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Hognesia (Pt. 2), a Sonic Boom fanfic

Part two of my multi-piece fanfic. Again, I am trying to write it more along the lines of a Sonic Boom Episode so if that is not your thing or not your fanfic thing, then take it with a grain of salt. I wanted to make this part a bit more sonamy heavy but I let the characters do their own things and it hasn’t yet gotten to the sonamy-ness that I have planned. Oh well… more time to build it up ;) [also kind of means there may be more ‘parts’ to this than I originally expected…] Hope you like it!!

Part 1 Part 3

After the fight with Eggman, Amy Knuckles Sticks and Tails took the confused Sonic back to Tails’ Workshop. The final hit he took from Strikebot must have been quite damaging if the hedgehog couldn’t even remember his own name. Luckily, he was quite accepting to have these four apparent strangers take him in to try and help. Sonic sat on a bench in the middle of the shop with legs hanging down over the edge, swinging them lightly back and forth in a way reminiscent of an innocent child, as Tails looked over him. Zooey had been waiting for Tails in the shop and, after a quick explanation of what had happened, stood next to the rest of the group as they awaited Tails’ analysis.

“Well?” Amy asked a little hastily as Tails was brushing a small light back and forth over Sonic’s pupils.

“I don’t think it was a simple concussion…” He concluded. “You said you don’t feel dizzy or nauseous?” He directed his attention to his patient to which Sonic responded with a confident ‘no.’ “And you seemed to be spatially balanced walking over here…” He thought out loud then turned back to others. “I think the hard hit triggered some memory loss!”

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