desert indoors

My mom found this beautiful Euphorbia horrida hybrid in a nursery a couple of years ago. She has a history of killing even the toughest plants (mostly underwatering), but her small cactus collection thrives. Possibly even more than my own succulents.
I found that overthinking everything about a plant’s needs isn’t necessarily a good thing. You don’t always need expensive pots and soil mixes, gadgets, fertilizers and calendars to keep a cactus alive. Just give it lots of light + very little water and it will be happy!

My sister bought me these cute candles. Seems like I’m becoming known as the crazy plant lady

Don’t know why I found this so funny, but I bought an easter cactus this week and realised I had no dish for it to sit in, all I had was a carnage mug. However she seems quite happy sat in there.

Our omaha zoo has the world’s largest indoor swamp and cave exhibit, one of the biggest indoor rainforests, one of the biggest indoor deserts, and the biggest geodesic domes in the world B) also the biggest cat complex in north america apparently which is sad bc it’s small and kind of sucks


It’s the best things about the state after toadstool park