desert bus 5

Morgana: Miss Anne, I never looked

Anne: it wasn’t that you didn’t look, it was you COULDN’T look because you transformed into the car


RIP Daniel Davis

Way back in Desert Bus 5 we were floored to be contacted by the make-a-wish foundation, who informed us that a young man with cancer wanted to see us.

Daniel’s visit to the fundraiser was something special, and I maintained contact with him through facebook over the years.

He was an inspiration in his perseverance, going in and out of medical care so frequently. But he was always stubbornly moving forward, brightly alive and swinging with both fists every day. He inspired my gift art above; cheers for a young man who just refused to go down.

In the end, cancer took him in his sleep - probably because it was too afraid to face his waking bravery. He will be dearly missed.