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soooo..1st things 1st when i wake up i ALWAYS splash my face with ICE COLD WATER and then wipe my face with Dickinson’s Pore Refining Witch Hazel.

after that i wash my face with Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser ..i also sometimes use Simple Moisturizing Face Wash. (use cold water when washing ur water dries it out)

i ALWAYS moisturize whenever i wash my face. i LOVEEEE using Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel & then putting on either just a face cream (i like Pond’s Dry Skin Cream) orrrr…i use Desert Essence Moringa, Jojoba & Rosehip Oil (phucking amazingggg bitch..makes u glow like never before)

during the day i usually just blot my face with blotting tissue (or a thin piece of toilet paper..toilet paper is free bitch wherever there is a bathroom u can use it for more than ur bootyhole)..i do this especially if i use the Desert Essence Oil that day.
ALSO..i like to use OXY Skin Clearing Cleansing Pads during the day..i usually do this around like 5 or 6 when the day is almost done & shit just to refresh my face & wipe away the dirt n shit from the day bc u know air in america is DIRTY as hell especially wit the cheeto as president.. ANYWAYS..

at night i always rinse my face with cold water before washing it or doing a face mask or anything. i like to use a different soap depending on my mood or how my skin looks that day. but mostly i use Nubian Heritage Black Soap (i use this like 3-4 times a week), Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Bar Soap (i use this mostly everyday), and i also started using Noxema Ultimate Clear Deep Pore Cleanser (ive only used it twice but i like it so far dat shit gets ur skin togetha). & again i ALWAYS moisturize after washing my face. sometimes i wipe my face with witch hazel & then apply aloe vera gel then a moisturizer or i just apply Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil ( that shit will have u glowinggggg like u aint ever glowedddd before okay! and its cheap! invest in it bitch!

-thats my daily skin care routine. ill make a separate post for spot treatments & face masks dat i like. ☺️

Best Cleanser For My Oily Skin

This Desert Essence cleanser is my skin’s best friend. Let me preface by saying, I think it would only work for people with oily skin, despite being marketed toward those with oily OR combination skin.

I have very oily skin and it took a few weeks for my skin to adjust to this cleanser. I did not break out, but it dried out my skin a bit and I switched to using it once daily and slowly started using it twice a day.

We have been besties for 7 months now.

Also, it takes a minuscule amount of product to get the job done, which makes this amazing face cleaner even more wallet friendly.

I use this in conjunction with Josie Maran Argan Oil (my all-time favorite all-purpose moisturizer), which has made a huge difference in the appearance and texture of my skin.

The only down side, which has nothing to do with the product itself, is the faulty packaging which causes the cleanser to clog the pump and makes it difficult to dispense.

The simple remedy is to transfer the cleanser into a travel size dispenser.

Best of all, it’s not one of those products that’s marketed as healthy, but crammed with chemicals. As always, read the entire list of ingredients before purchasing.

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this face wash. If you have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin…give this natural cleanser a try. 

Btw: iherb now has an app~~

Anyway! I highly recommend this product. It has helped soooo many of my blemishes to disappear much faster than normal. Although I don’t like popping pimples, if it so happens that I need to, then I apply this afterwards, then it is gone in a day or 2 (3 at the max) depending on the size. Still experimenting but I really think all the products I got from desert essence have helped my skin a lot.

The face wash, tea tree oil, and this blemish touch stick have been ah-maxing to have. All by desert essence and affordable on iherb.

I’m ordering 2 more to have on hand. 1 for just in case so I don’t run out and 1 for Ys cause he’s so stressed, poor thing, has broken out. So I’m hoping it helps him. If he’ll actually use it. Lol! It’s small but you don’t need much and the roll on top is helpful!

I went to the derm on Friday night and he said my skin looks so much better than 2 weeks ago. He was going to put me on 2 more (final) weeks of accutane but I asked him to hold off and see how my skin does without it. I let him know that I’m getting a tattoo this coming weekend so that’s why I don’t want it. So I’ll be going back in 2 weeks to check again and if I need it then, then I’ll start it again but I doubt I’ll need it! My skin feels and looks pretty good… But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, my help for the day! Good luck everyone!

