically-grown plants are fed only those compounds they require in the nutrient solution (and nothing more), and because they receive only red and blue light via LEDs, the plants store more energy. This translates to more nutrients in your food. At a minimum, I can attest to a noticeable difference in taste: the kale I came home with was bouncy, with a bright, springy flavor; the basil was sweet, fragrant, and almost crunchy. I couldn’t imagine a restaurant or grocery that wouldn’t be excited to buy from Artesian, and I told Adams as much. Right now though, he’s growing in only one quarter of the building, but he’s planning to expand to fill the rest of the space by next spring.

We hear a lot these days about skyscrapers filled with hydroponic farms, and certainly such structures will play an important role in the production of food in the metropolises of the future. But in Detroit, there is no need to go up, no need to build at all: the space is there, and so are the empty buildings. There’s a long way to go until Detroit’s promise is fulfilled, but the seeds have been planted.

Author’s Note: Lafayette Greens, MUFI and Artesian Farms represent only a fraction of the Detroit’s urban agricultural scene. Other exciting urban agriculture projects include Hantz Farms, Occupy Yourselves Agricultural Academy, Rising Pheasant Farms, among many others.


Smeargle subspecies/variations, including their Shiny forms!

While Smeargle is my alltime favourite Pokemon (it’s an adorable puppy that paints, how can I not love it!?), I can’t draw it in its Pokémon style, so I drew it in the style I normally draw it in. I do prefer a more dog-look to it as well, because it’s supposed to be a dog. Also, I follow the anime’s canon when it comes to Smeargle’s paint, meaning here, Smeargle can normally change their paint colour.

To put it simply, rows 1 - 3 are fur/pattern variations, rows 4 - 6 are climate variations, and rows 7 - 9 are paint variations.

1st row: Standard. Can have any paint colours. Their pawprints are placed on their upper back. They’re usually found in urban areas. The most common Smeargle. Arctic, Desert, Albino and Melanin can be found with this pattern.

2nd row: Brown. Can have any paint colours. Their pawprints are placed on their upper back. They’re usually found in urban areas and forrests. They’re less common than Standard ones, but can easily be found in the outskirts of cities. Arctic, Desert, Albino and Melanin can be found with this pattern.

3rd row: Spotted. Can have any paint colours, but prefer green. Their pawprints are placed on their lower back, as their upper back is usually spotted. They’re usually found in forrests. They’re less common than Standard ones, but can easily be found in forrests. Arctic, Desert, Albino and Melanin can be found with this pattern.

4th row: Hooded. Can have any paint colours, but prefer red and orange. Their fur is thick to prevent it from freezing. Their pawprints are placed on their hip, as the fur on their back is long and thick. They’re usually found in mountains and colder climates. They’re less common than Standard ones, but can be found in mountains. Arctic, Desert, Albino and Melanin can be found with this pattern.

5th row: Arctic. Can only have “cold” paint colours, like blue or gray. Their fur is very thick and fluffy, allowing them to survive cold climates and even blizzards. Their pawprints are placed on their hip, as the fur on their back is long and thick. They’re uncommon and hard to find, but can occasionally be found in colder climates, high up in the mountains, and caves. They’re best suited for trainers who live or travel in cold regions.

6th row: Desert. Can only have “warm” paint colours, like red and yellow. Their fur is very short to prevent it from getting too hot. Their pawprints are placed on their upper back. They’re uncommon and hard to find, but can occasionally found in deserts, hot climates, and near beaches. They’re best suited for trainers who live or travel in warm regions.

7th row: Ink. Can only have black and gray paint colours. Their paint is actually ink, and this is the oldest variation of Smeargle known. While thought to have invidual patterns on their fur, only their ears, collars, eyes and feet are actually black; the rest of their “pattern” is dried ink smudges. Their pawprints are placed on their upper back. They’re extremely rare as they’re going extinct, and can no longer be found in the wild. However, breeders are trying to save them.

8th row: Nocturnal. Can only have glow-in-the-dark paint. These are the only Smeargle that exsist partly thanks to humans. When humans first found Smeargle many decades ago, they wanted to take advantage of their natural instinct to mark their territory and surroundings in order to map out regions, thus starting to train them. Many years later, someone thought it would be helpful to trainers to have one that could mark their way at night, and experimented on giving Smeargle glow-in-the-dark paint. The experiment was successful, and the Pokémon was quickly bred and even released in the wild, where they evolved further. Their fur is thick to prevent it from freezing at night. They don’t have pawprints as the only paint the have glow at night, and it’s harder to hide if they glow. Their pupils are slit and they are only awake at night. They’re rare, but can be found in forrests and caves.

