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Writing Image Descriptions

I wish more people would try to write at least some of their own image descriptions for the pictures and images that they share.

Yes, blind people do use the Internet–I have literally known dozens of blind people who are using computers every day to do their jobs, including using the web. I have even known blind computer programmers and IT experts, including at least one who is deafblind (i.e., both deaf and blind).  They way they do it is that they have software that can convert text into speech.  (Or, for deafblind people, software can convert text into braille with the use of a braille output device that they connect to their computer. ) But this only helps for text that a computer will recognize as text. If you just have an image, including scanned images of text or text on top of gif images, then screen reading software will not help. But if people provide image descriptions, then that gives blind people another way to understand what the pictures show and what message people are meant to get from the pictures.

Image descriptions do not only help blind people. Some people need to turn off all images for various reasons – for example, people with photosensitive epilepsy are at risk of seizures if they see flashing light images, and turn off images to keep themselves safe. Some people have visual processing disorders, which means they can see things but the part of their brain that processes visual input and interprets it may not work properly so they may miss a lot of important detail unless someone helps point out key elements in the image.

Blind people often have a lot of frustration using the internet because, even though there is a lot of content perfectly accessible for them, there is also a lot of content they can’t see that doesn’t come with image descriptions. This is similar to the frustration that we deaf people feel when we come across a video we want to see but can’t, because the video doesn’t have captions to tell us what people are saying in the video.

I try to write image descriptions at my blog as much as feasible. But sometimes I see posts going around that I would really *like* to share, but I have to ignore them because I just don’t have time to keep writing image descriptions for every post I see that I would like to share. If more people wrote at least some of their own image descriptions then I could share more of their images with my followers.  

I’m glad for blogs like @image-descriptions (which shares images with image descriptions) but wish it wasn’t so rare for people to write their own image descriptions.

Please consider adding image descriptions to at least some of the images that you post. Even if you might not have followers who need them, some of the people who reblog them from you might have blind followers or others who need them.

Dialogue Breakdown

Dialogue is an important part of storytelling. While I’m not perfect by any means, I definitely consider this to be my strength when it comes to writing. So hopefully I can shed some light on this subject and help those that want to improve their dialogue in some capacity.

Internalized thoughts:

  • I consider internalized thoughts dialogue said to oneself. Which is why I’m going to talk about it here.
  • I like to use dialogue for characterization, mostly. Since it really won’t move the story forward (since the character is only thinking it to themselves), I find it helps to create juxtaposition between what is said and thought.
  • Examples of how to use what is said vs. what is thought to create drama
    • Character is quiet or seems that way, and thinks a LOT more than what they say
    • A character is a liar, so they may say one thing, but we don’t know it’s a lie until they think it
    • A character is trying to examine someone or something else silently
    • A mute character
    • A character that reads minds—can be challenging but fun to write


  • Speech and creating personality:
    • Think about the way someone speaks: accents, if they use curse words, if they’re always “proper” or always using slang
    • Think about what they say vs. what they won’t. Are they falsely sweet? Always challenging someone?
    • Having one character have a saying they always use is a fun way to build personality. For instance, Ron in the Harry Potter books always saying “Bloody hell”. You can come up with your own creative “curse words” that aren’t actually curse words. That will definitely up the personality of the writing and characters.
  • Advice for writing dialogue
    • If you have trouble varying the speech between characters, I’d suggest 1. Listening to people around you and what they say and how. 2. To practice. 
    • Think about various emotions and how that can change the tone, words chosen, etc. Speech and dialogue will really speed up scenes. So if you feel like a chapter is paced a little bit too slowly, adding some dialogue between characters will speed it up.
    • If you’re stronger at description and find you never add enough dialogue, look through your piece and think about various areas that could be changed to dialogue instead of description OR scenes that could have a small but interesting conversation. 
    • On the same note, sometimes it’s easier to describe a conversation than write it all out. 
      • For example, conversations that happened in the past that someone is describing, conversations that perhaps are important to know happened in general but not in detail, etc. 
    • You don’t always have to write out the FULL conversation. A good example of this is phone conversations. Writing out all the pleasantries (greetings and polite “how are you”s) really aren’t necessary. Get the main “point” of the conversation. I.e. why it is important for the reader to know.
    •  Not every line of dialogue needs a dialogue tag (i.e. “she said”). If it’s between two people, and they’re really going at it (because they’re angry or they’re playfully bantering or something), the dialogue tags become unnecessary and honestly bog down the quick flow. Just clue the readers every few lines or so. 
    • Read your conversations out loud! Does anything sound awkward or unnatural? Hearing it will help clue you into those areas that could be changed or revised. 

