desert hedgehog


You’re from my OC, he’s from the blue beetle. Well I have it and I present you … Asim the Blue Beetle or (the Protector), Asim that means protector in Egyptian. Well he would be an Ancient of the past. He and another Ancient are the guardians of the temple of the desert, where it contains all the knowledge and stories that have passed since the world is the world and its thousands of secrets. Well I hope you liked my character. Enjoy.


A tweet posted 7:00 PM eastern time, July 19 2017 via @sonic_hedgehog

“After 24 years of memorable storytelling, SEGA of America will conclude their Sonic the Hedgehog publishing partnership program with Archie Comics. This does not mark the end of Sonic in comics, but signifies SEGA of America’s decision to take a different direction for the series that will be announced at a later date. SEGA would like to thank Sonic’s amazing fans for their loyalty and passion over all the years. SEGA looks forward to providing more information soon.”

With the abrupt, long, and indefinite hiatus, many of us knew this was coming. It does not make it hurt any less. For many of us, the Sonic comics were our first fandom, adding worldbuilding and character depth back when the games were still in 2D. 

Many thanks to the artists and writers who contributed, especially during the months leading up to the end, to those who gave to this franchise out of love of the characters and not for greed or status. And if the rumors about what led up to this have any truth, then may those responsible receive their just deserts.

Today: Serious desert wildflower journey: Colors

I spent the day with a group of photographers in five spots in Joshua Tree National Park. They were learning how to photograph desert wildflowers. My job: leading the group, and pointing the instructor toward the nooks and crannies where I knew he’d find great subjects so he could teach. I’ve spent so much time exploring Joshua Tree National Park, so that it’s almost embarrassing when I can point to a specific spot where I knew “x” would be growing.

Instead of doing a botany-class type presentation of some of my photos today, I’m just going to post the photos based on variation of color. It’s amazing how wildflowers in any ecosystem can present themselves all over the rainbow.

Getting out there, in nature, with or without camera, keeping your eyes alert and focused on big and small flowers, big and small creatures, letting your nose guide you to certain plants that you know announce themselves with a unique smell, listening to the birds and other creatures scurrying about to get away from you, simply letting your senses take over the moment……great way to forget about all the stuff that annoys you.

In order: paperbag bush, indigo bush, rhatany, turbans, purple mat/desert star, goldenbush, hedgehog cactus, desert coralbells, Indian paintbrush, Mojave mound.

All photos by rjzimmerman April 9, 2017.