Closed Starter: hypercleath

          Darkness had surrounded the entrance to the underground, with merely a spotlight of natural light shining down through the vast hole and down upon the large bed of golden buttercups. Little specs of dust can be seen flowing through the light along with tiny bugs soaring through the source. Then all of a sudden, the light grew brighter when a magnificent figure was slowly descending down along the beam. 

          The figure that was floating downwards had the resemblance of a goddess, with wings of crystal that reflected any source of light that was around. A  kaleidoscope followed right beside and behind her. These butterflies had wings of many resplendent colors, and gave off such a joyous flow in the way they would dance in the dusty air. Moments passed, and the angelic woman had landed onto the patch of yellow flowers with her two high-heeled feet. The holy paragon shedded her crystalline wings until they disappeared from sight, and her winged companions flew underneath her sparkly cowl where she didn’t reveal her own head. The figure that was being spoken about, was named as Naomi.

          Naomi observed the buttercups underneath her feet, kneeling down and caressing the petals of one flower. “These flowers feel beyond strange. I think I’m getting closer to where I truly need to be.” The angel said softly to herself, standing back up straight before looking forward towards the dark corridor. She walked forward and stepped off from the flower patch, and the sound of her heels clacking against the stone floor filled the empty space. Her body shined off an abnormal light around her, being a clear sight wherever she was. “I need to find them, and bring them back to where they once lived.” Her thoughts spoke out from her thin lips, reassurring herself that she will bring back the six human beings back home, unscathed and protected.