Happy to answer any questions. Happy Writing!

One Direction Telephone Game: 
a collaborative art game for 1D fanartists!

How it Works
The game will start with an initial piece. A description of the image will be written & sent to the next artist on the list. That artist will then create a piece based on that description. This process repeats until the final artist creates the final piece!

Please see the the about page & the sign-up page for artist requirements & information about how to sign-up!

(This event does not welcome tinhats.)

Loathing [b.b] (5/10)

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Series Title: Loathing (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, mentions of Sam Wilson
Warnings: Alternate Universe, minor swearing
Word Count: 2,867
Requested: No
Short Description: You try to process the news Steve gave you as Bucky tries to figure out how to tell you himself; not realising that you already know he’s in love with you. Nat sets you up on a blind date with another guy and it doesn’t go the way you expected it too.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Bucky told me he was in love with you.” Steve had told you, smiling giddily. Obviously, he was drunk. “I have no idea why I hadn’t suspected it.” Steve went on, still looking satisfied with himself. “I mean, he’s always been protective of you. Despite all of the constant tormenting, of course.” 

“Stevie, I think you’re drunk.” You told your older brother gently, brows folded together with concern. “Bucky isn’t in love with me. I mean, you have to be pretty damn drunk to think that he is.” You added, mostly to yourself as you pondered it over.

“He admitted it just three days ago!” Steve exclaimed, looking offended that you would assume he was lying. His brows were pulled together as he looked you up and down, shaking his head slightly as if he couldn’t believe you. The sight was humorous, but you didn’t feel amused. “Three! That’s like… one more than two.” He added, looking cross with you.

This reaction was even more comical, but you weren’t in the mood to smile at that point. “Steve…” you said his name, annunciating the syllable very carefully as you forced him to pay meticulous attention to your words. “I think you’ve told me something that you weren’t supposed to.” You told him in a cautious tone. “If you’re sure that what you’re saying is true.”

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National Volunteer Week!

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we are saying “thanks” to all the volunteers here at the National Archives at Riverside.  Currently there are 13 active volunteers who help with the processing and description of records and assisting genealogists in our Computer Access Research Room.

Lynn, a Tuesday volunteer, is currently processing Record Group 95, Department of Agriculture “Subject Files, 1905-2000” created by the San Bernardino National Forest.  She enjoys finding maps of the forest from the 1890s and old photographs of Idyllwild, California, from the 1930s.

Stephen, a Friday volunteer, is currently processing Record Group 75, Bureau of Indian Affairs “Individual Indian Identification Cards, 1929” created by the Sells Agency. He likes learning about the series and the name variations between the Spanish and English names.

Gloria, a Wednesday volunteer, is currently processing Record Group 75, Bureau of Indian Affairs “Individual Indian History Files, 1908-1915” created by the Sells Agency. She recently found reference to a man named Michael Geronimo, who arrived at the Sells Agency and claimed to be the son of the famous Geronimo from the Apache tribe.  Michael Geronimo said he joined the circus at a young age and came from New York City; however, he died of a serious case of tuberculosis about a week after reporting this.

Thank you, volunteers!

Recipe: Roasted Hazelnuts

Description: The roasting process creates a rich forest flavor. 

Game ingredients: Hazelnut (3)

This recipe restores 175 energy and 70 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 270g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 30 minutes. 

-Hazelnuts, whole and deshelled

Preheat the oven to 450°F. On a cookie sheet, spread out the hazelnuts so they’re not all clumped together. 

Bake for 8 minutes. If you have a kitchen fan, turn it on or open some windows. The skins on the hazelnuts will turn black quickly and the oven will become fairly smokey. Don’t overcook.

Let the hazelnuts cool for 15-20 minutes. The skins easily come off. The easiest way to remove them is to take a small handful in your palm and rub your hands together. The hazelnuts will grind together and break off the skins.

The nuts can be eaten plain or used in recipes. I ground up half a cup of roasted hazelnuts in a food processor and added them to Cookies

They can also be cooked in a bit of olive oil (just until the nuts are hot) and then rolled in salt and herbs, or chopped up and added to salads. 

Roasted hazelnuts taste nuttier and turn a golden brown when cooked. They’re a versatile ingredient as they can be used in sweet or savory recipes. 


