So apparantly someone has been receiving anon hate again while I was asleep. I swear to the Gods, how immature can you be if you need to tell someone to kill themselves, just to make yourself feel better? Well let me tell you something. Maybe you like the power you have over someone, but there’s no way in Heaven or Hell that you are going to feel better about yourself once you realise someone gave up all the years of life they had left because you told them so.

What on earth do you gain from spreading such negativity? Does it make you feel tough? Does it make you feel brave and powerful and like you’re on top of the world? Well let me tell you something, darling. The world’s a lonely place at the top. Continue your childish behaviour and you’ll soon find you have no one left to talk to.

Most bullies act out of fear of exposing their own vulnerabilities. Hoping that leaving a trail of desctruction along their way, will draw the attention to the destruction instead of to the mess they are themselves. Perhaps you should consider working on your own attitude and your own life, instead of trying to tear someone else’s down. 

To those who are bullied, no matter online or offline, you are not alone. If you ever need to talk to someone, I am here. Stay strong and keep smiling. ♥

pietromanofff asked:

well i mean in terms of the mushroom cloud i guess in some situations it looks like a small chode but then again they're rE A LLY STUBBY LIKE

yeah i mean dicks arent that wide but still they kinda remind me of atj’s dick actually i mean all that power of desctruction they carry along JUST MAN