And notice that they didn’t show the cops bodies. You notice that? I didn’t see any footage. I didn’t see a meme. I didn’t see a gif. I didn’t see a picture circulating.

It’s like the white body is so sacred that you can’t show a body that’s bleeding out or dying out or shot. Like you can’t. But with us, it’s circulated like nothing. And that is so problematic to me. Like, you have to be so mindful of how media treats us.

You know, we get the mugshots. Even if it has nothing to do with the crime, our mugshot will go up. These men were killed, but you’re posting their mugshots? But the cops get their cop pictures with the the American flag behind them and the Golden Retriever, but the victim gets the mugshot.
—  Francheska, on how the media disrespects, criminalizes and desensitizes the public to black murder victims, but is carful to reverently depict slain police officers | related post »here

My son is a very smart 6 year old. My son is also 4’ 5 inches at 6 years old… The store we went into had cnn on and they were talking about black lives.. How many young men have died..
My 6 year old said after seeing a picture of Tamir Rice…“mommy am I next?”
That shit hurts… I can’t even stop my baby from feeling this way…. #blacklivesmatter#desensitizing#demoralizing#dehumanizing#staywoke

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anonymous asked:

Could you please explain why you believe scaring your horse for over an hour, to the point they shake and mentally shut down, is training you're proud of? What you described sounds like mental abuse.

It’s called desensitizing. Look it up. We are teaching him that the tarp won’t eat him or hurt him. You clearly know nothing about horse training sweet anon.


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‘Breaking through the past by taking a more ‘open minded’ stance in societies where money dictates the trends of the world, has become humanity’s drive to ‘get rid of the past’ through consuming, transcending ‘morals’  and what is usually considered as ‘politically incorrect,’ which has become the usual way of human beings to shout out to the world: we’re not alright, yet we can ‘handle’ the truth and numb our reactions to acknowledge what is actually going on in this world through neglecting anything that goes on here and see it just as another picture shown on TV, newspapers or magazines.

Desensitizing is then from the perspective of losing all common sense as the sensual-physical reality that is here – this is done through building a nice niche for ourselves through spirituality/ god, entertainment, jobs, sports,  virtually anything and all that can allow us to escape from our reality. It seems that it doesn’t really matter what images we get to see in the media, we will simply continue digesting them like any other piece of cake, losing all sense of realizing that such war images, poverty, abuse and chaos on the streets of some other place is still part of the same Earth that we all live in = it is ourselves in fact.’

Plastic bag desensitizing! (Session 5 with the mustang I think?)

Now that Remy knows to lower his head and give a relaxation response when I scratch him all over his body, I built on that by trying the same thing except using a ~terrifying~ plastic bag. Before this I worked on targeting the bag with his nose until he was comfortable with it.

Here’s a small clip from today!

Another. Another new morning shadowed by an umbrella of terror and loss and violence and tears. How many more? What do we do when we feel ourselves running out of words for what keeps happening? I do not know this, but I think we must simply not run out. When we stop speaking out for the need for love and grace in the face of hatred and terror, the terror wins, the hatred can spread, watered by our numb apathy and desensitized aching fear. There is one solution to all this, there has always been one, and it is love. Love is our weapon and love is our shield, and now, more than ever, we need to give it away, freely and unafraid. I don’t know what else to do, save this, so I will love, and I will not run out of words, no matter how many more mornings I wake, shadowed and heartbroken, ashamed of what we are doing to one another. I am sorry, for all this.

one thing i truly hate about books/movies/shows etc is that they caused me to be slightly scared of disabled people. 

i have a little girl i know, has a couple conditions: she’s blind so her eyes are unfocused and going in every other direction, can’t walk, has an iv drip hanging from her, moves around oddly by dragging herself places, drapes her head from the couch and screams at intervals.

and she is a little girl.

she laughs when you play with her, smiles when you tell her how cute she is. laughs when you tickle her stomach. nods her head with you when you play with her. clutches your hand tightly. smiles sweetly, and is beautiful. a head of black curls and very, very blue eyes. pink lips and a sculpted face. like a doll, nearly.

and entertainment likes to paint these little, doll like kids as things to be afraid of, possessed and whatnot. they paint these kids who need people the most as unapproachable and terrifying. my heart melted being with her and i was truly angry at myself for ever ever ever being afraid around her. she’s just a CHILD, one robbed of her childhood at that. how could i have ever dared be afraid of her??? 

i was really disgusted with myself. these kids need people, they need us the most and we have the audacity to liken them to a thing of horror for the sake of entertainment. i really and truly hated myself for looking at her like that even for a moment. may God make me able to see things for what they are and stop watching/reading such garbage because it hasn’t done me an ounce of benefit, truly. it just erased my humanity.

