desert aisha

era-x  asked:

Give me the most awesome fregeen dragon you can dooooooo!!!!! *0*

I wanted to make it in full paper but only half of it do XD this took me 2 days haha

It’s a Desert Dragon named Aisha Jakard a chic that’s a dragon


💖💖🎈🍭👉 FOR SALE 👈 🍭🎈💖💖

Please read everything before messaging!

🍓 Click pictures to view captions for prices (they’ll be under the cut too). Feel free to ask for more pictures or more info (like if they have tags, their year, etc).

🍓 I only ship in the U.S. and I only take payments thru paypal.

🍓 Listed prices do not include shipping. Message me with what you want to buy + your zip code to get an estimated shipping cost.

🍓 Please use the IM system, it’s easier for me! Either on here or on my main blog @bugpunk​ (please don’t send messages to both).

🍓 EVERYTHING COMES FROM A PET + SMOKE FRIENDLY HOME though most things have been stashed away in storage for quite some time.

🍓 It could take me up to 3 weeks to send out packages so please please consider this before messaging. I can always wait for you to send the payment as long as you’re a serious buyer (don’t ask me to wait or hold an item if you are just “considering”). I can usually get things out by the end of the week on Fridays but due to things out of my control it can sometimes take longer. It’s totally understandable to not want to wait that long but please don’t bother inquiring if it’s going to be a problem (I don’t mind keeping in contact/keeping you updated during this time though).

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