desert of hiatus


DESERT OF HIATUS LIVE at the oligopolist studio space.

Desert Of Hiatus shares a live set with us in the Oligopolist studio space in SE industrial Portland, OR.  Shot by zoom in and snap.
This video is released alongside a song from “The Healing Instrument,” his debut release on Oligopolist Records.  The album will be available for purchase and download February 12th, 2016 at

You can listen to a single from the album here

Head over to on the 12th for the tape!

Either we have been in a desolate wasteland without any spoilers at all, or the CS gods suddenly decided to open up the heavens today and rain bounty upon us, and lo, there was green in the desert of the hiatus, and hark, the shippers verily recalled that blessed were they among fangirls.

Probably a bit of both.

And it’s wonderful.