I am a very passionate person and one thing I am extremely passionate about is animal rights. Now, I am in no way a perfect human, I only began transitioning into this lifestyle 6 months ago and still have quite a ways to go. I compiled this list out of my own research and decided to share it, I can only hope it will be useful to someone ◕‿◕ I will update it as frequently as possible, but please feel free to edit, ask questions, or educate me and others. Thank you!!!

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Leaping Bunny - Administers Cruelty-Free guidelines internationally and is the most reliable source for “…assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.”

Shop Cruelty-Free - Search brands to see if they are Cruelty-Free or Vegan.

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♡ Key: 

Obviously, everything on this list is currently Cruelty-Free (CF).

Ⓥ = Vegan

N = Natural

☆ = personal favorite!

♡ Makeup:

100% Pure (Ⓥ N)

Afterglow Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)

☆ The All Natural Face (Ⓥ N)

Alythea  (Ⓥ)
Arbonne (Ⓥ)
Aromi Beauty (Ⓥ)
Au Naturale Glow (Ⓥ)

Avalon Organics(Ⓥ N)

☆ theBalm (CF)

Balm Envy (Ⓥ) 
Beauty Without Cruelty (Ⓥ)
Beauty Secrets (Ⓥ)

☆ BH Cosmetics (CF)

BITE Beauty (CF)
Cheeky Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cherry Street Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cosmic Tree (Ⓥ)

Crazy Rumors  (Ⓥ)
Cruelty Free Shop (Ⓥ)
Devita (Ⓥ)
Devine Natural Mineral Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earth Goddess (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials  (Ⓥ)
Eco Minerals (Ⓥ)
Eco Glow Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ ELF (CF)
Elixery (Ⓥ)
Emani Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ essence (CF)
Everyday Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ Fyrinnae (Ⓥ)
Gabriel Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Glam Natural Makeup (Ⓥ N)

☆ Hard Candy (CF)

Hurraw! (Ⓥ)
Illuminare (Ⓥ)
Inkia (Ⓥ)

Juice Beauty (CF N)
Killer Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kett Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

L.A. Colors (CF)
Logona (Ⓥ)
Lip Ink (Ⓥ)
Mad Style Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
☆ Melt cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Minerale  (Ⓥ)
☆ Motives Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Modern Minerals Makeup (Ⓥ)

Mountain Minerals (Ⓥ)
Musq  (Ⓥ)
My Earth (Ⓥ)

Natural Girl Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)
☆ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Pink Quartz Minerals (Ⓥ)
☆ Pumpkin & Poppy (Ⓥ)
Pure Gaisha  (Ⓥ)
Prirodna cosmetics (Ⓥ)

Rockeresque (Ⓥ)
Rogue Republic (Ⓥ)
Scout Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
☆ Shiro Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Smash Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

☆ Sugar Pill (Ⓥ)
Swagger Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Tick Tock (Ⓥ)

☆ Too Faced Cosmetics (CF)

Well 2  (Ⓥ)

Wet N’ Wild (CF)

♡ Brushes: 
Alima Pure (Ⓥ)
Bare Escentuals (Ⓥ) 

Cozzette (Ⓥ)
DermaBrushes (Ⓥ) 

Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials (Ⓥ) 

Eco Nvey (Ⓥ)
☆ Eco Tools (Ⓥ)
☆ Furless (Ⓥ)
Inika (Ⓥ)
☆ Pirouette (Ⓥ) 

☆ Real Techniques (Ⓥ)
Vegan Vibrance  (Ⓥ)

♡ Nail Care: 
Acquarella Polish (Ⓥ)
Anise (Ⓥ)
Big Ruby Nail Tattoos (Ⓥ) 

Beauty without cruelty (Ⓥ)
Butterlondon (Ⓥ)
Colorclub (Ⓥ)

Dreams (CF)
Gabriel cosmetics (Ⓥ) 

Gosh (Ⓥ)
Misa (Ⓥ)
ncLA  (Ⓥ)
Nail Aid (Ⓥ)
No miss (Ⓥ)
Nubar (Ⓥ)
Priti (Ⓥ)
☆ Sparitual (Ⓥ)
☆ Zoya (Ⓥ)

♡ Skincare:  
Aeon Botanica (Ⓥ)
Akin (Ⓥ)
Amie (Ⓥ)
Ayana Organics (Ⓥ N)

Be Genki  (Ⓥ)
Be Natural Organics (Ⓥ N)

