desert puppy

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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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“Two British tank officers, somewhere in the North African War Zone, on January 28, 1941, grin at war cartoons in an Italian newspaper. One holds a Mascot — a puppy found during the capture of Sidi Barrani, one of the first Italian bases to fall in the African War.”


Puppy Love

Inspired by this post.

Author: Me (Lizziebearfanfiction)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Pairings: Zelda x Link

Disclaimer: I own none of Nintendo’s characters, locations, etc.

Description: “Just until the next stable!” Zelda insisted, but judging by the way that Link and that puppy were looking at one another, there would be no separating them. Her resolve melted as the two turned their big, innocent eyes onto her. “Fine,” she said, after a moment of (pretend) deliberation, “but if that cute little thing wets on any of my clothes-”
“I won’t,” Link said with a grin. She rolled her eyes. There was no point in arguing with him. She was never any good at it, anyway. He didn’t ask for much, but when he did, how was she supposed to say no?

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I’m playing mgs:v. I’m very confused, but I like the aesthetic. I like deserts. I like puppies. I like foraging. I like parachutes. And I like old men who spin their guns.

But at the same time, I never played MGS and I’m very confused. I saw videos that explain the story of the franchise and I’m still confused. But this is apparently normal. Having great fun tho.