9th row A: Albino. Can only have very light paint colours, due to their hypopigmentation. They have pawprints from everyone in their pack, as they love using themselves as canvases. Their packs are normally consisting of Albino and Melanin, but some are born with normal pigmentation. They’re rare, but can occasionally by found in outskirts of cities and outskirts of forrests.

9th row B: Melanin: Can only have very dark paint colours, due to their hyperpigmentation. They have pawprints from everyone in their pack, as they love using themselves as canvases. Their packs are normally consisting of Albino and Melanin, but some are born with normal pigmentation. They’re rare, but can occasionally by found in outskirts of cities and outskirts of forrests. They were originally thought to have been a Shiny form of the Albino, but it was soon discovered that they were simply the opposite. Shiny forms of these two do not exsist, due to their pigmentation.

Beautiful Distraction

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chapter o3.  The Role

“Can I get this color?” you asked the hairstylist while pointing at a milktea brown sample hair from a booklet. 

“Sure!” the hair stylist cheerfully agreed. 

You’ve never dyed your hair in your entire life…or so what people would say – you had virgin hair.  It was black and smooth, running along your neck to the tip of your hip.  It was your signature hairstyle where girls used to rave about it, your science teacher used to measure it as a class lesson, and the hairdo just eluded innocence and authenticity.  But you didn’t want it anymore; you wanted to change. 

After about an hour’s wait, the hairstylist spun you around so you could finally see your new look.  Your jet-black hair was now a light brown and the length…hit just above your shoulder.  The wavy texture framed your small face perfectly. 

“Do you like it?” the lady asked.

“I love it!” you exclaimed. 

When you got home, you couldn’t stop staring at your own reflection in the mirror.  But Tao wasn’t home yet so you busied yourself in the kitchen to cook him a meal for when he returns. 

Less than an hour later, as you were stir-frying some sweet pepper, keys jiggled and the front door opened.  But you continued on your culinary assignment for he returned earlier than you expected.  From the corner of your eyes, you caught the handsome tall gentleman trot into the kitchen and do a double take before slipping his arms around your waist from behind. 

“Well, well…someone looks different today…” Tao teased.

“Do you like it?” you turned around and asked.

He leaned in to give you a peck and ruffle your hair, “I love it!” 

“I knew you’d like it…” you spoke, feigning a smile.  Because for you, I’ll change into anything you want.    

But Tao was oblivious to the toxic thoughts that ran through your mind or the fact the you were slowly tearing parts of yourself to morph into someone else, someone he longed for and loved. 


So you dug through his old pictures, studying and scrutinizing his former girlfriend’s poses, styles, looks, and characteristics so you could better portray her in front of your boyfriend.  At the clothes store, you gathered and bought a bunch of vintage clothes for they were Annie’s style.  So you ditched your sporty hoodies and jogger pants to opt for pretty blouses and A-line skirts. 

Dressed in a light salmon pink button down shirt that stopped right above your thin waist and a matching mint green A-line skirt, you skipped along the street and spun around in circles gleefully.

You caught the confused look on Tao’s face when he first saw you but brushed it aside when he quickly replaced it with a wide grin.

“Wow.  You’re so pretty today!” he complimented, slipping his arm around your bare waist.

“Do you like it?” you asked, looking up at his eyes with hope and anticipation.

“I love it!” he replied, leaning in to peck you on the cheek.

As you two turned onto a quieter street, you walked along the curb of the sidewalk as if you were on a balance beam.  Beside you, Tao stepped down onto the empty road so that both your height would average out more.  He held your hand tightly incase you fell over and you almost did a few times for you were never used to walking in heels.  At the end of the street, he picked you up by the waist to lift you onto the road with him.  You giggled as his warm hands tickled your skin.  He bent over and placed his forehead against yours.

“I love you,” he said before kissing you.    

“I know you do…” you said.  I know you love Annie.  With tears brimming on your lashes, you kissed him back. 

Tao suggested for you two to go for a Drive In Movie Theater since you were in a vintage inspired attire.  You gladly agreed but at the theater you discovered yourself watching Tao’s reactions more than the movie itself.  It was raining outside so the windows were rolled completely up making you feel as though the world was only populated by your lover and you – or at least you wanted a world where it was only you two. 

“I love you,” you whispered but Tao was too focused in the movie to hear. 

When you two drove home, it was thundering and raining heavily, to the point where you could barely see a foot in front of you.  The windshield wipers squeaked while they desperately attempted to clean the path in front of you.  Tao turned over and squeezed your hand, misinterpreting your intense stare as an act of fear due to the scary weather.  You shook your head to notify him that you were fine. 

