desert monster


Hi comrades!, @twotile​ ask: A concept, MH WORLD reveals a new class of monster, Insect Wyvern, Astalos, Legiana and the small coral highlands wyverns are insect wyverns, also Astalos and the other Fated 4 should be in world.

Having a new type of monster is always a great concept, Insect Wyvern type I like it! for insectoid monsters with rigid caparaces we have the Neopteron type. Monsters like Desert Seltas Queen, Lightenna or Poikilos Lightenna are examples of Neopterons. These monsters can range in size from tiny to enormous, and some species can fly, while others cannot. MonHunWiki.

It would be awesome seeing The Fated 4 in MH:World. With all the new textures, effects, boy that would be great. But on the other hand I wish (NEED) more new monsters from the new generation game, also new types like your concept, that would make the Monster Hunter universe more fascinating than already is.

@hynpos Mythology Event
Favorite Egyptian Mythological Creature → The Sphinx

And thus the creature spoke, voice soft and low;

What crawls on fours through the morning
Walks on twos to the day
And gallivants on threes
into the night?

The traveler thought and thought. ‘Be careful.’ the winged Sphinx warned. 'Answer incorrectly and I will devour your ignorant tongue as a snack.’