Beautiful Earth (Ⓥ)
Bioethique Organic (Ⓥ N)
Blue Ridge Gypsy (Ⓥ)
Bonicca ( Ⓥ | also makes cosmetics)

Botani  (Ⓥ)
Botanicals For Beauty (Ⓥ)
Bronzo (Ⓥ)

Ceela (Ⓥ)

☆ Dermalogica (CF)

Devita (Ⓥ)

Dinga Bear (Ⓥ)
Dolphin Organics (Ⓥ N)
Dr Danton (Ⓥ)
Dr Loretta (Ⓥ)
Different Daisy (Ⓥ)
Dr Wendy (Ⓥ)
Elta (Ⓥ)
Envy Tan (Ⓥ)
Essential Stuff (Ⓥ)

Florere (Ⓥ)
Från Krämer  (Ⓥ)
Gourmet Body Treats (Ⓥ)
Happy me Skincare  (Ⓥ)
Herbal Choice (Ⓥ)
Herbology (Ⓥ)
Hippy Heaven (Ⓥ)

Hothouse Botanicals (Ⓥ)
☆ Hugo Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Keshi Organics (Ⓥ N)
Kimberly Sayer (Ⓥ)
Kuush  (Ⓥ)
KSA Jojoba (Ⓥ N)
LaMari   (Ⓥ)
Lin Lou (Ⓥ)
L’uvalla (Ⓥ)
La Bella Pink (Ⓥ)
La Isha (Ⓥ)
La Natura (Ⓥ)
Leap Organics (Ⓥ N)

Lillian Skincare  (Ⓥ)
LooLoo’s Escape (Ⓥ)
Loving Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Malcoms Miracle (Ⓥ)
Metamour Skincare (Ⓥ)
Metropolis (Ⓥ)

moom  (Ⓥ)

Mystic Zen (Ⓥ)
Naturally Green (Ⓥ)

Nature’s Gate (Ⓥ)

Nude  (Ⓥ)

Odacite (Ⓥ)
Organic Grooming (Ⓥ N)

Organic Kama (Ⓥ N)
Organic Roseshare (Ⓥ N)

Osea Malibu (Ⓥ)
Paradise City (Ⓥ)
Planet eve (Ⓥ)

☆ Paula’s Choice (CF)
Raw Gaia (Ⓥ)
Sanctum  (Ⓥ)
Sevi (Ⓥ)

Smartmen (Ⓥ)

Soapwalla  (Ⓥ)
Sukin  (Ⓥ)
Treasured Earth (Ⓥ)

Tri Nature  (Ⓥ)
U little Beauty (Ⓥ)
Yaoh (Ⓥ)
Y natural (Ⓥ)
Y-yo (Ⓥ)
Yuva  (Ⓥ)

♡ Bath & Body:  

Antho (Ⓥ)
Bare Body Soaps (Ⓥ)

Bubble Shack Hawaii (Ⓥ)

☆ Clean Cauldron (CF N)
Dixie Bits (Ⓥ)
Dr Singha (Ⓥ)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics (Ⓥ N)

Earth Light Organics (Ⓥ N)
Earthly Body (Ⓥ)
Emerita (Ⓥ)
Enfusia (Ⓥ)
Fanciful Fox (Ⓥ)

Free Of (Ⓥ)
☆ Freeman (Ⓥ)
Holistic Body Care (Ⓥ)
I Love My Muff (Ⓥ)
Kalliste (Ⓥ)
Keys (Ⓥ)
Little Owl (Ⓥ)

☆ Lush (Ⓥ N)

☆ My Konjac Sponge (CF N)
Sensibility Soaps (Ⓥ)
☆ Spa Ritual (Ⓥ)
Squid Balm (Ⓥ)
Well in Hand (Ⓥ)
Wildflower Organic Bodycare (Ⓥ N)

♡ Hair Care: 
☆ Abba (Ⓥ)
Aesop  (Ⓥ)
A’kinAl’chemy  (Ⓥ)
Apteka (Ⓥ)
Animal Aid (Ⓥ)
Australian Organics  (Ⓥ N)

Botanicals (Ⓥ)
Colure Hair (Ⓥ)
Creo Care (Ⓥ)
Daniel FieldDavid Babaii for Wild Aid (Ⓥ)
Davroe Hair Wellness  (Ⓥ)
Delorenzo (Ⓥ)

Giovanni (mostly Ⓥ)

Green Body Green Planet (Ⓥ)

Honesty Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kept (Ⓥ)
Know! (Ⓥ)
Max Green Alchemy (Ⓥ)
Micro Broo (Ⓥ)
Mixed Chicks (Ⓥ)
Muk (Ⓥ)
Natures Quest (Ⓥ)

Not You Mothers (CF, ?)

