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First Words Spoken ToG Edition

A Court of Thorns and Roses Edition can be found here 

Starting from the Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

By order of appearance

Celaena Sardothien - “Its past four in the morning”

Sam Cortland - “Perhaps if you hadn’t been reading all night, you wouldn’t be so exhausted" 

Arobynn Hammel - “Gregori’s been caught" 

Captain Rolfe - "I’m glad to see you’ve made yourself at home.”

Ansel of Briarcliff - “I’m Ansel”

Lysandra - “Sam!" 

Dorian Havilliard - "Some party”

Chaol Westfall - “What do you care for the armies of Adarlan?”

Duke Perrington - “That is the proper way to greet your future king.”

The King of Adarlan - “She has arrived?" 

Kaltain Rompier - "Dorian likes white" 

Nehemia Ytger - "Thank you”

Nox Owen - “What do you suppose this is about?" 

Elena Galathynius Havilliard - "You know your history”

Rowan Whitethorn - “Let’s go”

Aedion Ashryver - “Majesty" 

Maeve - "Hello, Aelin Galathynius.”

Manon Blackbeak - “Wrong kind of witch." 

Gavriel - "I’ve been looking for you for six weeks”

Lorcan Salvaterre - “She is dead, you fool, or close enough to it.”

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - “To whatever end?”

Evangeline - "I would like the tart, please.”

Elide Lochan - “C-c-cleaning" 

Erawan - “Wing Leader.”

Fenrys - “I liked your hair longer”

Character Development
  • Me during TaB: Lysandra, you expensive ass ho, get away from ma girl Celaena.
  • Me during EoS: Lysandra, you are an icon of female empowerment. Vote Lysandra for President 2020.

The Assassins Blade
Throne of Glass
Crown of Midnight
Heir of Fire 
Queen of Shadows 
Empire of Storm
Tower of Dawn 


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ToG Characters As The Music I Listen To:

Dorian: “Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy

Aelin: “Sing” by My Chemical Romance

Aedion: “Throne” by Bring Me The Horizon

Lysandra: “What You Want” by Evanescence

Chaol: “That Green Gentleman” by Panic! At The Disco

Manon: “Do your worst” by New Years Day

Kaltain: “Beautiful Pain” by Andy Black

Elide: “Never Give In” by Black Veil Brides

Rowan: “World So Cold” by Three days Grace

Sam(RIP): “The Strays” by Sleeping With Sirens

I bet my life that this was Celaena at one point

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Sam Cortland Headcannons

 -  When Aelin was first brought to the Keep he sat in front of her door for the whole first night, he never told her that but Ben saw

- After his first job he was so remorseful that he just kept crying and saying “I’m Sorry” while washing the blood off of his hands

- When ever Celaena played the piano he had to catch his breath and would stand and just listen

- Sam would read all the books Celaena read in hopes that she would someday notice

- Only once did Sam ask Arobynn what happened to his mom and if he knew who his dad was, Arobynn didn’t answer and Ben didn't know the answers

- Sam first realized that he loved Celaena when they were on a mission. They had to dress up as nobles and got to a party that was outside and under the moon 

- When Sam kept watch and Celaena slept on missions she would sometimes cry or talk in her sleep. She would say the name Aedion a lot and the first time he heard his name he got really jealous and wanted to ask Celaena about it but never did

- Sometimes he would leave books or chocolate in her room after a brutal day or a hard mission. She always assumed they were from Arobynn

- The first time he saw her cry was right after magic was gone. He didn’t understand why but he sat with her in the crypt

- Every year on the day of Celaena’s parents death and she left the city he could never concentrate until he saw her again to make sure she was okay

- Sam is claustrophobic and doesn’t like thunder  

- Sam tried running away but he never did, he never even got as far as the front door because Ben talked him down

- When Sam first heard that Ben was killed he punched the wall so many times that his knuckles became raw and red

- The last word that Sam said before he died was “Celaena” and the last thing he thought about was her smile and her laugh and her eyes


The allies, because she would help terresen in any way she could, even if she wasn’t there.

Tower of Dawn thoughts

I love how Chaol could be thinking about the most obscure thing and he’s just like “mmmm…yeah, Dorian. Dorian would…” or “wowie, Aelin sure would…” I love these two so much so it’s nice to see Chaol never stops thinking about them either.

Tower of Dawn Head Canons

What we know: 

  • The story follows Nesryn, Yrene and Chaol 
  • It will take place in Antica/the Torre Cesme 
  • Chaol is there both as a patient and as the hand of the king, he needs to try and convince the rulers to help Elrelia unlike the last time 

What is speculative: 

  • Female x Female relationship
    • SJM promised us this (I believe) for EoS but we didn’t really get it
  • Chrocans will be featured 

What I think: 

Granted this isn’t much to go on so really its an accumulation of hopes 

  • Antica a.k.a. The Gods City - They say the city was built by the gods and while we don’t know if those in the south worship different gods, it seems like a nice coincidence. Maybe the rulers or the occupants have gods blood flowing through them. And if that is the case, they could be more powerful magic wielders, or relay on a more ancient method of practice that allows them to tap into their magic on a different level. Maybe this may be one of the keys to destroying Maeve or Errawan. 
  • Khagan - They are the rulers of the South. A Khagan in historical non-fiction term for a Mongolian “emperor” of a khaganate (empire). I’m gonna guess that there are multiple of these Khagan in the south and Chaol will have to convince all of them to join Aelin/Dorian’s cause. 
  • There are things called Ruks within the distant mountains that warriors ride. While we can think that they might be the crochans, I still believe that the crochans are in the Western Wastes/Witch Kingdom. Instead I think these beings that ride Yurks are a different species entirely. I think that maybe they are some other mythical being that we have yet to entounter. Kind of like the Mycenian in that we didn’t know anything about them until EoS. 
  • I think Nesryn’s family, who is from the south, is important in some way to the ruling of the south. While it seems strange and out of no where, it would definitely help with their cause and might explain why her family is able to have safe voyages to and from the continent even during the king’s ruling. 
  • I think Yrene will heal Chaol and he in turn will figure out that it was Celaena who saved her in TAB. I think she will definitely have a hard time helping him, especialy with his position and titles. But then she is going to remember her mother and what she stood for. As well as the dream she had in TAB which was to become a healer and then return to Erelia to help and heal. 
  • I think Chaol will be okay. I think he will learn to come to terms with his disability and, as cliche this is, that will make it so that he can be healed. Though if I had it my way he would stay paralyzed because I think there needs to be more representation of disabled characters and the fact that he would be handicapped does not detract from his ability to be a strong character. 
  • Ultimately, Chaol and Nesryn will definitely get the south to ally with them, and maybe even discover a secret to help aid in the wars. Wheather it be the secret to Maeve’s immortality, her true power, her true form or specie. Or a new way to defeat Errawan and his forces. I think they will bring Irene back and it will end with them either just embarking back to Erelia or just stepping off the boat from the Southern Continent.