desert ninja


His first impression of this city called Calpheon was rather positive. Not as bad as Heidel before, a little bit more tidy everywhere and the spacious streets made riding enjoyable. There were many more people but they rather scattered all throughout different places; in some there were people gathering for chatting or trading, in others there were none at all. And the guard of the city was omnipresent; it would be a challenge to do something unnoticed here.


neji ‘stop embarrassing me in front of my friends’ hyuuga


Mama Kaze

In Saizo and Kaze’s house, Kaze was putting a sleepy fox (Selkie) to bed.

“Aww do I have to go to bed so soon?” the Kitsune asked.

“Well like they say in Hoshido; early to bed, early to catch the worm… Or, is it rice?”

“Tell me a bedtime story! Tell how Kaze found Selkie and Selkie rescued Kagero!”

“Okay, okay…” Kaze hung his head back in recollection. “It all started when Saizo, Kagero and I went to the Kitsune Hamlet for a vacation.”

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