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Yodo Redesign

Ok so I’m even more pissed at Kishi than usual bc I Cannot Deal with yodo’s design at this point. I’m tired of drawing her w/ her hoodie zipped up bc Kishi added in his notes on the design that he wanted to make her look ‘sexy’ w/ the unnecessary hole in her bodysuit and when he drew her wearing a tube top. Because you know, she’s TWELVE. And apparently her hood is to keep out dust and heat even though its zipped right up…0% of the time. That’s really gonna help, right Kishi?

I’ve decided to redesign her in clothing that NOT ONLY will keep the dust and heat out, but is also suitable for a 12 y/o desert-welling ninja. You’re welcome. 

Lemme know what you think!

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neji ‘stop embarrassing me in front of my friends’ hyuuga

The Bug Vs. Earth — Concrete Desert (Ninja Tune)

One might be forgiven for raised eyebrows at the idea of a collaboration between The Bug, with a distinctly gritty, metropolitan flavor, and Earth, whose output over recent years has an open, windblown desert feel. But when you come down to it, both artists inhabit a sort of desolate, vaguely alienated landscape, albeit expressed from different perspectives. Kevin Martin has for years plumbed the extremes possible when combining heavy beats with a seemingly-opposed minimalism, as Techno Animal, God, Ice and The Bug among others. Similarly, Earth’s Dylan Carlson has followed a path to see how slow and deep metal can get (the answer: very).  

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