O.B.I Natural (Ⓥ)

☆ Organix (CF N)

Paul Mitchel (CF, some Ⓥ)
Peter Lamas (Ⓥ)
Salon Naturals (Ⓥ)
Surface (Ⓥ)
Tara Smith (Ⓥ)
Tisserand (Ⓥ)
YarokZerran (Ⓥ)

♡ Hair Dye:  
Daniel Field (Ⓥ)
Developlus (Ⓥ)
Herbatint  (Ⓥ)

Ion (Ⓥ)
☆ LaRiche Directions (Ⓥ)
Light Mountain Hair Color (Ⓥ)
☆ Lush (Ⓥ)
☆ Manic Panic (Ⓥ)

Naturtint (Ⓥ)
Special Effects (Ⓥ)

Splat (Ⓥ)
Tints of Nature (Ⓥ)

♡ Sun Care: 
☆ Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Invisible Zinc (Ⓥ)
☆ Kiss My face (Ⓥ)
KINeSYS Sunscreen  (Ⓥ)
Monimay (Ⓥ)
Natural Glow (Ⓥ) 

♡ Dental Care: 
Desert Essence (Ⓥ)
Dr Sharp (Ⓥ)
Eco Dent (Ⓥ)
Jack N Jill (Ⓥ)
☆ Jason (Ⓥ)
Kiss My Face (Ⓥ)
Natures Gate (Ⓥ)
Oxyfresh (Ⓥ)
Stim-U-Dent (Ⓥ)
White Glo (Ⓥ)

♡ Deodorant: 
Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Alvin Connor (Ⓥ)
Deodorant Stones (Ⓥ) 

LaMari (Ⓥ)
Milcu (Ⓥ)
Naturally Fresh Crystal (Ⓥ N)

♡ Perfume: 
Green Ritual (Ⓥ)
Kai Fragrance (Ⓥ)
perfume organic (Ⓥ N)
Julian Rouas Paris (Ⓥ)
Le Labo (Ⓥ)
Malibu (Ⓥ)

☆ Pacifica (Ⓥ)

♡ Body Mod. Aftercare: 

☆ Really helpful post about Vegan Tattoos.

After Inked (Ⓥ)

H2Ocean (Ⓥ)
Out Of Sea (Ⓥ)

☆ PunkMedics (Ⓥ N | stretching, piercings, tattoos, everything)

♡ Sexual Health & Hygiene: 

Earthly Body(Ⓥ)

☆ Glyde(Ⓥ)

Good Clean Love(Ⓥ)

SebaMed (CF)

Sir Richards condoms (Ⓥ)
The personal Vegan (Ⓥ)

♡ For Fury Friends 

Beach Organics(Ⓥ N)

Castle Baths (CF N)

demes (CF N)

Farm Dog Naturals (Ⓥ N)

ecos (CF)

♡ Household Products 

Astonish (CF)

☆ Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps (Ⓥ N)

Earth Alive (CF N)

Eco-Me(Ⓥ N)

Ecover (CF N)

Martha Stewart (CF N)

Miarose (CF)

☆ Seventh Generation(Ⓥ N)

femmefatalekitten  asked:

Do you have any favorite skin care products? You have really nice and clear skin!

i’ve been waiting for someone to ask! lol like i don’t think my skin is really clear or anything but i just love talking about this stuff. 

currently my favorite products are Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Fash Wash the Original, Alaffia Coconut Everyday Face Cream, Almond Oil, Rose Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree and Lavender Oil Essential Oil, and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. 

