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Signs as Egyptian gods
  • Aries: Osiris; god of the underworld and afterlife
  • Taurus: Isis; goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and perfection
  • Gemini: Thoth; god of wisdom
  • Cancer: Anubis; god of the dead
  • Leo: Ra; god of the sun
  • Virgo: Hathor; goddess of love and beauty
  • Libra: Ma'at; goddess of justice, truth, and order
  • Scorpio: Seth; god of evil, deserts, and storms
  • Sagittarius: Horus; god of war, sky, and falcons
  • Capricorn: Amun; king of the gods
  • Aquarius: Ptah; god of creation
  • Pisces: Nepthys; goddess of lamentation, sleep, rivers, and the night

Guardian eye.

I finished him and he hangs beautifully on my wall. I love the way it moves when a breeze moves through my room.

He looks on and protects me. Filled with herbs and seeds, sewn with magically charged thread and specific intent, finally life breathed into the cloth and hung in a place of honor.

Hemp string, cloth, embroidery thread, obsidian, and a creosote branch (smells like rain )

The Mummy, history review.

This is what happens when something bothers me…

Okay so, in The Mummy (2017) we have Ahmanet who makes a pact with the God of the dead, Set. First and foremost, this is incorrect. Anubis is the god of the dead (since he is the patron for mummification, leading your spirit to the underworld, etc.), Osiris is the god of the Underworld, death, regeneration, and life. These two were intertwined throughout mythology because in the Middle Kingdom era Anubis was replaced as God of the Underworld by Osiris. So I would have been willing to accept either of these two as “the god of the dead” that Ahmanet made a pact with…BUT, they specifically said Set.

Set is the god of deserts, chaos, evil, and war. Now, granted, in Egyptian mythology Set (although a dick) has an important role wherein he helps repel Apep from Osiris during his evening journey to the underworld. However, if you’re picking an evil god villain, Set, is the way to go so I will give them points for choosing him.

But, if you’re going to refer to everything as “the ultimate evil” you should probably make sure you get the god and what they are associated with, correct.

Next item, now this is where the research really kicked in. Ahmanet’s body markings.

So…this bothered me after the makeup artist said something specific. I thought the idea of the markings was really cool… but prior to seeing the interview, I was really unsure of the origin. So the make up artist says that they are runes from the Book of the Dead and it is an actual spell in the book.

*le sigh* I was pretty certain at first that 1.) Egyptians did not use runes because runes are native to Germanic tribes, Scandinavian, and Nordic. 2.) I own a copy of the book of the dead and never ever saw anything that resembled runes. 3.) still can’t find the spell she referenced.

So I started digging. The runic system is birthed from the Egyptian hieroglyph system, the hieroglyphs are considered a parent system to runes, but there are also other runic alphabet systems prior to what most people know as RUNES. But here’s the thing, I would be willing to get on the believe train if there wasn’t such a difference in the timeline.

The earliest runic system is dated at around 150AD… Ahmanet is mentioned in the film to be from the New Kingdom era in Egypt (by Jenny when she says the hieroglyphs on the sarcophagus are New Kingdom), which spans from 1550-712BC… that’s a huge fucking gap. Not only that but The Book of Dead, aka what is the Papyrus of Ani (although there were multiple Books of the dead, the papyrus of ani was the most intact and I assume is what the artist is referencing), is dated at 1240BC. This is New Kingdom as well.

This is a quote taken from an interview with the makeup artist, “As the Mummy, Boutella is covered in an scroll’s worth of ancient runic letters from head to toe, a painstaking process that required hours to complete each time, according to makeup artist Lizzie Yianni-Georgiou.” She also says in an interview on youtube,, that it is from the Book of the Dead and actually says something……………bitch where?

Runes, in the sense I said earlier, compared to Egyptian hieroglyphs, are not ancient. Basically they bent time and space and somehow decided that they could use runes because they were “ancient,” not even bothering to consider how large of a fucking time gap that is.

Now, there are a shit ton of different ALPHABETS that used letters that look runic but they aren’t runic, sabe? The best I can figure is that the writing on Ahmanet looks Aramaic…but some of the characters look Paleo-Hebrew as well as Carian. I’m not sure what system they based it off of, or where they ACTUALLY got the markings from (personally I’m thinking they just bullshitted it because they aren’t from the Book of the Dead). Any linguists are free to try.