Twitter is a reflection of how racist  and anti-black woman, America still is...

FreeMilo is trending on Twitter with a bunch of racist white people bitter and salty about the whole Leslie Jones thing. Because it was not in his position to tell Leslie Jones how to respond to racism being aimed at her. They’re also circulating fake tweets to desensitize people to the racism she experienced. It’s so ridiculous, I can not stand white people. None of them were preaching freedom of speech when Azealia Banks got banned. It’s funny they all of a sudden care about a gay people when they bashed Deray, a gay black man, for his political views all up and down Twitter some days ago. Gay black men are not defended like gay white men are. White people, who I constantly see bash and shame lgbt people 24/7 sure band together when they want to justify being racist towards a black woman (Leslie Jones). White people openly band together to be racist when the subject is a black woman because no one comes our defense. Twitter and that Milo hashtag proves how racist and self entitled white people still are,and will always be.

Never seen Rem act the way he did with Adam, very calm but cautious. When Adam would giggle & scream trying to get remmy to trot. he’d just perk his ears and continue walking as if he was saying “no, let’s walk”. Let him crawl under him, play with his face, crawl all over him, etc. #desensitizing #goodwithkids #calm #bayroan #remington #babysitting #horse

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Clipping tip!

If you have a horse who has never been clipped, or who is extremely frightened by clippers, it can be a scary thing for both of you. If you want to do some desensitizing, but are worried about the horses reaction, and possibly cutting or injuring the horse if they freak out or spook, then this might work for you. Go to a grocery store and purchase a cheap electronic tooth brush. They vibrate similarly to a pair of cordless clippers and make a similar noise. Start with getting the horse comfortable with the toothbrush. Let them inspect it, and when okay, start rubbing them with the toothbrush all over. Once they are okay being touched everywhere with the toothbrush, spend extra time focusing on the main areas you want to clip, bridle path, ears, face and muzzle. Or various body parts if you’re doing a trace or full clip. When your horse is ready, start introducing the toothbrush to them with it turned on. Go slowly and do many short sessions if you have a horse that is easily stressed. Repeat the same steps you used with the toothbrush off. It’s easy enough that you could do a five minute session before and after riding every day or randomly throughout a day spent at the barn. When the horse is no longer reactive to being rubbed with the vibrating toothbrush, you’re ready to follow the same steps over again with the actual pair of clippers! -ihsyasinnad

I was thinkin about how ppl say the media shows Black bodies to desensitize us to it & I realized.. I have never seen a dead White person.

I’ve seen plenty of dead Black people online, but never a dead white person. Unless you count the funeral scene in Mommie Dearest 🌚

Never ever.

Article includes strategies for dealing with it.

What Is a Constant Cycle of Violent News Doing to Us?

It depends on the individual, but living in a digitally linked world where broadcasts of violence are instantaneous and almost commonplace means that many of us are becoming desensitized, Anita Gadhia-Smith, a psychologist in Washington, said Friday.

“With the frequency of shootings and terror attacks there is a sense of anxiety that’s building in people,” she said, “a sense of vulnerability and powerlessness.”

Dr. Smith added: “There is a heightened alarm, but there can also be some desensitization that’s happening.”

The constant stream of news on social media can also be traumatic. A team of researchers at the University of Bradford in England told a British psychology conference last year that exposure to violent imagery on social media can cause symptoms that are similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, defined as a persistent emotional reaction to a traumatic event that severely impairs one’s life.


Exposure therapy is a type of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) technique that is frequently used in the treatment of PTSD and phobias.

It is imperative that this type of therapy be completed by an experienced, licensed therapist who specializes in exposure therapy. The reason it’s so important is because if they do it wrong, you can be retraumatized and actually come out of therapy worse than when you went in. It is perfectly fine to ask to see a therapist’s resume, ask them when they were last trained in a specific type of therapy, or if they are currently seeing other clients using the same techniques.

In PTSD, exposure therapy works by helping the person gain control over the fear and pain associated with the trauma. This must be done carefully without re-traumatizing the patient. Sometimes flooding is best, but there are also gradual desensitization techniques as well.

In phobias, relaxation techniques and imagery are very important as they can be used to slowly introduce the phobia and then be able to calm themselves down quickly afterward. You then gradually get closer and closer to the feared thing, all the while checking in with yourself and using your breathing or imagery techniques as needed to calm yourself back down.
I hope you found this helpful! Know that exposure therapy can be really beneficial, as long as we go through it with a trained professional. xox