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Stephen Sondheim-themed Asks!
  • 1: Least favorite thing about your favorite SS show
  • 2: Favorite thing about your least favorite SS show
  • 3: Best SS character
  • 4: Worst character
  • 5: Favorite collaborator
  • 6: Best book of a SS show. Why?
  • 7: Worst book....
  • 8: Erase one show and all its traces from SS's canon (question courtesy of @non-binary-sally-bowles)
  • 9: If he ever jumped the shark, what show is emblematic of that?
  • 10: Favorite bitchy moment
  • 11: Who would SS marry as part of a sham marriage?
  • 12: Thoughts on the book to Follies
  • 13: Make one edit to SS show xxx
  • 14: What would SS do to you in the sex dungeon?
  • 15: Cast Patti in a role she hasn't done yet
  • 16: Which Tony would you take away
  • 17: Novel/book/play SS should adapt
  • 18: Favorite quote
  • 19: Desert island song (singular)
  • 20: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Foxy Sondheim and 10 being the Virgin Mary, rate how good of a mother Rose is
  • 21: What's your gimmick?
  • 22: Nervous breakdown song that best represents your last mental breakdown
  • 23: Has SS ever written a true love song?
  • 24: SS sex jam
  • 25: SS funeral jam
  • 26: SS wedding dance song
  • 27: Toss in the trash- his music or his lyrics
  • 28: Which SS do you perform in front of crowd
  • 29: Which SS song replaces Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in Evita?
  • 30: Choose a ALW song to replace Color and Light in SITPWG
  • 31: Which Brecht play does SS adapt at gunpoint
  • 32: SS's current thoughts on Lady Gaga
  • 33: What pastry do you order at Mahler's?
  • 34: What would Oscar have made of Follies?
  • 35: FMK: SS, Hal Prince, and James Lapine
  • 36: Is SS a sub or dom?
  • 37: Miscast Bernadette
  • 38: Miscast Elaine Stritch
  • 39: ALW goes missing and SS offers you some pie. Do you eat it?
  • 40: What do you order at Mrs. Lovett's?
  • 41: Is Road Show an unappreciated masterpiece or a lesser entry in the SS canon?
  • 43: Which American president do you cast as Bobby? Georges? Sally? Fosca?
  • 44: Other than Rose, who is the most Shakespearian character?
  • 45: That Frank or Rich and Happy?
  • 46: Rob Marshall-ize a SS show
  • 47: Which show is most problematic ®
  • 48: Most Sobdhemian Seth Rogen movie?
  • 49: Who would play SS on SNL?
  • 50: Does Bobby find happiness by age 50?
  • 51: Tumblr user most likely to be the man himself
  • 52: A SS show you seem to forget exists
Ten Songs

Thanks to @cowandcalf for the tag, and to @theangrylinguist for tagging anyone who wants to play. I’ll say the same - anyone who cares to share, I’d love to read your list. And…in my defense, I haven’t needed a car in years, so… that’s part of why only one of mine is from the last decade, lol.

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals.

1. The Beatles - Something (Anthology instrumental version)

2. The La’s - There She Goes

3. Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine

4. R.E.M. - We Walk

5. David Bowie - Rebel Rebel

6. Associaton for Japanese Language Teaching - Unit 9/Lesson 20 - Target Dialogue

7. U2 - Beautiful Day

8. R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious

9. Adele - Water Under the Bridge

10. The Rolling Stones - Angie


Losing you is a sold-out movie:
No big deal, just kind of a bummer.

Aaron Tveit singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups at Paramount (x)

So, Mannequin was one of my favourite movies when I was little. I am discovering now that I am older that my parents didn’t really care about me watching things that are wildly inappropriate, but well, I imprinted on Mannequin as a kid and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now is one of my all time Desert Island Disc songs.

Late last night, in a fit of, “I have a shitty cold and need to cheer myself up”, I imagined a retelling, but with Chris Evans in the Emmy role and me in the Jonathan one.

My thoughts were: it’d be a sort of Lars and the Real Girl/Mannequin mash-up, with a touching play on 30+ year old lonely people who don’t know how to make friends, and find solace in fiction… that suddenly comes to life! 

Today, in the harsh light of day, I realised I had the seeds of a good idea, but that obviously it should be Gwendoline Christie in the Emmy role, and me in the Jonathan one. The comedy of 5ft6 me carrying around a 6ft3 mannequin who then becomes Gwendoline Christie just makes me happy.

Anyway, cold meds are great.

Conor Oberst goes song-by-song through "Upside Down Mountain"

Time Forgot
It is a song about self-preservation on a fundamental level. I wrote it in east LA in a house with no furniture. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. The two freeways sounded like the ocean so I pretended I was on the beach. My neighbor is some kind of science photographer and takes pictures with a special microscope camera. I had a look at his slides that day and was feeling particularly irrelevant.

Zigzagging Towards The Light
It’s a song about the ground shifting underneath you in unexpected/expected ways. Or maybe waking up with a new face. I love Jonathan Wilson’s guitar on the track. It bubbles and sparkles like the best shroom experience. It’s like riding that gondola with Farmer Dave in Telluride. It feels strange but right. All the way to the top of the mountain in the dark.

