desert camper

reasons rhett is the sun:

  • light hair 
  • golden boy
  • tall summer god
  • earthy eyes
  • warm
  • tan skin
  • appled cheeks
  • companion
  • bushy mountain man
  • morning showers
  • athletic
  • nature lover
  • daytime adventurer 
  • one with the trees 
  • desert camper 
  • sunbathing 
  • bright
  • glowing
  • constant
  • towers over everyone
  • smarter than you

reasons link is the moon:

  • dark hair
  • silver boy
  • sleek shadow god 
  • baby blue eyes 
  • round moon face
  • beaming white smile
  • occasionally has two faces
  • hidden darkness 
  • nightly showers 
  • can fall asleep in an instant 
  • one with the night 
  • romantic lover 
  • has a star named after him 
  • power over waves and tides
  • glowing (by the light of the sun)
  • here and there
  • foolishly cloudy 
  • timid
  • curious
  • stubborn
  • prettier than everyone
  • cooler than you
Recap and Review: ‘The X-Files: Stolen Lives’

Another audiobook has joined The X-Files library shelf. “The X-Files: Stolen Lives” was released by Audible on October 3rd. Based on the Season 10 comics from IDW, this continues the adventures of Mulder and Scully from “Cold Cases.” The stories are written by Joe Harris, executive produced by Chris Carter, and produced for audible by Dirk Maggs. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi return to their roles, and other fan favorites lend their voices as well. As with the first audiobook, you don’t need to be familiar with the comics to enjoy this audio version, but it does help. If you haven’t yet listened to “Cold Cases” I’d suggest trying that first. The audio series does not follow the timeline established in the TV version of Season 10 so there are events and characters that would seem out of place to new listeners. “Stolen Lives” has some solid scares so if you’re a monster of the week fan you’re in luck. But it also dives into some mythology, though not quite as heavily as “Cold Cases.”

Does “Stolen Lives” pass the bar set by “Cold Cases?”  Hit the jump for our recap and review.

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Camper in Isolation. Kane Creek Canyon, Utah. Valentine’s Day weekend, February 2014.

I’ve been scanning a lot in the past couple of days from our trip to Southern Utah last weekend, and there is a lot to see from it. Sometimes I wonder if my work in the past year seems disjointed to others. When I look back on my work from the past year in its current form, you could say that it seems to hop around a bit from a downtown scene to a trailer against the rising red rock canyon walls behind it, but in my mind the city streets and the country roads meld into a common theme. The humanity of it all is a fickle thing to lay a finger on, and I shall keep trying.


Time lapse view of clouds and the landscape of salt flats east of the Cascade peaks, Washington state