desert burst


blizzard just hit me w/ a preview of the upcoming overwatch map

no heroes, no payload, no control point, no flag, just you and a canteen of water as you drift through a desert by the sea where flying cars burst from the sand

The Iconic Druid

Name: Kurn Alfjund, The White Wolf

Age: 31

Race: Half-Orc

Class: Druid

Alignment: Neutral Good. Life is, above all else, sacred, and it must be preserved at any cost. Likewise, anything which threatens or defies life is to be eradicated as soon as possible, even if that means ending one life to save several others. In the natural world, there exists both order and chaos, each of which should be maintained if balance is to endure.

Signature Powers: Wild Shape, Wild Empathy, Commune with Nature

Signature Weapon: Nature, Desert Sun (An enchanted scimitar with a history longer than even Kurn is aware. Granted to him by his adopted father, Ahad, Kurn carries the sword more for sentimetal value than for practical use. When commanded, the blade of the Desert Sun bursts into holy flames, ready to destroy all that is unnatural and unholy.)

Signature Skills: Crafting, Herbalism

History: Far to the north, in the eternally frigid lands which, for the most part, remain undisturbed by mortals, the stone walls of Fort Winterwall stand in stark contrast to the snowy expanse surrounding them. To the west, an ancient forest lies quietly, as if waiting patiently as eons go by. To the east, massive peaks rise from the frozen wasteland, housing the valuable mithril mine which the fort was constructed to protect. Aside from the fort and its meager inhabitants, the only signs of life in the wastes are the wild beasts and the savage orcs, although the latter generally aren’t much of an improvement over the former. These orcs have, on occasion, beseiged the fort in order to pillage the valuable resources within, but the walls have yet to be conquered. However, a few raids have been successful in infiltrating the fort and capturing a few unlucky victims. One such victim was Marta Alfjund, a priestess serving at the fort’s temple. Upon her rescue by Ahad, a dashing young mage from the southern deserts, and Kurn, a turncoat orc who died during the rescue mission, she returned home to the fort. Shortly after, it became clear that she was with child, presumably Ahad’s as they had spent a great deal of time together after their return. However, once the child was born, his orcish heritage was all too clear.

   Thus, we begin the tale of Kurn Alfjund, who was given the name of the brave orc who sacrificed himself to save the life of a child he would never know existed. With his mother being a priestess and his adopted father being a wizard, Kurn spent a great deal of time studying a large variety of subjects, ranging from religion to history to magic to science, as well as more practical skills such as herbalism, healing, and even the creation of magical items. Like all inhabitants of Fort Winterwall, Kurn was also assigned certain duties for the good of the community. In particular, he acted as a scout, a hunter, and a gatherer as needed.

   On one fateful foray into the forest, the lone Kurn was beset by a pack of wolves. While he had slain his fair share of beasts before, he had no illusions of dispatching a dozen wolves without any aid. As the alpha male of the pack approached him, Kurn locked eyes with the beast, hoping to intimidate the creature into fleeing. However, within the beast’s eyes lied a gentleness and intelligence which Kurn and never expected to find in a wild animal. It was then that he laid his weapons down and knelt on the cold ground, extending his open hand to the slowly approaching wolf, which paused for a moment, seemingly surprised by the peaceful gesture. The wolf then brushed against Kurn’s outstretched palm and gave it a gentle tug, eventually guiding him to an uncannily peaceful and silent grove. It was here that Kurn sat in meditation for hours on end, not truly knowing why until the end. In his mind, he heard the wilds calling out to him, crying for him. As the gentle wind rustled the leaves of the trees and the final rays of sunlight desended below the horizon, Kurn returned home, bringing with him something he had not carried before.

   Within the heart of Kurn, a new energy was found. As he continued his studies, he continued to experience nature’s call and would return to the hidden grove at any opporunity. While meditating in the forest, he learned more of the world around him and of himself, growing alongside the trees which stood like ancient sentinels, never tiring of their ceaseless watch. As his knowledge grew, his powers followed suit. As he learned more of nature, he learned to become one with it, whether that be in a literal sense or a more metaphorical one. He could bend natural forces to his will and take the form of the wild beasts which so often served as his friends, companions, and allies. As the call grew louder, Kurn realized that he must leave his home and family behind and give himself to the world. Thus, he said his farewells to his mother, father, and a few close friends before quietly wandering off. As the sentries witnessed a lone white wolf slowly roam off into the moonlit blizzard, Kurn left his old life, and his pawprints, behind him and never looked back.