Hundreds Of Ways
It is a song of encouragement. Maybe for myself or someone else. The idea that you just have to keep going even when you are covered in mud and shit. Your options are limitless once you take the yoke off and believe you are free. And the truth is everyone you have ever looked up to was just making it up as they went along.

Artifact #1

It is a love song. Plain and simple. Some people leave their fingerprints all over the scene of the crime. Some just disappear to where even the six o’clock news can’t find them. But real love trumps all. Paper, rock or scissors don’t stand a chance. Crushes. Wins every time. Even through a gnarly delay pedal.

Lonely At The Top
Another love song. But also about the human condition. “I am a rock. I am an island” kinda thing. But mixed with the opposite of “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. When you love someone or something you have everything to lose. You are scared of your own shadow.

Enola Gay
It’s a character sketch. Can you imagine the kind of person whose nickname would be Enola Gay? Scary. I knew there was that famous 80s song called the same but I figured it was okay. Lambchop named a record of theirs Thriller after all. So I figure now anything is up for grabs.

Double Life
This is the first song I wrote after I got married. It is a about transitions and fear. Everything worth doing in life involves some kind of leap of faith. No one can guarantee anything in this world. You have to take your best guess and trust your instincts and just get on with it. Follow your nose all the way home if you can.

This song is total projection. I imagined what this person’s life might be like based off a few minutes I spent with her in a crowded bar and some scattered tabloid journalism. It is almost certainly and completely inaccurate on every level but, hey, it’s a catchy tune. And considering what her family has been through its surely not the worst thing ever uttered about them. Mad empathy is what I was going for. All apologies.

Night At Lake Unknown
I still don’t have an iPhone, but my wife gave me her old one. It doesn’t do anything except hold some music and has a nature sound sleep app. Since I am a terrible insomniac and I am scared of silence I rely on that almost every night. My favorite preset is called Night At Lake Unknown hence the title. Maybe it’s about C-list fame and staring at ceiling fans, I don’t know.

You Are Your Mother’s Child
I almost didn’t put this one on the record cause it was so much more sentimental and down the middle than the other songs but eventually I came around to it. I think it fits in its own way. It is a little darker than it sounds though. It is a father singing to his son but he hasn’t been the best dad. He is saying his son is good because of his mother’s influence not his.

Governor’s Ball
This is about a group of kids going to a big corporate music festival and one gets lost. Just a little vignette/story song. I like the horns that Nate Walcott arranged.

Desert Island Questionnaire
This is a song about modernity and the good vs evil tug o’ war of the universe. It asks some age old questions and doesn’t answer them, which I hate. I think despite all our technological advances in communication humans are the loneliest they have ever been. I fear for the future. I fear for you. I fear for myself.

Common Knowledge
This is the last song on the record. It ends with a suicide as most great things do. Everybody knows. Everybody cares. Everybody understands.


Beck - Tropicalia

For themesong, a music meme. See here for details. The theme for today is (and here’s the calendar of themes) desert island song.

I know, traditionally the words “desert island” in this context mean what song would you take with you to a desert island but seriously, one song? One? Think about it. One song  to listen to forever. The same song. Over and over. 

That’s a tough one. At first I thought, well, I have quiet a few favorite songs. And maybe I wouldn’t have to listen to a song all the time, just have it with me (and play it on what? I don’t think there is electricity on deserted islands).  I guess I could always just turn off the music an do something else, like whittle statues of Japanese monsters out of wood or make invisible friends. Then again, if I’m whittling, I could make a flute out of some balsa wood and make your my music. By the time they rescue me, I’d have a whole repertoire of songs laid out and I’d be the next Zamfir. Imagine that – when they have the press conference announcing my rescue (WOMAN FOUND AFTER 28 WEEKS ON DESERT ISLAND, LIVED OFF NUTS AND BERRIES WHILE PRAYING TO A WOODEN STATUE OF MOTHRA) I could whip out my homemade flute and get myself a book deal and a recording contract at the same time.

Anyway, this song. I decided not to go with a desert island song in the above context but with a song that makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to dance in the sand with someone you love, twirling each other around while the sun sets and then you walk hand in hand back to some decorative gazebo where you will continue dancing while drinking exotic cocktails with umbrellas in them and later, on your way back to your beach house where you intend to have sex until dawn (but you fall asleep at about 1am because those drinks were kind of potent), you pass by a young woman who is playing a wooden panflute next to a sign that says “Church of Mothra and Zamfir, donations accepted." 

The one book, song, and item (not for escape) I’d like on a desert island are…

Book: “How To Get off A Desert Island”

Song: “Tubthumpia”

Item: Wifi Router

A weird habit I have is…

I crack other people’s bones

My fave video on YouTube is…

Troye Sivan’s “Coming Out”

One word I’d use to sum up Tumblr…


My fave time of the day is…

Meal time

I have a phobia of…

Slow Internet

I have a fetish for…

Fast internet

Sunny Afternoon
The Kinks

The Kinks “Sunny Afternoon”

Today’s Theme: Desert Island Song

Not only is this one of my favorite songs, but it seems oddly appropriate for a desert island even though it’s about taxes.


Help me, help me, help me sail away.
Well give me two good reasons
Why I ought to stay.
‘Cause I love to live so pleasantly,
Live this life of luxury,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
In the summertime.
In the summertime.
In the summertime.