In the end, Tao pulled over in front of his house since it was closer than yours.  As soon as you got out, the rain had soaked your pretty new outfit from head to toe.  Your boyfriend quickly took off his leather jacket and held it over your head.  By the time you were at the front door, both of you were completely drenched. 

You stood outside his apartment awkwardly, scared that you would ruin his carpet if you entered but Tao pulled you in.  He scurried to the bathroom and returned with a towel.  Throwing it over your head, he toweled dried your hair while mumbling something about being scared that you’d get sick. 

“You’re wet too,” you informed but he brushed it off. 

“Hold on,” he said before running over to his room.

In an instant, he was back with a t-shirt and some jogger pants.

“Put these on,” he instructed before throwing his wet shirt over his head. 

However, instead of changing into the set of clothes that sat in your hands, you dropped them to the floor and walked over to the half-naked Tao.  Droplets dripped from your temples, down your neck, to your slim waist, thighs, and finally onto the floor.  You wrapped your arms around Tao’s bare hips. 

“Do you want to shower together?” you asked, burying your face into his back. 

His muscles tensed up so you loosened your grip thinking it meant no.  But he held tightly onto your hands.

“Sure,” he replied.

Throwing on a smile, you tugged him into the restroom. 

In bed that night, despite your boyfriend hugging your small body tightly against him, you surrendered to the tempting calls of insomnia. 



Two days later, with your hair straightened and dressed in a cute yellow sundress, Tao and you went out on a date to make up for the previous one that ended up turning for the worse due to the angered weather gods.  Strolling down the street, hand in hand, Tao playfully blew in your ears a few times, causing you to squirm around.  When you tried to run away, he wrapped his arms around your waist before throwing you over his shoulder.  You kicked around giggling like some teenage girl with her first love.  I love you.  And I will do anything you want as long as it makes you happy. 

In front of the café, your boyfriend gently placed you down.  With your arms still wrapped around his neck, you tiptoed and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  But as you separated, he lifted you off your feet to deepen the kiss.  You melted into his chest.  Little smears of your red lipstick blotted over Tao’s lower lip so you dug in your purse for a tissue to clean it up for him.  As you do he stared into your eyes with that mesmerizing gaze that always had the ability to make you lower your guard.  With his arms hugging your waist, he bent over to kiss you again, his lips now coated in a new layer of your lipstick.  Frowning, you took the tissue and cleaned his lip off again but he kissed you again. 

“Zitao…” you called, raising your hand to wipe off the red color.

Grinning like a fool, he leaned in again.  This time you turned around but he turned his head sideways and skillfully planted his lips on yours.  You froze in place, gazing with soulless eyes onto the ground in front of you.  Tao continued to give you a succession of butterfly kisses.  With every kiss, you felt your heart drop a little.  If only the person you loved was _______ and not Annie.  If only these silly kisses were meant for me…for the true me.  But it’s okay even if it’s not, because as long as you are happy, I’ll be happy too.  So you held him by the back of his neck and kissed him back, ignoring the raw feeling within your heart that told you that you were still just a distraction.  

“Ahem…” a female’s voice sounded.

Tao and you separated from the kiss to turn around and see a young mother and a little boy coming out of the bakery.  That’s when you noticed; you two were standing right in front and blocking the exit. 

“Sorry,” you apologized, stepping over to the side, your arms still strapped around your boyfriend’s neck. 

The older female shook her head disapprovingly but left.  As soon as she does, Tao smacked his lips onto yours again, transferring the lip color from you to him.  They tasted like strawberry jam mixed with wax but neither of you cared. 

“Zitao…” you called out between a kiss.  Your breathing was slow and labored. 

“I love you,” he simply responded. 

“I love you too,” you heard your voice answer back. 

After wiping away the red stains on your boyfriend’s face, you two walked hand in hand into the café.  It was actually your 100th day celebration (not counting the days you two were exclusively in a sexual relationship).  Bending over, you observed the many cakes on the display shelves.  There were vanilla cakes, cheesecakes, chocolates cakes, red velvet cakes, carrot cakes, and even M&M cakes. 

“Zitao…which one should we get?” you asked, not taking your eyes away from the rows and rows of deserts. 

“Whichever you want, Babe,” he responded.

You turned to give him a deadpanned expression.

“You always do that,” you quipped.

“Do what?” he asked, bending over as well to divulge in the food porn. 

“I want you to choose,” you said, tugging his arm. 

“Um…but I’ll like it as long as you like it,” your boyfriend replied, causing you to look at him with a sad smile. 

So he surrendered and took a seriously look through the rows of cakes. 

“Uh, that one,” he said pointing at a heart shaped red velvet cake.  So romantic.  You nodded and walked up to the server to order. 