I spent years trying to find a face wash that would last for longer than a fewer months as my skin gets so used to products. The majority of drug store products contain chemicals that are actually designed to cause flare up, so that would always happen to me. I found Desert Essence and I’ve been using this specific type for years. I have fewer breakouts, my skin tone evened out, it doesn’t make my skin extremely dry since it does contain oils (i always apply lotion/oil right after use though to avoid any dryness). I use it only once a day, typically in the evening. I wash my face once to remove any makeup build up, then I wash it a second time to get a thorough clean. I don’t wash my face on the weekends unless i wear makeup or my skin feels dirty. I find that it’s better to give your skin a break from products that may be drying. Weeks are spent using lotions and oils so my skin stays hydrated. 

In the mornings, I use witch hazel as toner (I’m going to discontinue use until i find one thats 100% witch hazel as most have alcohol in them which is not good for wrinkle prevention and it dries the skin). I apply my face cream right after the toner dries. I may apply it up to 3 times so my face feels very moisturized as I live somewhere that is fairly dry and adding more moisture/oils for skin that gets oilier keeps oil production down and prevents breakouts that way. Plus i wear makeup around 5 times a week so I need to keep my skin moisturized underneath. 

I apply cold-pressed almond oil on in the evening. This has helped with dark under eyes and scars. I let that soak into my skin mostly or completely before apply the Alaffia Face Cream right before bed. What i love about Alaffia products is all of them are fair trade so I know part of the money spent goes to the farmers fairly. A lot - if not all - of their products are vegan (some contain Palm Oil but some consider it vegan) and cruelty fresh. They’re fairly natural. I have used their conditioner as well which is great for many hair types. If my skin is breaking out I apply tea tree oil or lavender oil to it. Tea tree oil tends to dry them out, reducing the size while lavender tends to help with discoloration and make them disappear entirely and add an extra glow to my skin. If your skin is sensitive, then add some water so it’s not as strong or drying. 

Once a week minimum I use the clay. I mix it with rice or apple cider vinegar. I only use apple cider vinegar that is unfiltered and contains “the Mother” so I’m getting the full benefits and it’s not as drying. Some days I add charcoal to the clay as an additional detox. The clay exfoliates, detoxifies, and removes oils and dirt within pores. I leave it on for 30+ minutes unless it starts to itch too badly. I make sure to open my pores with warm water before applying then when rinsing i use lukewarm to cold water to close my pores. It has really helped tighten my skin and deal with scarring/discoloration. 

I tend to spray rose water on my skin after i apply makeup to make it brighter. I spray it on my skin as a toner or just to freshen my skin especially if I didn’t wash it that day. It’s really refreshing and makes my skin feels clean.

I also use a spin brush called Spin for Perfect Skin. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s been life changing. My skin feels amazing. It’s very gentle with the regular cleanser head but it still goes deep enough. It’s helped with scares and evening out my skin from deep pores I used to have. I bought it online and found promo codes that made it only 30$. 

Sorry for such a long thing. I love talking about this but it’s also a big process of how I do things. All of these products are things I use basically everyday or at least weekly. 

None of these products are very expensive. It can go from ~10-30$ so it’s not a big break in your bank. 

anonymous asked:

Top 5 beauty products!

1. estée lauder double-wear foundation
2. desert essence blemish touch stick
3. make the universal stick
4. pixi by petra glow-O2 oxygen mask
5. dior pro fix-it colour

The Care and Wooing of Tony Stark, Billionaire

Part 3 of ? (Ao3 link here) (previous part here)


“You certainly seem agreeable. And you seem to have had a productive week, as well,” Shuri commented, bringing the mail to him the day after he returned to Wakanda.

“You are the one who encouraged me to go,” he reminded her.

With a huff, she shook her head and dumped the mail over the papers he had been reading over. “So smug, so arrogant,” she teased. “Yet you return empty-handed.”

“The patient hunter is the successful hunter,” he murmured. “Besides, I worry about him. He is being run ragged by his responsibilities, and I doubt he takes much time to rest.”

Shuri paused, and then a pleased smile came over her face. “But of course, you are too wise to do the same to yourself. That is why you have gone to bed at a decent hour for these past few months, why you’ve remembered to join your current houseguests and your household for dinner and breakfast, why the past few months have more to a summary than your work with the Council, your petition hearings, and your work on the Accords?”

Leaning back in his chair, he eyed her a minute before smiling. “I’m in too good of a mood to let you upset me,” he replied mildly. “Is it lunch yet?”

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