Aramaic writing period, though, is dated to have begun in 800BC… Book of the dead is dated 1240-50BC. So, substantial gap.

Paleo-Hebrew is dated 1000BC… so less large but still large enough.

It could be a mixture and include some Carian, which was a child system of Greek and was used in Egypt. But it was only used 7th to 1st century BC. That starts at 700BC…also too late.

I’m not sure if they stuck with a single script, or meshed it together to bullshit it. Either way, I call bullshit on the writing on her body. There is no way that it is from the book of the dead and is a funerary spell.

Basically, The Mummy (2017) can suck it. Except for Sofia Boutella because she was fantastic.    

Diabolical Things : A Mix for Desert Vampires

99 Problems / Hugo . Evil / Jace Everett . Fresh Blood / EELS . Far From Any Road / The Handsome Family . Dark Night / The Blasters . Fever / The Cramps . People Are Strange / Lucky Devils . Lovely Creature / Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds . Fire in the Blood&Snake Song / The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris . Fox in a Henhouse / Rachel Brooke . Dengue Woman Blues / Jimmie Vaughan .  The Prowl / Dan Auerbach . Save My Soul / Blues Sacraceno . Blood, Sweat, and Murder . Scott H. Biram . She’s Just Killing Me / ZZ Top . Devil Takes Care of His Own / Band of Skulls . Rolling in on a Burning Tire / The Dead Weather . A Good Man is Hard to Find / Tom Waits . After Dark / Tito and Tarantula

listen here


If it wasn’t for the grips, this would almost pass off as the real thing; a Desert Eagle with the 10″ barrel for hunting. However, the gun in the photo is a Tokyo Marui Resident Evil Edition Desert Eagle airsoft gun. The other clue that kind of tipped me off was the over exaggerated safety; it’s smaller on the real Desert Eagle. This is however a good example of how it can be difficult at times to distinguish the real things from a fake if you’re not familiar with the gun. (GRH)

I see them.

Flickers. Shadows. Monsters.

They hide in plain sight. Disguised and distorted, but I still see them.

They are ugly things. Not in appearance, as one would suspect monsters to be; but in the way they are created.

Tainted by cruelty, stained by hatred, and ripped apart by many. Only to be put back together in another’s design; by greedy, bloodstained hands. Stitched together into a kaleidoscope of broken dreams and lost innocence.

They are called monsters. Shunned and stripped of humanity. They lash out like a beaten dog. Cornered and broken and fueled by wrath few have ever known.

That is not the whole truth.

They are monsters, yes. But not of free will. The ones who pull the strings, the puppeteers, those are the true monsters.

They hide just like these so called monsters. They could be anyone.

A lover. A teacher. A leader. Or a preacher.

No one is safe.

It is hard to find them. To pin down who is real and who is not. They wear masks. Not made of porcelain, steel, or gold. Instead they are made of illusions.

Fake emotions that are conveyed by a certain twist of the lips. An arched eyebrow or crinkled skin. The way they hold themselves as if composing a performance. It all combines to form an almost perfect mask.

An almost perfect mask because no matter how hard they try, they can never hide what’s in their eyes.

A gleam or a glint. Something calculating and maniacal at the same time. Like a fox infected with a mind twisting disease. Insanity hidden like a blade in silk.

These are the true monsters.

The ones who are villains who play the victim while they’re victims are forced to be the villains.

They are the hands who pull the strings. The ones behind the curtain. The voices from the abyss.

They suck you in with pretty words and dreams filled with hope. They give you promises never meant to be kept. Then when you are content and indebted, hand you the silken rope from which has been woven together by honeyed words and beautiful lies. A spiderweb ensnaring the unsuspecting fly.

With this silken rope, they finally tell you the truth. It’s either you or the ones that you love.

Bound by a weight even Atlas couldn’t bear, they tie the knot and hang themselves from the hands of the puppeteers.

Yes, I see them. I see this.

Corrupted and warped, I see them.

Broken and scattered, I see them.

Beautifully cracked and mesmerizingly haunted, I see them.

And I reach out.

I reach out towards these ugly things. These creatures without purpose and I highlight their flaws. I take the monstrous pieces that cut and damage any who touch, and I smooth them out and fill in the cracks with gold and patch the holes with precious gems.