Biology Side of Tumblr Tackles Chapter 85

(( As some of you may know, I’m currently an Environmental Public Health major with a Biology minor. Genetics is my jam, so let me just dissect this most recent chapter and all the technological mumbo jumbo in it for a bit.

This long-ass post has been brought to you by trying to avoid writing a paper and studying for finals.

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Sharon gives an excellent description of the process.

From @sharon_g_pottery - Real time carving of a flower. This clay is hard-leather-hard, cold to the touch. After I throw it, I let it set up on plaster for several days -covered in plastic- to make sure it has a consistent wetness throughout. After I trim, I comb, and then carve each flower with a round, wire sculpting tool. A cup takes about 15 min.
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#potterymaking #art #craft #cerámica #cerâmica

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Let Me Show You

Title: Let Me Show You
Pairing: kaisoo (top!soo)
Genre: smut, pwp, slight!fluff, pierced!soo
Rating: NC17
Length: Oneshot (12825w)
Warnings: sexual tension, semi-detailed description of piercing process, dom!soo, innocent!jongin, sexual use of piercings, dirty talk, rough sex, milk facefucking, rimming, spanking, breathplay


 [Image Description: Three images showing processes of a spell bottle. First image shows the supplies, including a lit candle, drying roses, stones, a bottle partially filled with salt, and flower pods. The other two images show the completed spell bottle with the listed ingredients now filling the bottle.]

Self-Love & Protection Spell Bottle

Speaking as someone who lives with debilitating pain and various chronic health issues, sometimes self-love can be in short stock. It’s hard to love yourself when your body is a constant source of pain and frustration. That’s why I decided to come up with this spell to help protect the love you have for yourself, and to use it as its own source of protection!


  • Small bottle with a cap (you will need something with a lid)
  • Salt
  •  Pink rose petals
  • Echinecea pods (aka purple cone flower)
  • Beeswax from a candle
  • White, red, or pink candle

These items can be substituted for your own ingredients. The important thing is that they represent to you love, courage, and protection. If something feels right, go with it! I used things I had around my house. I have a wild garden in my backyard and found cone flower back there this summer (it also makes a great tea and helps to boost the immune system, which my failing body definitely needs). Any items that you associate with the qualities I list with the directions can be substituted out. Make this spell your own!


  1. Light your candles to focus your energy and set the mood. I lit both a white candle and my beeswax candle before I started working because I wanted to use the beeswax later in the spell. The various colored candles are chosen for their associations with love and protection–white is a good general use candle and I always have tapered white candles around myself. (On the subject of setting the mood–I didn’t chant or repeat anything in my head while making this. Instead I focused on listing the things I love about myself. You can even whisper them into the bottle if you’d like as you proceed.)
  2. Pour salt into your bottle until it’s about ¼th full. The salt absorbs the energies you are channeling into the bottle and also acts as a protector against negative psychic energies (such as self-deprecating thoughts).
  3. Add rose petals to the bottle. They can be dried or fresh. The pink represents love for yourself and from others.
  4. Add echinacea pods to the bottle. Echinacea provides inner strength, protection, and heightens the abilities of the other ingredients.
  5. Add some wax drips to the inside of the bottle from the beeswax candle for courage, independence, overcoming odds, and passion. (Side note: I’ve read beeswax is best used in spells on Tuesdays, but I’ve made this bottle for myself and others several times and it has not been negatively affected by making it on any other day of the week.)
  6. Add more salt, any charms or stones associated with self-love, and close the bottle. Good stones for this include amethyst and rose quartz. Anything that you associate with qualities you enjoy about yourself is important to add here. I’ve added the ashes from sigils to my bottle as the sigils were also about self-care and inner strength, etc. If you’d like me to make a sigil for you to add to your own bottle, check out my sigil commissions.
  7. Use wax from your white/pink/red candle to seal the bottle. Store the spell someplace you will see it daily. I recommend somewhere you get ready for the day so you can fill yourself with its energies to start the day!

Remember you can change this however you need to suit your purpose and abilities. If this sounds like a lot of work, skip the wax bits. Magic is less about the concoction and more about the energy you’re placing into it! If you try this spell, let me know how it turns out!

A Simplified Guide to What MBTI Actually Is

Forget everything you know about MBTI. 

This is the easiest thing to do at this point, quite honestly, because all the popularized information about MBTI is pretty much wrong.

