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Part two of the Sketchy Cafe! This time adding more characters to the team!

This came to me when I was in a restaurant and my mom was like  “Stop using the napkings!” xD

Time for credits!

Template and Pale @unu-nunu-art

Classic!Sans/Shyren/Asriel/Muffet/Napstablook - Toby Fox

Swap!Muffet - Undertale Comunity

Fell!Sans - Undertale Comunity

Fresh!Sans @loverofpiggies (why the link doesn’t appear?)

Splatter and Gradient @askcomboclub

Moku and Sprinkles @6agentgg9

BlueScreen @7goodangel and @askinfresh

Littletale!Sans @mudkipful

TimeKid!Sans @perfectshadow06

????!Sans, Blueprint, that weird temmie and Mint- ME kjsjs


Swapfell and fellswap skelebros doodles

nwn)/ I desing my own version bc I like alot much varius desing soo… I fusion more and less them with things of each i like more.

Fellswap sans inspirate by my bae @tatsublood and @xladymali

fellswap pup @imjustalazycat @kyoma1719 (kyo tag the desing like swapfell) and and the actual designer of fellswap (dont tag him.shyshy :w:)

swapfell sans @ethallypink and the old desing of the swapfell.

:w:) i dont want tag more bc im shy …

Love Like You, full version
Rebecca Sugar
Love Like You, full version

Love Like You, full version!

i noticed a new bit of love like you at the end of Steven Floats, so i looked it up, and the full song is actually already available!! so of course, i had to find an instrumental and cover it. this song is so beautiful. i love this show.

instrumental found here!!


So now we have our characters in groups but please everyone send me your soul horses so I can make a desing for them. I tagged everyone

So far I know:
Astrid Starwright - Midnight (friesian)
Zelda Dusknight - Phantom (friesian)
Vera Lightmoore - Prism (firesian)

Amira Darkhall - Cethin (black lipizzaner)
Allison Nightstar - Alex (chesnut TB)
Astrid Bluenest - Carrotcake (haflinger)
Colette Mitstar - Hawk(heart) (jorvik WB)
Eden Dawnvalley - Phoenix (buckskin morgan/friesian cross)
Emilie Catnight - Henry (dark morgan with light mane uggh idk the correct name for the color)

Dakota Moonchild - Baymax (white/gray shire)
Esmeralda Shadowlord - Dancer (dapple gray w/ black mane jorvik WB)
Kate Swiftsea - Laurens (red roan mustang)
Aaliyah Archdotter - Moon (white/gray jorvik WB with balck mane)
Samantha Waterwright - Honey (’buckskin’ mustang)
Lara Easthill - Berlin (bay/paint icelandic)
Odette Fauna Lee - Rose (bay jorvik WB)
Danielle Rivergarden - Rose (jorvik WB)
Alessa Duskhill - Star (dark bay jorvik WB)

Dakota Lightwood - Stormking (blue-black JWH)
Crystal Rainsmith - Larry (AQH)
Anne Greenbell - Scully (chestnut TB)
Katelyn Silvernose - Suki (black lipizzaner)
Scarlett Graytree - Lilo (seal bay oldenburg WB maybe ends up as a jorvik warmblood here sorry)