I forge them anew. Monsters though they may be, ugly they need not to be. And I rejoice!

For soon a day will come when these creatures, these monsters who were broken then cast away by ignorant and uncaring hands, fight back!

Oh the look on the puppeteers faces when the innocents they crushed and twisted into hideous monsters rise more splendid and beautiful than any before them.

They will wear their scars with no shame. They will hold their heads up high, unafraid of the light. They will rise reborn greater than any Phoenix and brighter than any star.

They will be monsters no more. And they will not be seen as victims.

No they will be examples. Proof that out there, in a world filled with shadows and danger, there will always be a light to guide. A lifeboat among the raging seas. An oasis in an endless desert.

Proof that evil in all its forms will not succeed. Will not take hold. Will not conquer all.

So yes. I see them.

I see them and all they will become.

I see heroes.

And I smile.

—  Hey guys! So I wrote this in May this year in the middle of the night (I’m not kidding. I woke up randomly at 3 am and wrote the bare bones of it then edited it in the morning😊) and thought I would share. This also means that I would really, really appreciate it if no one steals it and claims it as theirs. That’s really not cool when people steal others ideas. So please don’t do it. Thank you all!!!
The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Bex, Sean & Kristin’s Panel
  • “What happen on this couch..Did someone pee pee” -Bex (x)
  • Meryl streep thinks Bex is funny so she loves her (x)
  • Bex is singing :) (x)
    • Bex sang the begging of Wicked Always Wins it was so beautiful (x)
  • Would they love to come visit russia? Da (Yes) (x)
  • What happened to Mal in Lily after sitting on that log? Mal must’ve rented an appartment in Grannys. Her and Lily flying around… (x)
    • tormenting villagers, and looking for Lilys daddy (x)
  • They are all having fun with the annoucements as they can’t see the person so it’s been dubbed ‘The voice of god’ (x)
  • Seans idols are obama, paulmccartney and the once cast (x)
    • Bex idols: Lana, Sean, Kristin, Adele, Michelle Obama and this fandom (x)
    • Who are your idols? Sean: I am a big fan of Obama.. Bex: sean, Lana, Kristin, the cast, my mummy, Kristin: people of history MLK Jr (x)
  • Kristin: the cast were so welcoming and lovely. Peoole in history who do things that are uncomfortable and they’re  the first (x)
  • Greatest weaknesses and dtrength in a professional way? Bex: always on time, knows her lines. Weakness: too sensitive (x)
  • Kristin my teacher said you are never as good as you think you are but you are never as bad as you think you are either (x)
  • People shouldn’t say your “too” anything -Kristin (x)
  • Sean: started really young, prayed that he could make a living off off acting. Strenth: achieved that (x)
  • Sean: weakness: “why did I think I could do this”-moments (x)
  • Sean: My goal I life was to make a living being an actor It doesn’t matter if I don’t win an Oscar (x)
  • Which 3 characters would you take on a desert island. Bex: rumple, evil queen, robin hood. Drink mai tais in a bar and have a fight (x)
    • Sean: aladdin for the carpet (no airports), regina cause she’s my girl and rumple for people who cause trouble (x)
    • Which characters would you take on holiday? Bex: Rumple, Robin, The Evil Queen Kristin: Regina,cruella ,ursula (x)
  • Kristin: picturing the moments in the car. She had to keep merrin awake for her line during takes. She just wants that roadtrip again (x)
  • Who on this couch would you team up with to fight enemy: bex picks maleficent, kristin picks zelena SPIN OOOOOFF that’d be brilliant! (x)
    • Sean: already has a baby w zelena so there’s a connection  but he likes GoT and with mal he’d have a dragon…soooo both (x)
  • Bex: Sisters was a fave episode, cried 3 times reading the script. Esp. when R+Z realized they knew each other all along (x)
    • Bex “between takes we would stand together holding hands teary saying love you..” (x)


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it is a Fact that while ganondorf is more than comfortable w/ flirting with whoever, he is very often surprised when it is returned.
or, better yet, someone else initiates it.

given that he’s the king of evil, lord of demons, bane of hyrule, it is not often he is approached by ANYONE willing to show attraction to a man equated as being a monster.