I’ll try to keep this short. Before I start, I want to say that I’m an INTJ, and I use Ni, Te, Fi, and Se functions, and these descriptions are based on my personal understanding of the cognitive functions which I’ve gathered from over three years of studying MBTI on my own time and talking to people who know far more about it than I ever will.

Eight Cognitive Functions

Basically, what MBTI actually is is a theory to describe processes of thinking. Each MBTI type is a unique process of thinking. That’s ALL it is, a description of a process. It’s crucial to think of MBTI as this and not anything more or less, because if you do that, then you’re going to get it wrong.

Processes of thinking can be described sort of like a train. There are four carts on each train, one that leads, one that goes at the end, two in the middle. Together, they make a complete train, and allow you to navigate through different ideas.

There are eight possible carts to go on the train, but every person uses four. These carts, in Jungian terminology, are called COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS. The reason we use four, is because for every one cognitive function it has a counterpart, and you can either have one or the other, not both.

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Strange Happenings - Ch. 2

Originally posted by reylo-musings

Summary: Deciding this concept is totally mini series worthy! After agreeing to take him in, you decide to start introducing Kylo to his new home. The most mundane part of your days suddenly become entertaining as you try and get Kylo to understand it all.

A/N: I know not all readers are from the states, but for the sake of visuals of a store that had it all Target just made sense, lol

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

Your alarm blared loudly as you hazily fluttered your eyes open to see the red 10:00 blinking at you. Finally fishing your arm out from under your pillow, you swung it over and hit the off button. Releasing a groan, you pulled back under the covers, relishing in the warmth of the sheets. 

Hearing a soft snore off to the side, you remembered your guest. You rolled over to the other side of the bed to see if Kylo was asleep on the floor. Sure enough as you peered over you saw his large frame curled up in the blankets, his hair sprawled out over his pillow and his mouth just barely open with the softest sounds of snores escaping his lips. You smiled at the sight, remembering how grateful to you he had been for you taking him in. 

Just as you went over the thought again you saw him stir. The sounds of joints popping and cracking followed by a bear like yawn filled the room as he started sitting up right, turning on his side. Propped on his elbow he looked up at you with heavy eyes and a barely noticeable smile. 


He simply hummed in response with a nod. You laughed softly, “I think we need some coffee.”

Deciding you were too exhausted to cook and your guests pale complexion called for some real nourishment that didn’t entail kids cereal, you took him to a local diner. Even the 2 minute walk down the street turned into an adventure for Kylo. Just like a kid walking through a candy store his eyes were all over the place, glimmering with curiosity. Though his questions were persistent, you found them adorable. 

Why are we stopping? Did that little box just tell me to wait? Where do those drains go? Are there always this many cars? What’s that furry little creature doing in that woman’s bag? What’s a happy hour? Can we go later? Why are your roads so primitive? Don’t you have hover crafts yet? How do those people get all of those images on their clothes? You have entire stores for just mattresses? What’s that smell? How can a business be open 24 hours? Don’t they sleep?

Once you were finally seated in the booth, you watched him fall silent as he stared intently at his menu. The look on his face seemed so serious, yet you were sure he just had no idea what anything on the menu was. His eyes scanned up and down the plastic pages slowly, biting his lip in concentration. Clearing your throat he looked back up at you. 

“Personally I’d go for the pancakes.” 

He looked back at the menu, intently reading the description, processing the words. You could only imagine how much he was struggling to understand what any of it meant. There had to be some similarities between your worlds, but you wouldn’t be sure with how much there was to compare. There had to be things like wheat, water obviously, but everything else you didn’t give a second thought could be entirely new to him. The possibilities intrigued you. A moment later he simply nodded in approval of your suggestion. 

“The picture looks good.”

Was he really staring at the picture of pancakes for that long? Whatever works.. 

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How did we get here? Click on this link to read the first part of the imagine!


You couldn’t be quite certain of how long you remained sitting in that room, too frightened to move.

It was very possibly that you had only been alone for a few minutes; but perhaps it had actually been closer to a couple of hours.

At this point, it was really anyone’s guess.

You were confused, upset, and cold, the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins, causing your front teeth to bang together with an audible clack. The runny liquid coating your inner thighs, calves, and ankles made your maternity jeans feel stiff to the touch, more than likely chafing your soft skin. 

“F…Fu…Fuck,” you chattered, clawing your fingernails into the wooden armrest of your chair until they began to bleed. 