“Would you two like any specialization on the cake?” the lady asked.

You turned to Tao with twinkling eyes and a shy smile. 

He nodded and suggested, “Let’s have our names on them”.

“Sure, we can do that.  And what are you names?” the lady spoke.

“T-A-O, Tao and A-N-N-I-E, Annie,” you replied excitedly.

Tao whipped his head to look at you with furrowed eyebrows.  You turned to him confused as to why he was looking at you that way.  He hovered over you with an expression of mixed confusion and worry.  When you did not react, he turned to the lady and called her back.

“Sorry, she actually meant Tao and ________,” he corrected. 

You gasped, realizing you had unknowingly identified yourself as the character you were portraying, in front of Tao.  The lady walked back to the counter and looked at you two puzzled as to how in the world a girl could get her own name wrong.  You hung your head in shame, avoiding both her and Tao’s intense stare. 

“Uh…why don’t you write it down for me…” the lady suggested, sliding a notepad and pen over. 

You reached out for it but Tao took it instead so you dropped your hands to your side.  He scribbled your names down and gave it back to the lady.  You bowed and apologized for the confusion.  Even though your back was facing the attractive man, you could still feel his stare burning through your skull.  Upset that you gave away your persona so easily, you turned around to leave but Tao slipped his hand through yours and held it tightly so you couldn’t escape.  He dragged you over to a table to wait for the cake to be prepared. 

“_______ah, this is for you,” he took a small box out from his pocket and placed it in front of you. 

Biting your lip, still in guilt from your previous mistake, you shyly reached over and took it.  Inside was a silver promise ring.  Your fingers grazed over the cold metal.  It’s so pretty.  Tao looped his hand around yours, brought it to his lip, and slipped the ring on.  You saw the hope and anticipation on his face so you feigned a smile and thanked him.  The cake arrived not long after.  With added sparkler candles and a cute bunny cake topper, the red velvet cake glowed like an enchanted treasure.  But instead of admiring it, you discovered yourself staring at Tao as he carefully place a heart topper in the middle so that instead of reading “Tao and ________” it read “Tao ♥ _________”.  You sighed, thinking that the man before you was lying to himself again.  When he was done, he reached over to hold your hand tightly.

“________ah, thanks for making these one hundred days filled with joy and happiness.  I hope we can last another hundred days, two hundred…three hundred…until eternity,” he spoke with utmost sincerity so you forced yourself to nod and hold back the tears that welled up in your eyes.  There was one point in time when I thought we would last too…

After blowing out the candles, you took the honor of cutting up the cake to eat.  Taking the knife, you knowingly cut through the center of your own name and served the two pieces to Tao and yourself.  The grown up kid, seated across from you, happily devoured the desert, oblivious to the message that you had symbolically sent to him.  Without him, you would never be whole.  But for him, he’d be perfectly fine without you. 

That night, by the way he held you tightly against his body as if you’d run away any moment now, you knew Tao could feel that something was wrong.  So you sniffed in his scent and silently cried in his chest, thinking he wouldn’t notice. 



a/n: ~cries~ (✖╭╮✖) Everything hurts when I read this story.  It’s one thing to be cat fighting with an alive ex (like Lee Sohee, who basically you couldn’t even feel bad about hating) but it’s a whole other dynamic to be competing with someone who’s already gone because no matter what you do, your lover will still miss her the most.  The main girl understands this so in this chapter she realizes the only way she can receive Tao’s love is to stripe herself from her own skin and transform into Annie.  This way Tao would be cured of his longing for his former lover…but at the same time there’s something so heartbreaking about disposing your true self for the happiness of someone you love.  As Tao is starting to return to reality, the girl is falling deeper and deeper into an illusion.   

At this point, do you guys think they will have a happy ending?

SasuSaku Month: Day 3

title: The Kanibaru
Leanne Ash
prompt: carnival

summary: At an abandoned amusement park, Sakura’s more troubled by Naruto’s ghost story than she lets on. But Sasuke notices.

Sakura Haruno flinched as her teammate trailing behind happily snapped a twig mid-step. In the throes of complete eerie silence the sound’s origin amplified a variety of uncomfortable possibilities.

Ghosts being the first thing that came to mind thanks to a certain loud-mouth’s penchant for unnecessary story-telling.

She whirled to glare daggers at Naruto Uzumaki who couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at the bewildered look on the pink-haired girl’s face.

“What?” her blonde friend asked. “I stepped on a twig, Sakura-chan. Relax!”

“I am relaxed!” Sakura hissed back. “You’re making too much noise!”

“That was nothing!”

They were interrupted by the deep voice of their third teammate up ahead. “Both of you. Keep it down.”

Keep reading