desert dreams


Mayor Tydaze welcomes you to Oasis!

Dream Address: 5B00-002B-8BBE

This town thrives on the banks of a life-giving river which flows through the middle of a vast, scorching desert. Explore ancient ruins, and ponder the mysteries of the past. There are some who believe these wonders are not of this world… When you tire from the heat, cool off at the mayor’s home with indoor amusements.

Kick your Heels up,

You are only as Strong as your Level of Commitment to Self Care

Woman in Bloom
Carrizo Plain, CA

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if you know of this dessert, tag it/reply with what it’s called in your country

in Croatia, we call them “Jabuke u šlafroku” which literally translates to “Apples wearing bathrobes”

(I know they might look like American donuts to some at first glance, but they’re actually apples fried in a mixture of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, salt and rum - also, Croatian donuts look nothing like this and nothing like American donuts but that’s beside the point)