As you were more concerned with the idea that you might be giving birth to your son, completely alone, on a questionably clean floor, you couldn’t tell whether your contractions had begun; though, you would bet dollars to doughnuts that they had. 

In other words, you needed to move,


Pinching your shoulder blades together, and pushing upward with your arms, you balanced yourself on the balls of your feet, before waddling out of the room, a small trail of pinkish colored liquid following in your wake. Doing everything in your power to keep from stumbling, you pressed your hand against the wall, and made sure to move your feet deliberately. 

Left foot.

Right foot.

Left foot.

Right foot.

Approaching the light at the end of the long hallway, you shoved through the heavy door, thankful to find the father of your child, Dean Winchester, hanging a long gun on the wall of your shared bedroom, his back turned towards you.

“Are you ready to talk this out, [Y/N], or would you prefer to throw a few extra punches?” he questioned, not needing to turn around in order to see who stood behind him. “…’cause if it’s the latter, would ya’ try to aim above the belt this time?”

“D…D…Dean,” you rasped, hardly able to force the words past clattering teeth as another tremor raced down the length of your spine. “De…D…Dean.”

Hunching his shoulders protectively, Dean turned, his green eyes holding the faintest amount of suspicion. Although the room was too dim for him to see the watermark staining the crotch of your bluejeans, the Winchester scrunched his face, every instinct telling him that something was amiss. 

“What?” he asked, cocking his head to the right, and dropping his shoulders, his knuckles brushing against his pockets. Adam’s apple bobbing when he swallowed, he scanned the length of your body, his gaze slowing when he came to your rounded belly. “What is it?”

“M…My wa…water b…br…broke,” you stated in explanation, watching as Dean’s expression shifted from confusion, to realization, to worry. “I…I’m in l…labor.”

“You’re in labor?” he inquired, the pitch of his voice increasing as panic began to set in. “I mean, couldn’t the baby, you know, be lying on your bladder, or something?”

“I…I th…think I kn…know the dif…d…difference, De…Dean,” you shared, keeping your tone as gentle as possible. wanting to avoid picking another fight in the midst of the chaos. 

“So? You’re in labor?” he asked again, closing the gap to place his steadying hands on your upper arms. Green eyes locating the trail of fluid dripping off of your pants, down onto the floor, and leading into the hallway. “Like, you’re about ready to pop our kid out?”

“Y…Yes,” you confirmed, allowing Dean’s somewhat childish description of the birthing process to slide. “…An…And I’d p…prefer that it d…doesn’t h…happen on the fl…f…floor of our b…bed…bedroom.”

“Right,” he said, giving you a reassuring smile. Cheekily, Dean raised his eyebrows before leaping forward, wrapping his arm around your waist, and scooping you into the air. Kissing your jaw, and leaning his forehead against your temple, he whispered into your ear. “Let’s go have us a baby.” 



Bugonia is an ancient Mediterranean ritual based on the belief that bees spontaneously generated from a cow’s corpse. The Bugonia ritual was continually practiced for centuries, and references to this practice as fact can be found in naturalist books as late as the 1700s. 


A description of the ritual process can be found in Byzantine Geoponica.

Build a house, ten cubits high, with all the sides of equal dimensions, with one door, and four windows, one on each side; put an ox into it, thirty months old, very fat and fleshy; let a number of young men kill him by beating him violently with clubs, so as to mangle both flesh and bones, but taking care not to shed any blood; let all the orifices, mouth, eyes, nose etc. be stopped up with clean and fine linen, impregnated with pitch; let a quantity of thyme be strewed under the reclining animal, and then let windows and doors be closed and covered with a thick coating of clay, to prevent the access of air or wind. After three weeks have passed, let the house be opened, and let light and fresh air get access to it, except from the side from which the wind blows strongest. Eleven days afterwards, you will find the house full of bees, hanging together in clusters, and nothing left of the ox but horns, bones and hair.

By extension, it was thought that fumigation with cow dung would be beneficial to the hive. In the Hermetic Cyranides it was reported that worms are born after one week and bees after three weeks. 


The idea that wasps are born of the corpses of horses was often described alongside Bugonia:

A horse’s carcass is the breeding place of wasps. For ass the carcass rots, these creatures fly out of the marrow: the swiftest of animals begets winged offspring.
- Aelian

In Ancient Egypt the ox would be buried with its horns projecting above the surface of the ground. When severed, bees would emerge from the base of the horns.

Florentinus of the Geoponica reports the process as a proven and obvious fact:

If any further evidence is necessary to enhance the faith in things already proved, you may behold that carcasses, decaying from the effect of time and tepid moisture, change into small animals. Go, and bury slaughtered oxen – the fact is known from experience – the rotten entrails produce flower-sucking bees, who, like their parents, roam over pastures, bent upon work, and hopeful of the future. A buried war-horse produces the hornet.

[M] milk and cereal: 01 yoongi

genre: smut + thigh riding + sex

yoongi x reader

a/n: includes detailed descriptions of the whole process, please skip if your are uncomfortable with this

inspired by these pictures

photo credits to BTS official facebook

You walk into your bedroom to see Yoongi lounging on the bed with his phone in his hand. He is in his plain white shirt and his favourite pair of jeans – those jeans. His shirt – two sizes to big was hanging off his left shoulder, his pale collarbone showing.

“Good evening Y/N” he says in his husky voice, snapping you out of your daze. He raises an eyebrow at you and cocked his head slightly to gaze at you. You took off your outer coat and hang it onto the back of your chair, eyes never leaving his.

“Good evening to you too Yoongi” you whisper, heart pounding in your chest. His collarbone was on full display, the deep curvature driving you insane.

“Is there something you need Yoongi?” you gaze at him, unable to keep your eyes off him. He chuckled and stood up from the bed, sauntering over to you,

“Yes, you” he gazes down, eyes burning into yours. He lifts his hand and softly touches your cheek, bringing them down to your lips and then to your chin, leaving a scorching trail in its wake. He tips your chin back and kisses you briefly,

“Strip for me baby” you unzip your skirt quickly, pulling it down together with your underwear letting both items pool at your feet. As you try to unbutton your linen shirt, Yoongi places his hands on your wrist and pulls you towards the bed, and into his lap. You straddle his left denim clad thigh, looking at him quizzically while he smirks at you. It is not the most comfortable position and he is not giving anything away. His eyes darkens as he leans into your ear,

“Grind” he whispers, nibbling at your earlobe. You immediately oblige, sliding back and forth on his thigh, finally understanding why he got you to do it. You moan as the friction between your core and the rough material of his jeans sent delicious feelings us your spine. Tipping your head backwards, Yoongi tensed the muscles in his thigh, jerking them occasionally, assisting in your pleasure of riding his thigh. Seeing you getting so aroused just by riding his thigh, he grins to himself. He grabs your waist and pulls you onto the bed with him. You whimper at the sudden loss of contact and resist the urge to scream at him, knowing that it would only disadvantageous towards you.

Yoongi struggles to unbutton your shirt, all fingers and thumbs. He then proceeds to remove his clothing, throwing them down the bed. He lays on top of you, supporting himself on his elbows as he kisses you, his tongue immediately invading your mouth, covering every available surface, effectively muting your moans. Pulling away, he kisses the side of your lips and down to your jaw, throat and onto your chest, sucking and biting as he goes, leaving bright red marks that would surely bruise the next morning. As he reaches your core, he glances up at you seductively and admires his handiwork on you.

“You’re wet” he mutters, as he attaches his lips onto your clitoris, licking and sucking, sending immerse pleasure through your body. You arch your back off the bed and you moan his name quietly, and in return, him humming in appreciation. He stops all his ministrations and rubs his fingers against your clitoris,

“So wet, I like” his eyes never leaving yours. He rubs his erection teasingly against you, and you buck your hips towards him, longing for some sort of friction or contact to ease your sexual need. Yoongi looks at you teasingly and cocked his head sideways,

“Eager for me, Y/N?”

“Yes, please” you beg, and without warning he slams into you, growling,

“And have me you will” he thrusts in and out, easing out slowly and slamming into you again. You scream, tilting your head back as he hits your sweet spot over and over again. Yoongi closes his eyes and groans loudly, thrusting deep into you. Your insides tighten around his as you moan loudly.

“Come” he breathes, and you come, falling, and pulsing, your orgasm ripping through your body. Yoongi thrusts into you again and again, grabbing your hips and climaxes loudly a few seconds later, holding onto you.

As both of you even your breaths, you look over at Yoongi as he smiles at you adoringly. You are curled in his arms, legs tangled together on the bottom half of the bed. You head is against his chest as he strokes your hair with one palm. He lifts the both of you up and puts you down on your pillow and lifts the covers over you and slips under the covers, cradling you into his arms.

“Sleep tight jagi” he coos, planting a soft kiss on your lips.